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  • 1. Bucharest City Hall Bucharest in terms of e-Government Seoul, April 6 13, 2014 Legal Department

2. Romania & Bucharest Romania lies in the south-eastern part of Europe Bucharest is the capital of Romania It is located at 4424'49" North latitude (as Belgrad, Geneva, Bordeaux, Minneap olis) and 2605'48" East longitude (like Helsinki or Johannesburg) Legal Department 3. Bucharest is the most important city of Romania in terms of economic, cultural and political aspects It covers an area of 238 kmp; It has a population of 1,921,751 inhabitants (according to the 2002 census), representing approximately 10% of the Romanian population; 1.000.000 people pass through it on a daily basis; It generated an area of support and influence, the"metropolitan area, of over 5000 km2; Almost 32% of Romania's DGP is generated here. Legal Department 4. Administrative organization of Bucharest Bucharest is headed by a General Mayor and a General Council; It is divided into 6 administrative sectors; Each administrative sector has a mayor, a local council and its own budget; Each sector receives money from the General Council, but they are responsible for their own projects. Legal Department 5. e-Government initiatives in Romania In order to optimize the administrative activity, enhance transparency and the cooperation among various public institutions and prevent corruption, the National Electronic System was implemented at national level through Law no. 161/2003 implemented. The National Electronic System has an area concerning public procurements, the Public Procurement Electronic System, containing calls for procurement and presenting the necessary documents and terms and conditions (www.seap.ro). Legal Department 6. Interconnectivity Bucharest City Hall intends to provide for citizens quick access to all institutions subordinated to it and district halls. Some of the institutions subordinated to Bucharest City Hall are: Park Administration Theatres Authority for Animal Protection and Supervising Local Police Hospital and Medical Services Administration Street Administration, a.s.o. The goal is to access the web pages of the institutions mentioned above from our own page. Legal Department 7. Legal Department Information management Bucharest City Hall intends to bring the information management system up-to-date. As a result, after submitting a petition via internet, mobile phone or personally, citizens should be able to track its course in the institution. Another improvement would be the on-line platform taking over complaints in real time (through photos taken by citizens and uploaded on the platform). 8. Legal Department Integrated Transportation System Metrorex (Underground Transportation Authority in Bucharest) centralizes, coordinates, monitors and provide information in real time on screens about the arrival and leaving of trains. 9. On such screens and the advertising screens from the streets, people can read instructions about how to react in case of natural disasters. Legal Department 10. Bucharest City Hall also has a command center, Info Traffic, that monitors traffic conditions and traffic jams. Legal Department 11. Legal Department Computer literacy Bucharest City Hall, through the Social Assistance Department, developed a computer training program for elder people whose children left the country in order to help them communicate via internet. 12. Legal Department At 18 August 2011, through a government program, it was created the possibility of making online payment of taxes for all the citizens in Romania; Through such a program, the local authorities give the citizens the opportunity to pay their taxes avoiding the long lines in front of the desks, and encourage them to do so by making a discount of 5 10% from the due amount of money if they make the payment during the first three months of the year. Electronic payment of taxes 13. Legal Department According to EUROSTAT, the most recent survey (27 march 2014), only 58% of Romanians have access to internet; Moreover, 41% of the population in Romania have never used a computer; In order to fight such problems, Bucharest offers internet services free of charge in parks, schools and other public areas. 14. Legal Department THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!