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  • Mississauga Civic Centre Nathan Phillips Square City Squares Photo courtesy of & user Johnny58
  • What is a city square? Photo of Piazza del Campo Siena in Tuscany, Italy courtesy of user lindads85
  • is for art exhibitions public declarations relaxing CITY SQUARE eating lunch people watching protest revolution advertising food walking dogs is surrounded by have taking naps sitting walkways chairs resting sidewalk benches contemplating city hall water fountain gathering cafes monument waiting parking sculpture concerts street shrubs performances market places trees fund raising condos flowers photo opportunities office building playground festivals mall garden bus stops shaded areas food vendors gazebo pool public restrooms structural objects What is a city square?
  • Nathan Phillips Square
  • Mississauga Civic Centre
  • People Photo of Nathan Phillips Square during Fresh Wednesdays.
  • People Tourists taking pictures in front of the fountain, Nathan Phillips Square.
  • People Pedestrian traffic flow in Nathan Phillips Square.
  • People Teenagers practicing a hiphop routine in the Mississauga Civic Centre.
  • People? No obvious seating problems here, where are the people?
  • people city square This relationship should be encouraged. Critical Position.
  • Critical Position A lively pool with working fountains in Nathan Phillips Square.
  • Critical Position A dysfunctional reflection pool indicating the barrenness of the square, Mississauga Civic Centre.
  • Opportunities Farmers Market, Nathan Phillips Square.
  • Opportunities This space doesnt have to be empty.
  • Opportunities Wayfinding system in Bristol, UK Photo courtesy of Garus Booth ( and