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About companyThe company Quadratic, Ltd." has been developing projects in the spheres of the changed reality, ie, interactive computer and a human using a visual analysis.

Hardware and software solution, is a glasses / helmet, which combines technology distortion of reality, in particular own innovations "cinematic reality." The project identified: active development, experienced team, a large fast-growing market.Cinematic vision


QuadVRA detailed description of the projectThe apparatus consists of a special glasses that can be used to interact with the virtual world.The main components of the device: 2 DLP projectors, transparencies, flat smart-film projection glass lens system, board and other necessary peripherals.The main advantage of development (CinReal): the line between the real and the virtual world is so diminished that people do not notice the difference between the projected and the real world.Instead of displays used 2 DLP projector and projection 2 film. The principle of operation is that when you turn on virtual reality QuadVR, smart-film darkens, and it is projected image - in comparison with displays markedly improved image (pixelization fix the problem), does less damage to the eyes. Enabling QuadAR augmented reality allows you to interact with the real world. As during the previous regime QuadVR, during QuadAR used on smart-projection film, and the image is taken with the HD cameras.An entirely new mode - the cinematic reality CinReal. This is the same technology of augmented reality, but is a completely different principle of operation: Smart-film becomes transparent, flat film is activated, ie, one sees the real world, and on top of it is projected virtual objects. During this mode, all becomes so real that people may not even notice that he sees the virtual objects.

Projection technologyThe presence of a competent team;Much pent-up demand in the marketThe high degree of patent protection of the product;The product has a sustainable competitive advantage over similar products;The project is at an early stage of business organization;The need for and promotion of the brand;Strong dependence on suppliers of raw materials / components;StrengthsWeaknessesWho will useSale and (or) providing SDK for developmentSale of devices for professional work in large volumesSpecific problems of each company in the field of AR, VR, MR, CR.

Sale and (or) providing SDK for developmentSale of devices for professional and amateur worksB2BB2CCompetitive advantages of the projectIn the future the company's products will be used among the most powerful mobile computing power that allows you to use the device apart from the other technical means (for example, computer, TV, set-top box, etc.).Engineering-thought-out system will reduce the power consumption of electronics devices that will cause the user-friendliness of consumption for a long timeInstead, use a pair of projectors display technology DLP, which will reduce fatigue for the eyes, picture quality (reducing pixelation), will give an innovative product stability, as the union of augmented and virtual reality, never before seen in any other product.Uses 2 types of film material: film projection and smart film. This gives clarity and underscores a new direction in the development of augmented reality, in consequence of that, this technology was called "cinematic reality", because of its realism.Creating your own app store and provide SDK development under it.The presence of its own operating system, which allows flexibility in the design and use of the product.Low cost solution for developers and end-product that is great effect on demand, and thus expands the target market using the productMeta ProOculus RiftGoogle GlassMagic LeapCinematic VisionVirtual reality-+--+Augmented reality+-+/-++Cinematic reality---++Autonomy+-+++Power+--++Market+-+-+Price-++-+/-CompetitorsProcessor: Samsung Exynos 4412 1.7GzH Cortex-A9RAM: 1GB DDR3 Mobile ArmNetwork: Wifi 802.1 and 4G-LiteProjector: DLP HD 720pIO Port: USB Host x 3, Device x 1, Ethernet RJ-45, Headphone Jack

Version for developers (alpha)Estimated cost of product $ 400The final product "Cinematic vision"

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit 2.5GzH 8 core Cortex-A57 (53)RAM: 2GB DDR4 Mobile ArmNetwork: Wifi 802.1 and 4G-LiteDisplay: DLP HD 1080p +IO Port: USB Host x2, Device x1Estimated cost $ 900-1000 ProductKey achievements of the projectThe recognition of project activities, as well as in the media. High publicity of the project in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, and in the Republic of Tatarstan and MoscowDeveloped advanced technology, assembled the first prototype.The figures have surpassed their expectations. According to the poll in the city, more than 710 people out of 1,000 (71%) would buy a device that performs a similar function. 870 people (87%) said they would like to have such a device in their own personal use.Financial projectionsRequired ~ $ 1-3 million for the development of technological prototype (first round of investment attraction)The cost of a multi-party production: $ 2.4 billionInvesting for the future (production): $ 20 millionOvercoming strips "+" and the full period - 1 yearIncome after 1 year - $ 4.3 billionIncome after 2 years - $ 10 billionINCOMEWith sales of devicesRevenue from the provision of its SDK for OS and commission rent accommodation application 30%Revenue from own applications on the siteSale of licenses Patent Technology

Berishev RavilFounder,President, CEOMichailova TatyanaCo-founder, Art-directorYanchenko Vladislav Chief technologyofficerAhmedov TimurMain developerKazancev DenisHead of the hardwaredevelopmentIn the team there are 2 candidates of sciences, 8 international certified professionals."Core" OF team

Founder of the projectBerishev Ravil Rafkatovich. President of company Quadratic, Ltd.". International certified of Aptech, Arena Multimedia, 1C, more than 10 certificates of excellence. Is director of development at the studio of "Fides et Ration, Ltd.", mentor IT companies. The winner of the contest "Young businessman - 2014". Teaches 2 courses in areas Java. Basic" and "Developing applications for the platform Android in Technopark high-tech" IT Park ". He had studied English at Cambridge University and Oxford University programs . Hes a student Kazan Federal University and abiturient Harvard University (Harvard Business Scholl).

mentors project

Akhmetzyanov Faem.Assistant start-up projects in the "Technopark in the sphere of high technologies" IT-park "(Naberezhnye Chelny)Nizamov Mansur.Project Manager of the Agency of innovative development of MordoviaShort like-listRustam Minnikhanov - President of the Republic of TatarstanShmulevich Mark Mikhailovich - Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian FederationShaikhutdinov Roman Alexandrovich - Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of TatarstanTimur Zakirov Ildarovich - Deputy Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of TatarstanKropotova Natalia A. - Deputy Head of the Executive Committee of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, Head of Economic Development and Entrepreneurship SupportKamaletdinova Tatiana S. - Executive Director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Center for Information and Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan"Boris Morozov - Head of analytical department of "KAMAZ"Polovinko Natalia - Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "AvtogradBank"Timur V. Nikonov - CEO "2GIS"Sannikov Sergey Vladimirovich - Head of the association "Association of budding entrepreneurs"Valeev Rustam - business coach, Q-MediaAkulchev Sergey Nikolaevich - General Director of "Akulchev", "Dessert Boutique"Halikov Lenar - Deputy Director of GAU "IT Park", the head of a business incubator GAU "IT Park""KAMAZ"Apple developers communityemployers' associationEducational institutions RTGAU "IT Park" (Chelny, Kazan)Skolkovo and IIDFMinistry of Communication, Information and economy of RT and RF

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