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  • City of Phoenix Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

    Project No. AV41000075-1 FAA

    Design Services September 25, 2017

    Pre-Submittal Meeting

    Phoenix Goodyear Airport Taxiway A Rehabilitation and Strengthening

  • • Liz Blakley, Contract Specialist, Street Transportation Department

    • Al Sanchez, Project Manager, Design & Construction Services, Aviation Department

    • Kenneth Brock, Aviation Supervisor, Goodyear Airport

    • Joanne McLaughlin, EO Specialist, Equal Opportunity Department

    Welcome and Introductions

  • Meeting Overview

     Sign-in please…copies of sign in sheet will be available on website: current-opportunities

     Please hold questions until the Q&A period.

     This is the ONLY opportunity to discuss this project with City staff.

  • DBE Participation Project Description Project Scope of Work SOQ Criteria Submittal Requirements Selection Schedule Questions?


  • The City of Phoenix strives to advance the economic growth of businesses through its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program.

    The City ensures compliance with federal regulations on all federally funded projects.

    The City encourages the participation of DBE firms throughout ALL phases of contracts.

    DBE Program

  • .

    The DBE Program provides socially (minority and woman-owned firms) and economically disadvantaged business owners: •Certification •Procurement opportunities •Construction subcontracting utilization •Small business development services •Technical assistance/educational services •Networking opportunities

    DBE Program

  • DBE Requirements  The City has not established a race-and

    gender-conscious DBE participation goal.  Current focus is Small Business Outreach

    The FAA approved a triennial DBE goal of 4.44% for fiscal years 2016-19, to be achieved through fostering Small Business participation and outreach requirements.

  • Certified DBE Firms

    To participate in this opportunity as a DBE, only firms certified by the City or another

    AZUCP member in the specified scopes of work shall be considered in calculating

    DBE participation.

    Eligible DBEs can be found at:

  • DBE Firms

  • Project is in part funded by FAA and is subject to 49 CFR Part 26 and USDOT DBE Program.

    Attachment A - Statement of Outreach Commitment All Submitters must provide at the time of submittal. +Submit in a separate sealed envelope

    +Failure to submit = Non-Responsive Attachment B - Documentation of Outreach Efforts Successful Submitter must provide within 30 days following the award of contract, along with the related supporting documentation.

    Attachment C – Small Business Utilization Commitment Successful Submitter must provide within 30 days following the award of contract.

    DBE Requirements

  • For more information please contact:

    Joanne McLaughlin Equal Opportunity Specialist 602-534-1279

    Equal Opportunity Department


  • Project Description

    Phoenix Goodyear Airport

    Yuma Road

    Li tc

    hf ie

    ld R

    oa d

    B ul

    la rd

    A ve

    nu e


    A3 Connector

    A2 Connector

  • Scope of Work  Design in accordance with all applicable FAA Airport

    Improvement Program (AIP) and Advisory Circulars requirements. Phoenix Goodyear Airport is a Group IV, per the Master Plan.

     The Project Scope is to rehabilitate and strengthen Taxiway A.

     Scope also includes to relocate the A3 Connector, restripe the A2 Connector, and provide asphalt paved shoulders for the taxiway and associated connectors.

     Perform geotechnical engineering investigations to validate structural pavement recommendations.

     Review Taxiway drainage layout and provide recommendations and design for drainage improvements.

  • Scope of Work- Continued  Perform site survey to provide layout and elevation data

    for design.  Sign and restriping of pavement for taxiway and

    connectors per FAA requirements.  Raise electrical fixtures appropriately, adjust existing

    lighting.  Develop phasing plan, airport must remain operational at

    all times. May provide construction administration and Inspection

    (CA&I) services per AIP and FAA compliance and requirements.

  •  Complete the Engineers Report required for FAA and AIP grant compliance.

     Provide construction estimates, construction safety and phasing plans, and all required documentation to submit to FAA for grant compliance

     Design schedule will be fast track due to grant requirement.

     Utilize the City’s web based project management system, Unifier.

    Project Expectations


  • The selection of the Design Professional will be based on the following qualifications:

     General Information – 10 points  Design Experience of the Prime Firm – 20 points  CA & I Experience of the Prime Firm – 15 points  Experience of Key Personnel and Subconsultants – 20

    points  Project Understanding and Approach – 30 points  Overall Evaluation – 5 points

    Statement of Qualifications

  •  Each page side with criteria information will be counted.

     Pages that have photos, charts, and graphs will be counted toward maximum number of pages.

     Front and back cover, Table of Contents and tab dividers will NOT be counted toward the maximum page limit, UNLESS they include information that may be considered by the selection panel.

    Statement of Qualifications, Cont.

  •  Submit 6 copies of the SOQ  SOQ due:  12:00 p.m. Noon – Arizona Local Time

     Friday, October 6, 2017

    City Engineer CITY OF PHOENIX

    200 W. Washington Street, 6th Floor Phoenix, AZ 85003

    c/o Liz Blakley

    Statement of Qualifications, Cont.

  •  Grounds for Disqualification:  Receipt of submittal after specified cut-off date and

    time  Too few copies of the submittal  Deposit of submittal in the wrong location  Missing DBE Attachment A (Submit in a separate

    sealed envelope)

    Statement of Qualifications, Cont.

  •  Cover Letter (company name, address and contact information)

     Evaluation Criteria (including project organizational chart)

     Additional Content (resumes or other information)

     MAXIMUM pages permitted is 12 pages:

    + Evaluation Criteria (including organizational chart) + Additional Content (resumes or other information)

    = 12 MAXIMUM pages permitted

    Submittal Requirements

  • • SOQs due at 12:00 p.m. October 6, 2017 • Scope Meeting November 2017

    Selection Schedule

  • Request for Qualifications Notifications Power Point Presentation Plan Holder List Award

    Streets Transportation Webpage

  • Liz Blakley, Contracts Specialist

    (602) 681-5317

    Questions After Today

  • Questions?

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