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Transcript of CITIBANK, N.A. DORCHESTER PARK CLO DAC DORCHESTER … · citibank, n.a. dorchester park clo dac...






    Notice Date: May 9, 2018

    Notice Record Date: May 9, 2018

    To: The Holders of the Secured Notes and Subordinated Notes described as:Class of Notes CUSIP Numbers1 ISIN NumbersClass A Notes (144A) 25820LAA6 US25820LAA61Class A Notes (Reg S) G28177AA4 USG28177AA40Class B Notes (144A) 25820LAC2 US25820LAC28Class B Notes (Reg S) G28177AB2 USG28177AB23Class C Notes (144A) 25820LAE8 US25820LAE83Class C Notes (Reg S) G28177AC0 USG28177AC06Class D Notes (144A) 25820LAG3 US25820LAG32Class D Notes (Reg S) G28177AD8 USG28177AD88Class E Notes (144A) 25820MAA4 US25820MAA45Class E Notes (Reg S) G28175AA8 USG28175AA83Class F Notes (144A) 25820MAC0 US25820MAC01Class F Notes (Reg S) G28175AB6 USG28175AB66Subordinated Notes (144A) 25820MAE6 US25820MAE66Subordinated Notes (Reg S) G28175AC4 USG28175AC40


    The Additional Parties Listed on Schedule I hereto.

    Reference is hereby made to the Indenture dated as of February 26, 2015, (as amended,modified or supplemented from time to time, the “Indenture”) among DORCHESTER PARKCLO DAC, as Issuer (the “Issuer”), DORCHESTER PARK CLO, LLC, as Co-Issuer (the “Co-Issuer” and together with the Issuer, the “Co-Issuers”), and CITIBANK, N.A., as Trustee (the

    1 No representation is made as to the correctness of the CUSIP Numbers either as printed on theNotes or as contained in this notice. Such numbers are included solely for the convenience of theHolders.

  • “Trustee”). Capitalized terms used, and not otherwise defined, herein shall have the meaningsassigned to such terms in the Original Indenture.

    You are hereby notified that the Trustee has received notice that the Co-Issuers desire toenter into the Supplemental Indenture, attached as Exhibit A hereto (the "SupplementalIndenture") in connection with a possible refinancing of the Class A Notes, the Class B Notes,the Class C Notes, the Class D Notes, the Class E Notes and the Class F Notes (the“Contemplated Refinancing”).

    The proposed date of execution of the Supplemental Indenture is May 31, 2018;provided, however, that the Co-Issuers have notified the Trustee that the Supplemental Indenturewill not be executed if the Contemplated Refinancing is not completed.



    Questions with respect to the content of proposed Supplemental Indenture should bedirected to GSO / Blackstone Debt Funds Management LLC, the Collateral Manager [email protected] or [email protected]

    This Notice shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the Stateof New York applicable to agreements made and to be performed therein.

    CITIBANK, N.A., as Trustee

  • Additional Parties

    Issuer: Dorchester Park CLO DACc/o Intertrust Management Ireland Limited2nd Floor, 1-2 Victoria Buildings, Haddington RoadDublin 4, IrelandAttention: The DirectorsFacsimile no.: +343 1416 1293Email: [email protected]

    Co-Issuer: Dorchester Park CLO, LLCc/o Puglisi & Associates850 Library Avenue, Suite 204Newark, Delaware 19711Fax: (302) 738-7210Attention: Donald PuglisiEmail: [email protected]

    Collateral Manager: GSO / Blackstone Debt Funds Management LLC345 Park Avenue, 31st FloorNew York, New York 10154Attention: CLO Group, Regarding: Dorchester Park CLO DAC.Email: [email protected]

    Collateral Administrator: Virtus Group, LP1301 Fannin Street, 17th FloorHouston, Texas 77002Attention: Dorchester Park CLO DAC.Facsimile no.: (866) 816-3203

    Rating Agencies: Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.7 World Trade CenterNew York, New York, 10007Attention: CBO/CLO MonitoringEmail: [email protected]

    Irish Listing Agent: Arthur Cox Listing Services LimitedEarlsfort Centre, Earlsfort TerraceDublin 2, IrelandFacsimile no.: +353 1618 0000Email: [email protected]


    Proposed Supplemental Indenture

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    ^ LL_

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    3(&"/5% "J (%$%62&".# .B #.&%1 HPHHNP19MAL+, [email protected] 6),>)A+;D (9>9*SAL+, HPHHNP19MAL+, [email protected] .SAL+,)T (9>9*SAL+, HPHHNP19MAL+, [email protected] &)[ (9>9*SAL+, HPZEGH19MAL+, [email protected] (9>9*SAL+, 2;+M9>8;97 HPIEGE19MAL+, [email protected] #+A97 2)D)CT9 +, (9>9*SAL+, $)A9 HPQEGZ19MAL+, [email protected] 1S9ML)T (9>9*SAL+, HPQEGI19MAL+, [email protected] /T9),='S /)TT (9>9*SAL+, HPPEGI19MAL+, [email protected] (9=2;LML,- +R #+A97 HPNEGF

    3(&"/5% J 3//.'#&1< 3//.'#&"#V1 3#$ (%5%31%1 HNEEHG19MAL+, [email protected] /+TT9MAL+, +R 6+,9D HNEEHG19MAL+, [email protected] /+TT9MAL+, 3MM+8,A HNOEHH19MAL+, [email protected] &;),7)MAL+, 3MM+8,A7 HNIEHO19MAL+, [email protected] &W9 (9\+T\9; B8,>L,- 3MM+8,A HNPEHF19MAL+, [email protected] 5/ (979;\9 3MM+8,A HNNEHQ19MAL+, [email protected] 09>-9 /+8,A9;S);AD /+TT)A9;)T 3MM+8,A HNNEHP19MAL+, [email protected] (9L,\97A*9,A +R B8,>7 L, 3MM+8,A7Y (9S+;A7 CD &;87A99 EGGEHP19MAL+, [email protected] 3MM+8,AL,-7 EGEEEG19MAL+, [email protected] (9T9)79 +R 3779A7 EHGEEN19MAL+, [email protected] (9S+;A7 CD ",>9S9,>9,A 3MM+8,A),A7 EHEEOH19MAL+, [email protected] (9S+;A7 A+ ()AL,- 3-9,ML97 ),> 3>>LAL+,)T (9MLSL9,A7 EHZEOE19MAL+, [email protected] 2;+M9>8;97 (9T)AL,- A+ AW9 %7A)CTL7W*9,A +R 3MM+8,A7 /+,A;+TT9> CD

    AW9 &;87A99 EHZEOO19MAL+, [email protected] 19MAL+, O^M_^Q_ 2;+M9>8;97 EHZEOO

    ^ L\_

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    3(&"/5% J"" 135% .B /.553&%(35 .?5"V3&".#1Y 2'(/031% .B 3$$"&".#35/.553&%(35 .?5"V3&".#1 EEIEZO19MAL+, [email protected] 1)T97 +R /+TT)A9;)T .CTL-)AL+,7 EEIEZO19MAL+, [email protected] 28;MW)79 +R 3>>LAL+,)T /+TT)A9;)T .CTL-)AL+,7 EOGEZQ19MAL+, [email protected] /+,>LAL+,7 3SSTLM)CT9 A+ 3TT 1)T9 ),> 28;MW)79 &;),7)MAL+,7 EOOEIH19MAL+, [email protected] $L7S+7LAL+, +R "TTLc8L> [email protected] EOZEIH

    3(&"/5% J""" #.&%0.5$%(1U (%53&".#1 EOZEIE19MAL+, [email protected] 18C+;>L,)AL+, EOZEIE19MAL+, [email protected] 1A),>);> +R /+,>8MA EOIEIO

    3(&"/5% J"K 6"1/%553#%.'1 EOFEIO19MAL+, [email protected] B+;* +R $+M8*9,A7 $9TL\9;9> A+ &;87A99 EOFEIO19MAL+, [email protected] 3MA7 +R 0+T>9;7 EOQEIZ19MAL+, [email protected] #+ALM97< [email protected]< A+ &;87A99< AW9 /+="7789;7< AW9 /+TT)A9;)T 6),)-9;< AW9

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