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Cindy Lowe Songbook A Collection of 6on^& for Avatar Metier Baba and Hid Beloved Mehera

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  • Cindy Lowe Songbook

    A Collection of 6on^& forAvatar Metier Baba

    and Hid Beloved Mehera

  • Cindy Lowe dongbook

    V -S^'Vy

    A Collection of (Songs forAvatar Meher Daba

    and His Beloved Mehera

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  • Avatar

    Meher Baba

    Ki Jai!

  • August 22, 1991

    Dear Friends,

    This songbook contains words and lyrics to all of the songs onmy Keep Me Near album as weU as others I've written overthe years for Baba and His Beloved Mehera. The first song Iwrote for Him was Thunder After Lightning in 1969 and, withBaba's grace, I'll be writing more and more and stiU yet moresongs in years to come.

    Guitar chords have been simplified throughout this book. Butwhere I felt it would detract from a song to simplify a guitarpart too much, I've included the chords I use.

    Leadsheets for most of these songs may be had on request.

    I sincerely hope you wiU use and enjoy this songbook. Jai Baba!

    In His Love,


    Cover Painting The Awakener by Tom Riley ^

    © 1991 Lowelife Productions, All rights reserved©1991 Lowelife Productions, All rights reserved

    1800 Woodhaven Way, Oakland CA 94611415/339-9094

    /- y o£> / 3^


  • Jai Baba!

    A Man Like You

    A Pilgrim's Arti

    B aba's the One

    Beloved God *

    By Your Side

    Dear Mehera *

    Dreaming Too Long *Fortunetelling Lady

    For Your Love

    Hell and Hurricane

    Hold On to Me

    If I Could See You Again *

    Keep Me Near *Laydown

    (Love You) Now Til the End *

    Mehera's Waiting

    Mehera: To the Glory of Love *

    Ocean in the Sand

    Only You *

    Runnin' Like a River

    Slip Away

    Soul to Soul

    Take It As It Comes

    The Night Before the Wedding

    Thunder After Lightning *Time Gonna Come

    Wedding Song

    You Feel So Far

    You're the One *

    * These songs are on Keep Me Near

  • © Cindy Dacek Lowe 79

    A Man Like You

    D C

    Tried some lovin' years ago,

    fiit like lightnin', it was slow to go.Hid my heart so it wouldn't show

    G DAnd I never met a man like you.

    Well, you got my heart and I gotta sayNever thought I'd feel this way.

    This time love is gonna stay —I gotta love a man like you!

    rm halfway there, won't fook behindG •' aTurn my back, change my mind

    f tried runnin' but I just can't hide ~I've gotta love a man like you!

    Love can come and love can go.

    Bum like fire or go up in smoke.

    This time love wiU last, you know

    I never met a man like you!

    Chorus (2x)

    NOTE: Tune 6 to D

  • Cindy Lowe, August 1990

    A Pilgrim's Arti

    G C G

    Meher, Meher!^ D Q D

    Yojir lovescng fill the air —Meher, Meher!

    My ̂art belongs to §'ou, l3elier.G c G

    Oh, beloved I have come

    to Iww down to the /Sicient One.G C GAcxept my^heart, accept my mind

    I iSw before Your love (fivme.


    I am Yours, take all of me,

    my life I lay down at Your feetI bring my cup for You to fill ~

    I bow before Your perfect will


    I give myself and all I do,this song of praise, I offer You.I put my life into Your hands —I bow before Your perfect plan.


    With heart and soul 111 follow You

    I'll find You in all things I do.Drown me in Your holy name,consume me in Your sacred flame.

    Chorus (2x)

  • m

  • Baba's the One(A song for Kids to Sing)

    c F cEverybody is looking for love —we are so luck^, we |iave so m|ich!We have our Baba, we have enough —c Xd7 F Csuch great good fortune to have His love!

    c C7 F cBaba's the total, Baba's the sum,

    fiaba's the many, baba's the &ne.c

    ur hearts j^e open so in He will come,Baba's the many, Saba's the One!

    Whe should we ever go moping around?

    Baba's the treasure that we have found!

    Why should we worry, why should we frown?

    Baba is with us. He won't let us down!

    Baba's the total, Baba's the sum,

    Baba's the many, Baba's the One.

    Our hearts are open so in He will come,

    Baba's the many, Baba's the One!

    Repeat 1st Verse

    Repeat Chorus 2x

    Cindy Lowe, Octoberl989

  • Words: Meher BabaMusic: Cindy Lowe 1989

    Beloved God

    *E EAC#niB EBeloved God

    EAC#itiB E

    help us all

    E A C#in B Eto love you more and more and more

    E AC#niB E

    and more and still yet more


    til we

    E AC^mBEbecome worthy


    of union

    EAC#niBEwith you.

    EhOfm B E„And help us all


    to hold fast

    E A C#m B E

    to beloved Baba's daaman

    E AC^mBE

    til the very end.

    *Er r

    I)1 L

    (no 3rd)

    '7hC#m B




  • Cindy Lowe, August 90

    By Your Side

    Am* Am G Am GI waited for you, for you to*,, , ^ G - AmWill always love you, my only one.

    Dtn/c B .Dm7G C ̂ ^All miy feelir^s come alive.Dm Dm/C F . E, E7a new moon bums m my ̂y.

    Am, GB


    y your^de,Ajn G

    by your side,by your ^e IJjl alwaysby your side,, Am, Gby your side.

    You run like a river deep in me.You bum like a fire I can not see.The only treasure I could ever needthe pleasure of your company.

    By your side,by your side,by your side I'll always beby your side,by your side.By your side I'll always, always beby your side,by your side.

    Note: *The bass walkdown here is Am/G D/F#F Am

  • %


  • Dear Mehera

    In the mirror of your eyesF c G

    I see love's reflection brightly shining.Em C

    In your arms I feel Him all around me,G D

    He is with you now.F c G

    I know you can feel the rhythm of His silenceEm CD

    for you love Him like no other,G D

    dear Mehera, dear Mehera.

    G G

    In the sadness of your eyesF c G

    I see love's pain softly burning.Em c

    In your gentle smile I see His beauty,G D

    He's beside you now.F C G

    I know you can hear the rhythm of His silence,Em CD

    For He loves you like no other,G D

    dear Mehera, dear Mehera.

    Em Am

    Now you tell stories of great saints and lovers,, Em

    servants and queens.

    • 1 . AmQuietly walking among them in splendor,

    you wear the nngs,G D

    you share the thorns of suffering.£m

    You wear the rings,c D G

    you share the song of love.

    ^u wear the rings,you ?hare the s^ng of fove.

    © Cindy Lowe 1972

  • %



  • © Cindy Lowe 1988, 90

    Dreaming too Long

    D DM7G D DM7GIn this silent time, my heart is sleepingf DM7 G Em ® G A

    can t even feel You, or Know Your touch in my night.In this silenFSme,'! 5eJp on Sreaming,

    D , DM7 „ G ' aif only I could wake up, wake up and see Your nght.

    D G A

    Meher, please take me,Meher, remake me,

    ^eher, please ̂ Ske me. ̂ o m-, g D dm, gI've been dreaming too long, too long.

    In my endless dream I'm deaf, I'm blindand I can't hear or see You, but I know I am Yours, You aremine.

    The dream goes on, the dream goes by,and stiU I don't even know You, only the dreams I have cried.


    Oh, the dream goes on, the dream goes by,and still I don't even know You, only the dreams I have cried.

    Chorus + Tag

    Note: Tune 6 to D

    G Em

  • %

  • © Cindy Dacek Lowe 1976

    Fortunetelling Lady (Beware of Maya)^Em A EmOn a summer evenii^ in the cityin tlK hot anddusty^hadows of herderyou ̂ the fc^ne-tdling raSy —five dollars you can mow your fate, and inBre.

    Her rings are solid gold, her dress is scarlet,you feel you must have been with her before.Do you dare to ask her any questions?Do you think that she can really know your score?

    And Iwing §er would be|p easy,Sie seems tmder and so ̂ se,^d you Aink you^oEhehow s^your fantasy reflected in her flashing eyes.

    She knows about your fascination,you wonder if she really knows it all.The fortune-telling lady,revelation's always been her call.

    You wait until the crowd thins out around her,you ask her to reveal your secret soul.She laughs and says she is you future,she says would like to take her home?

    And loving her is so easy,she is tender, she is wild.She holds you like she won't let go,you give yourself completely to this woman-child.

    You sleep so late into the morning,after loving deep into the dawn.You wake up and she is not beside you,she has taken everything and gone.

    You go to the place where you first saw her,the house is dark and empty, no one's home,and no one even seems to know her,she has taken everything and flown.

    Losing her is not so easy,she was tender, she was warm.You didn't know that she would go,vanished like a raven in a thunderstorm.

    Maybe she is somewhere in the city,looking at the lines in someone's hand,or maybe your fortune-telling ladyfound herself another foolish man.

    *Ein(no 3rd)


  • %

  • Cindy Lowe, November 1989

    For Your Love

    G C9 G C9

    You first came to me in a vision-dream>G C9 Dmr more beautiful than anyone could ever be.

    , C9 G - C9Oh, the myste^^my eyes had seen ~^ow was I to know what loving you would really mean?

    C D G Bm Em

    Only knew I'd follow you, do anythingC Am7for your love.

    You were watching over me, so lovingly

    looking through my dreaming eyes in to the heart of me.

    You were talking to my soul, so silentlytelling me that only love is real

    C D G Bm EijiAnd I knew I'd follow you, do anythmgC Am7 ,D . G C9 Dfor your love, for your fove.

    You've taken me through fire, taken me through flame

    since a time long ago, you took my heart away.I have tasted paradise, I have tasted painfor the taste of your love I'd do it all again.

    Always knew I'd follow you, do anythingfor your love, for your love,

    vrmr lr»vp fnr vr»iir InvA

    for your love, tor your love,

    for your love, for your love,

    for your love, for your love.

    NOTE; Use this G and C9 on versesi

    i M i > (Ml

  • © Cindy Dacek Lowe 1978

    Hell and Hurricane

    G C . G . CMore hard times are conung, easy times are gone,

    G C DIVe been through hell and hurricane and angry storm.

    G C G GAnd I'm caught out on the ocean so from any shore,

    A pnsoner of Sestiny, trying to find some Soor.

    C GOh, Lord, don't you hear me calling,

    wings don't fly and I don't know where I'm lllling,I need Your love to carry on, I need Your love to carry on.

    I've been in all the comers like a lion in a cage.

    Where no one ever touches me and no one knows my pain.

    And I'm trying to find a future and to face it unafraid.

    But I see my own unworthiness and I wonder what's to save.

    Oh, Lord, don't you know I'm trying.

    But I don't know how to live I've been so long dying,

    I need Your love to carry on, I need Your love to carry on.

    Well, I've been through hell and hurricane and I've searched but I could not find

    The doorway into paradise or a way to ease my mind.

    And you've given me some chances but I threw 'em all away,

    I was standing tall and for my pride I've fallen low today.

    Oh, Lord, don't you hear me calling.

    My wings don't fly and I don't know where I'm falling,

    I need Your love to carry on, I need Your love to cany on.

    NOTE: I do this song in an open "G" tuning

    but these chords will work in standard tuning:1 ir

    ^ i


  • © Cindy Lowe 1989

    Hold On to Me

    G D G D GOh, Meher, you are the world to me,

    D GYou are the one I feel.

    You are the one I see.

    You are the one holding on to me.

    Oh Meher, keep me where I belong,

    keep me safe from harm,

    take me through every storm,

    keep my heart and my holding strong.

    G D A G DOh, the world could stop and the sky could fall,

    G D A G Bm Gbut if I have you I would still have all I need.

    Hold on to me, hold on to me,

    I can hold to y

  • © Cindy Dacek Lowe 1980, 90

    If I Could See You Again

    G C G COh, what a lonesome feeling

    to be here all alone

    where f can't even see You.f,^'d give the rnoon and star?,I'd give my Seart, my foul,my life I live

    C G, CGDto see You again.

    G c G cYou, and all the world was mine,

    D ,, pmcthere was endless tune

    to love You.' c c c

    ow, all my world is g^one,and been here so long,only waiting


    to see

    see ou

    G.ou again.


    if I could see You again,

    Repeat 1st verse

    C D Gto see You again,c ̂ D.see You again,

    if! cguld see You again,see You again,if I could see You again.

    NOTE: This G and C work best:

  • m m m

  • © Cindy Dacek Lowe ©1980, 84, 86, 90

    Keep Me NearG D/F Em Em7All the tears of my uncertainty, . Am7

    made it hard to see

    what You were ̂ owins me.^G D/F . ^m ^ Em7You go down into the deep of me,

    , CM7 Am7 ̂ ^ , G D.You are the mysteiy of my unknowing.

    C D Em Em7

    I have tried to run and hide from You,CM7 «

    to tum aside from YouG D

    but I was never free.G D , -Em _ Em7You were at the very heart of me,

    CM7 ^Am7*'m every part of me,^the near and far of me.

    G Em7 D

    Keep me near, I'll always see You,C Am7 - G Em .nkeep me near. 111 never leave You.

    T G Am7^ , D.For I could not stand the pain. .c. Ani7 G. ^of refusmg You agam.

    All the years I tried to blind myselfI could not find myself.

    You couldn't save me.

    And I never saw my own release

    or even named the grief that overcame me.

    I have tried and I have always failed

    To go my way alone without You.

    But every ship that I have ever sailedbrought me back to whereI could not doubt You.

    Keep me near, I'll always see Youkeep me near, I'll never leave You.

    For I could not stand the pain

    of refusing You again.

  • Cindy Lowe & Jeannie Nordeen, 1980 &1991


    DToo early in the momin' for the sun to rise,

    nothin' out my window but the middle of the night,T G . , DI cry for you, oh my eyes, my eyes.

    My heart is heavy like it's made of steel,A

    my mind is spinnin' like a feiris wheel,

    my loneliness so real.

    Em G

    I'm so tiredD AI think I'll laydown.

    Em GLaydown, laydown, laydown

    Dand dream about you.

    Sometimes you seem so far from me

    but love runs strong and love runs deep

    and I am here where you want me to be.

    Got a world of trouble I am going through,

    not one thing that I can do

    but leave it all, leave it all to you.

    I'm so tired

    I think I'll laydown.

    Laydown, laydown, laydown

    and dream about you.

    Laydown, laydown, laydown

    and dream about you.

    Laydown, laydown

    and dream about you.

    Too early in the mornin' for the sun to rise,

    nothin' out my window but the middle of the night,

    I cry for you, oh my eyes, my eyes.

    Chorus „ „G Em

    NOTE: Tune 6 to D, Capo V or wherever you like

  • Jp Mi JP JP

  • © Cindy Dacek Lowe 1980, 87, 90

    (Love You Now) Now Til the End

    GC9(4x) Q ^ C9On the nver of my tears,

    G C9

    through the forest of my fears,G C9 D

    in the valley of my shadows and sorrows,G C9

    only one thing has been clearG C9

    in the darkness of my years,G C9 D

    wherever You would take me, I would follow.

    C Am? D

    I love You now,G Bm Em

    I will hold to You somehow,C Am7 D G C9 Deven though You break my heart again.

    C Am7 D

    Your love goes onG Bm Em

    though my world has come and gone,C Am7 D G C9 D

    I will love You now till the end.

    Oh, the walls have seemed so high.

    And the distances so wide.

    Let the strangers in my heart disappear.

    Make me free to be with You

    in the way You want me to,

    take my heart, take my life, take my tears.


    NOTE: This G and C9 should be used in verses, "standard" 1st position Cand G should be used in chorus.

    G C9


    A y f

  • H




  • Words: C. Lowe, R.Eastman, J, Barison, C. SandersMusic: Cindy Lowe

    Mehera*s Waiting

    A(5t:o) C#mOn a long remembered day

    ^er Beloved wayD E

    and Mehera was all alone.

    Her^osi^as never le^with time ~Se^was always on hermn^--she only wanted iSm to call her S)me.

    D9(10th) A{9tdi)She waited by the mountain,

    , , Emlland tended to her garden,D Eturned the dust to roses,

    D Eand entertained His lovers.

    Her eyes^fi^ with (^amoncis,^11

    her heart broken,D E

    she told us to love him,D E A(51±)hold on and never let Him go.

    She waited with her memories ~

    telling them did somehow ease

    her grieving.

    She told of happy days,

    talked of her Beloved's ways,

    and shared her waiting.


    She waited there for twenty years,

    cried a million lonely tears

    clinging to the comfort of His name.

    She waited for the moment when

    she could always be with Him

    and end her waiting.

    Chorus + tag: She told us to love him, be worthy of Him,

    hold on and never let Him go.

    Bmll D9


    VA 2-/7-^ f-/t






    T JP

  • Mehera: To the Glory of Love words: Manis. irani 22/12/89Music: Cindy Lowe & Christine Sanders

    ?o the Glory of £ove,fe the glory of L^ve,let all hearts smgro the glory of I^ve.

    E BTo the glory of Lovelet all hearts lingHappy Birthday h^heraQ&een of Meher iSng.E , C#mGentle breath of His mercy,')ng of His Silence jrare,iat of His uni wSil Heartilp us to love Him more, ever more.


    To reflect, dear Mehera, your supreme joywe learn from the flowers and trees,and from the birds in your Meherazad gardenwho sing with every breeze.

    Wild flowers we saw like caipets unrolledwhen your Reunion gift poured down;Rain-streams danced round Seclusion Hillwith nature in emerald gown.


    Because Love sublime was made completewhen He welcomed you to His world,we hear the thunder of His Name all around,and the power of God is unfurled.

    Now we are out in the openin the strong unshaded Sun.The wings of good fonune protect usfor the love of our Beloved One.


    Today we celebrate your ecstasybom from Separation's pain.Beloved and beloved now are one ~Earth's immeasurable gain!

    Bless us sweet Mehera that we may be with Himevery step of our remaining way.In all that we do and say and thinkmay we remember Him night and day.

    Chorus (2x) + Tag "To the Glory of Love, to the Glory of Love"

  • II









  • Ocean in the Sand

    D C G D C G

    A nomad in the dessertT D . C- ̂ ,DCGI waited there so long

    A?one^without a Sielter —DOG , . , Dsus D Dsus

    The sun so bloody strong.

    Bn G D

    The devil wind kept howlingAcross that lemon fenl ̂And? was seeking Saradise -

    Dn GAn ocean m the sand.

    The time went by so slowlyI was lonely in my soul

    The days forever burning

    And nights forever cold


    So many grand miragesGlittered in the sun

    I watched them as they shattered ~

    Vanished one by one.


    I waited there for lifetimes

    With only dust to drink

    Until at last you found me

    Out there on the brink.

    And then the rains came fallingAcross that barren land

    And You became my paradise.My ocean in the sand.

    Cindy Lowe, August 91



    NOTE: Tune 6 to D. Capo V or wherever. This is a simplified versionwithout the walkdowns. Walkdown basses are AC, AB, ABb, F, D. (Theother notes are hammered on from the A string. )

  • a



  • Only You

    E A BDays as bare and dry as a dessert river,E A Bnights too long and lonely for my soul,E A Bseemed like I'd been there at least forever,E A C#m Bwalking down an endless dead-end road.

    A CftnB EOnly You could change the story,

    A C^B Eat the stroke of midnight bring me day.

    A QNB a EOnly You could ever touch the ice,

    melt m/souftn Your Same.

    After all the tricks my life had played me,

    all the wasted time and bitter tears,

    after all my fortunes had betrayed me,

    I looked into my heart and found You there.

    Only You could change the story,

    at the stroke of midnight bring me day.

    Only You could ever touch the ice,

    melt my soul in Your flame.

    Choms + Tag

    © Cindy Lowe 1981

  • m m m

  • Runnin' Like A River

    G en G en

    So many evenings, so many drearns,so many (Stances and times in between,

    C G F Cwhen I tried to remember the visions I'd seen

    G D c Gand waited for someone to begin the beguine.

    T D . epi D . ^I was runnin like a river going nowhere,

    got to find the ocean, won't You take me Meher?Nfeher, MelSr won't You take me §iere.

    I was in the dessert, waitin' for some rain,

    nothin' much was growing there, nothing ever changed.Then You filled all my emptyness with love when You came

    and showed me the way to Your garden again.

    I was runnin' like a river going nowhere,got to find the ocean, won't You take me Meher?

    Meher, Meher won't You take me there.

    I have seen Your rainbow, took it for a sign,but the promised treasure is so hard to find.I'll give You my only-ness, my heart, and my mind,and promise to love You, Lord knows I'll try.

    I was mrmin' like a river going nowhere,got to find the ocean, won't You take me Meher?

    Meher, Meher won't You take me there.

    © Cindy Dacek Lowe 1978

  • n





  • Cindy Lowe, January 31, 1991

    Slip Away

    D D7 G D

    We were so long together,af"close as souls can ever be.D pi CDYou said you'd love me forever ~

    Iww could you sSp away from me?

    Oh, the chains that bound us

    to each other perfectly!Now the chains have been broken

    but my heart was not set free.

    D D7 G D

    Slip away, slip away,em^ ^ Dso far away from me.

    Oh, you ̂ ow I'll always love you^ G ,Dwherever you may be.

    Tonight I'll dream you're beside me —

    in my dreams you're always near.

    Only dreaming satisfies me —

    morning only brings me tears.

    When I wake in the momingit will all come back to me —

    how you left me with no warning —

    you were gone so suddenly.

    Slip away, slip away,

    so far away from me.Oh, you know I'll always love youwherever you may be.

    NOTE: Walkdown bass run is //:D, C#, B. A:/!. D, Of, B, A, G, F#, E,Dn key ofD.Capo V or wherever.

    G iprn

    i 1 < » 4

    1 ►

  • iV

  • Soul to Soul

    ^ A long and 6nely time I waitedF G C C7While I prayec^for Icg.'e to co^

    It seemed like loneliness was slated — _ED7 G G7om to love someone.

    F G C C7I wanted love to last forever

    F G C C7Stong as steel, good as^oldMy love^and f would ̂ togemer ^Side by side, heart to heart, soul to soul.

    Like a candle keeps on buming

    Even though the winds are strong —

    I had waited half a lifetime

    For your love to come along.


    am G C C7

    When fortune smiled and finally gave me

    A love that Eimed my life around,I knew your love could really save me —

    D D7 G G7I knew the treasure I had found.

    I found a love to last forever ~

    Stong as steel, good as gold.

    My love and I wiU be together —

    Side by side, heart to heart, soul to soul.Side by side, heart to heart, soul to soul.

    Soul to soul.

    © Cindy Lowe, March 1991

  • m







  • Take It As It Comes

    G D C G

    You are the only one that makes my life real,The if^t in all this Skrkness of my (&eaniing,"You've got that something, that makes me &elI've goT to spend my lifetime just fov'mg '^'ou, and^ wiU

    G c

    Take it as it cpmes (Oh Meher),'fake it as it comes,- G. , , bm J c D, .In wind and ram and sunshme


    I'm loving You.

    I'll beg or steal or borrow to find the way

    To take Your heart and leave the rest behind me.

    Take each tomorrow, I'll always stay,I'll be here every moment where Your love can find me and

    Take it as it comes (Oh Meher),

    Take it as it comes.

    In wind and rain and simshine

    I'm loving You.

    Teach me to dance, teach me to fly.It seems to me the time is quickly passing.Give me a chance, I've got to try,I've got to have the only kind of love that's lasting, I'll

    Take it as it comes (Oh Meher),Take it as it comes.

    In wind and rain and sunshine

    I'm loving You.

    Cindy Dacek Lowe 1978

  • m






  • Cindy Lowe, May 20, 1991

    The Night Before the Wedding

    G C

    pie night bgfore the weddingMehera lay waiting ^In a state of sweet surrender

    In a sacred room.G C

    Companions gathered 'roundTo see her there in silence

    G CMore beautiful than ever —

    DAnd the roses bloomed.

    Oh, holy nmht! ̂Holy night at rX(Holy night.


    The night before the wedding

    Mehera lay waitingWhile lovers came to greet herIn the lantem light.

    Angels gathered near ~

    Their hearts were poundingThey kept their wings from rustlingWhile the women cried.


    The night before the weddingMehera lay waitingCreation waited with her

    Through the silent night.The sun prepared for momingA gift of blazing gold ~The moon wept silver tears

    Into the midnight sky.

    Choms + Tag

    NOTE: I do this in an open G tuning but this G and C will work in standard tuning

  • m




  • © Cindy Dacek Lowe 1969

    Thunder After Lightning

    dm C dm CHe looks in your window and sees you standing there,

    n^ed in your lonliness, conieTsing you don't

  • d






  • Time Gonna Come

    am G F G

    Time gonna come, you're all alone,am G G

    you want someone to love,4m G F Gtime gonna come, you gotta know,

    you someone toloucli,c G F G

    Time gonna come, you just can't mn,C G J* Gtime gonna come, to love someone


    think of Me.

    Time gonna come,you're feelin' down,

    you see Me standing there,time gonna come, you gotta seethere's somebody who cares.


    Time gonna come, you're all alone,you need somewhere to tum,

    time gonna come, you're heart's a stoneyou feel My fire bum,

    Choms + Tag

    © Cindy Dacek Lowe 1980

  • m



  • Wedding Song© Cindy Dacek Lowe 1977

    E(7th) A9(5th)Before the time of our beginning,Bll(7tiOA9(5thi %

    r even knew your

    I thought I saw you in the shadows ~

    y^ stayed so well bidden,. ,v E .B(7th)

    a rambow in the ram.

    I called your name across the silence,I knew you must be someone morethan just another passing stranger —

    I loved you so well

    I must have been with you before.

    A(5th))w we've got the lifetinie^hance^„ the steps to the fiietime (^ce,a^ in the years we'll^J|^aiicmg^roughyou know m always be loving you.

    Bright as lightning, strong as thunder,you wrote your name across my sky.You pull me up when I go underthe waves that toss me in my life —you put the stars in all my nights.

    I will do my best for you,

    I'll do the best that I can do,

    and in the years we'll be passing throughyou know I'll always be loving you.

    A9 Bll B C#m

    f 7Th . (■A 3 S-^ , f ( ■) T^ f T. i

  • m




  • You Feel So Far

    E A EIn all the time we've been together

    , , jA . Eyou ve been deep in

    ^^omised you my foreve^,I promised you I'd never leave.

    E A E

    IijUhe light an^ in the shadowsYou've been there for me,

    Bpt lately f^an't ̂ el you ̂Vmere, oh where can you be?

    Now you feel so ̂ r, so far,r ® A . ESO far away, away from me. ̂

    You feel so f^, so ̂ r away,away from me.

    Sometimes I cry myself a river,let the river carry me

    through this lonely vale of darkness

    where my blinded heart can't see.

    I know we'll never be retuming

    to the way it used to beYou're still everything I live for ~you are everything to me.

    But you feel so far, so far,

    so far away, away from me.You feel so far, so far away,

    away from me.

    Repeat Choms

    © Cindy Lowe 1989

  • m




  • You*re The One

    em D em DYou're the One, the only One, ^'fou're the One who makes my world spin 'round,em p em DYou're the One, the only One,fm Pou're the One who makes my heart sing out.

    G D c ^ GKeep your arms around me,hold me close, I will neyer leave.

    G ̂ XT D c GKeep Your eyes upon me,^^I'm only here for You to see.

    C em D emI'm only here for You to see.

    You're the One, the only One,the only One a broken heart can hold.You're the One, the only One,You take the dust and You make the gold.


    You're the One, the only One,You're the One I have waited for.

    You're the One, the only One,em D em

    ru love You more and more and more andD . ... em D emmore and still yet more

    © 1990 Words: C. Lowe & Jen BuggiaMusic: Cindy Lowe