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WHAT IS CIGIF? Without standing exhibition booths, one’s creative invention is evaluated through a documentation of both text & visual explanation of its key idea, characteristics and technical features, effect - submitted and registered online for examination. The participants then will be updated online with their application status and winning prizes by the organizer or via their representative personnel. Award winners are welcomed to the CIGIF AWARDS 2012 to be awarded with their prizes as well as to meet and greet other participants of CIGIF, the organizing committee and representatives from each nation and also experience the soul of Seoul city.

Transcript of CIGIF2012 Application Brochure


Acknowledgement Since 2010, for two consecutive years, Korea Invention News (KINEWS) organized 1st & 2nd annual Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair (CIGIF) in Korea, serving as an international platform of networking, intellectual property exchange & technology transfer as well as spotlighting genius inventors and innovators of all age groups. In 2010, the 1st CIGIF 2010 was held with a total of 138 entries from Korea and 11 countries from abroad: Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and others. In the following year, a much developed form of CIGIF 2011 took place with more than 175 inventions from a total of 22 countries worldwide joined by Croatia, Poland, Canada, USA, Russia and other newly participating nations, altogether propelled CIGIF into a greater height. The fair aims to identify the significant importance of both national and international intellectual properties as well as to introduce and exercise the latest technologies and creative ideas from inventors around the world, contributing to the knowledge-based industry by providing a platform for global network and information exchange, also cultivating new and unforeseen genius inventors on the international stage of inventors, channeling the message that Anyone Can Invent, aiding in inventors passion and desire to invent. With the fair sponsored by CIGIF International Organizing Committee members consisting of our partners, inventor association delegates and representatives from many countries, the event serves as an arena of multicultural exchange of ideas and marketing intelligence, awards program and thus guarantees recognitions of creativity and inventive minds of all participants through their ideas. Thus, anyone can truly seek for great opportunities and embark on new lines of network on the ground of direct international networking, information exchange with mutual hearted, passionate individuals.

We welcome you to come and experience both the ancient & modern culture of Korea and its fast-soaring economy. Make yourself at home while your stay in the bright city of Seoul. We are honored to invite you to the 3rd edition of Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair, CIGIF 2012 in Seoul, Korea. Truly Yours,

Soung-Mo HongPresident of Korea Invention News Chairman of CIGIF Organizing CommitteeMugunghwa is the flower symbolizing the spirit and will of Koreans

A. General Information WHAT IS CIGIF? Without standing exhibition booths, ones creative invention is evaluated through a documentation of both text & visual explanation of its key idea, characteristics and technical features, effect - submitted and registered online for examination. The participants then will be updated online with their application status and winning prizes by the organizer or via their representative personnel. Award winners are welcomed to the CIGIF AWARDS 2012 to be awarded with their prizes as well as to meet and greet other participants of CIGIF, the organizing committee and representatives from each nation and also experience the soul of Seoul city. WHO APPLIES TO CIGIF? Students in all academic levels (elementary, middle school, high school, college, university, etc), other academic research institutes, businessmen, enterprises, entrepreneurs, invention award winners, individual inventors, inventor groups, forums, IP consultancy & service providers, venture capitalists, patent brokers, etc from around the world. WHY APPLY TO CIGIF? Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair is the most convenient approach of exercising ones invention and weight its value to further credibility aids in trades, connections and technology transfers. A successful run in CIGIF will certainly be a plus-merit in a profile of the recognized invention and also the inventor, aiding in product marketing, publicity, promotions and generate opportunities. Achievements made by students add points to their resumes for their creativity and innovativeness acknowledged by a number of professional invention, intellectual property associations around the world. B. Event Outline Organized by: Supervised by: Korea Invention News Asia Invention Association Asia Invention Creativity Association Korea Invention Academy CIGIF 2012 International Organizing Committee

Sponsored by:


CIGIF 2012 International Organizing Committee:World Invention Intellectual Property Associations International Intellectual Property Network Forum Malaysia Invention & Design Society Croatian Inventors Association PROTEMP Exhibitions Sdn Bhd Asia Creative Student Inventors Association Egyptian Inventors Union Institute of Science and Technology of Mexico City Nichi-Ma Press, Japan Taiwan Invention Intellectual Property Association Hong Kong Invention Association Intellectual Property ALUMNI Association of Malaysia International Iranian Innovators & Elites Institute Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers King Saud University Innovation Center, Saudi Arabia UCSI University, Malaysia Macau Innovation & Invention Association CG Distributions Inc., France

Event Schedule CIGIF 2012:Program Application Period Examination of Registered Inventions Announcement of Winners CIGIF AWARDS 2012 Event Closing Venue: Address: Website: Customer Service: Date & Time Until October 30th, 2012 November 3rd 9th November 10th November 24th @ 1:00PM November 24th @ 5:00PM Remarks Application deadline may be extended if necessary Organizers & Organizing Committee Notification emails will be sent out Convention Center ChungMu Art Hall Dinner Night with International Visitors

CHUNGMU ART HALL Convention Centre 387 TOEGYERO (131 HEUNGIN-DONG) JUNG-GU, SEOUL, KOREA +82 2 2230 6600

All applicants are invited to the Awards Ceremony where they will be given with the event catalogue, presented with designated awards and other prizes, have networking session with national inventor representatives and other participants in a multicultural environment surrounded by large media coverage. The event results and articles will be published on newspaper edition of KINEWS and as other domestic & foreign official articles.


C. Evaluation & Awarding Program a. Examination: 1st Evaluation by Panel of Korean Professional Judges 2nd Evaluation by Co-Chairman of CIGIF 2012 Organizing Committee Final Decision of Examination for Applications, judges varies among: Sponsored countries co-chairman of CIGIF Organizing Committee & recommended personnel Senior inventors with awarded history in past international invention exhibitions from at least 5 countries University & college professors & professionals of patent laws, and relevant faculties Domestic & Foreign patent lawyers & attorneys Creativity & Novelty of Invention Idea (50 Points) Technology & Progressivity (30 Points) Marketability & Practicality & Effect (20 Points) ------------------------------------------------------------------Total Mark out of 100 Points

b. Evaluation Criteria:

c. Method of Examination: Without presenting the inventions in real form, the evaluation is based on the submitted documentation consisting of blueprint, drawings or pictures with its explanations in text. Thus, sufficient visual presentation is highly recommended. The evaluation excludes judge's examining subjectivity to maximize objectivity of the documents. Standard of Examination: Highest weight of mark will be placed on "idea". The invention's novelty, technology, practicality, marketability will be assessed to complete the entire evaluation. Disqualification: (a) Based on prior technology search, invention copied off from others' idea will be disqualified from the examination. (b) Deprived inventions of the copied model of others' will be permanently eliminated to ever qualify for future CIGIF event. d. Awards Presented: CIGIF 2012 GRAND PRIX AWARD GRAND AWARDS SEMI-GRAND AWARDS BEST INVENTION AWARDS SPONSORED PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS GOLD - SILVER - BRONZE AWARDS PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS SPECIAL AWARDS (VARIETY OF TITLES) CIGIF 2012 ORGANZING COMMITTEE AWARDS


Grand Prix, Grand and Semi-Grand Awards are presented with prize money. All awards are presented in a form of an award diploma (certificate) + one of the followings: medals, plaques, trophies and other form of prize in accordance to the award class and the presenting delegation. Other awards not mentioned may be presented at the Awards ceremony. D. Application Guide I. Subject of Applicants & Applicable Invention Profiles: A. Students in all academic levels & general individual inventors and companies B. Intellectual Property (Patent, Utility Model, Design) applied or registered individuals and companies C. Non-applied or non-registered patent inventions: Ones own novel ideas and/or inventive designs Inventions of ones own creation AutoCAD drawings, design layouts, pictures of an invention D. Products/Inventions under the following categories: Apparel & Personal-Care Products Machinery, Materials, Hardware Products & Hand Tools Automotive & Transportation Biotechnology, Sporting Good, Health, Fitness & Leisure Goods Building & Construction Materials and Equipments Power, Electrical machinery Equipment, Consumer Electronics Stationery & Office Equipment Textiles, Decorations, Garments & Accessories Housing, Kitchen Equipments & Tools Hospital, Medical Supplies & Equipment Others


II. Complete CIGIF 2012 Entry Form & Submit to the Organizer by e-mail: A. Application Deadline: October 30th, 2012 B. Application Requirements: 1 copy of completed Entry Form (per 1 invention) with visual documents attached (pictures, drawings, AutoCAD design or other visual files). Sufficient space (unlimited) is provided in the Entry Form for attachments. DOWNLOAD CIGIF2012_ENTRY_FORM available at C. Method of Submission: BY EMAIL with ATTACHMENT D. Submit your application files to: KOREA INVENTION NEWS (KINEWS) KINEWS Email: [email protected] (CIGIF Application Drop Box) Contact Secretariat: [email protected] KINEWS Website: KINEWS Main Office Address: KOREA INVENTION NEWS 48-2 CHUNGPA-DONG 3-GA, YONGSAN-GU, SEOUL, KOREA, 140-133 III. Making Payment of Application Entry Fee: a. Application Entry Fee: Classification of Applicant Entry Fee Student Inventor (all academic levels) $300 USD Individual Inventor $450 USD Company / Organization (Group name) $550 USD >> SURTAX INCLUDED > Any bank transfer charges must be covered by the transferee

c. (OPTIONAL) - CIGIF 2012 Event Catalogue Advertisement Advertisement posting order is performed in respect to first-come first-serve basis: Type Color & Page Size Price Cover #4 Color Full Page 150mm x 210mm $800 USD Cover #3 & #2 Color Full Page 150mm x 210mm $500 USD Black & White Full Page 150mm x 210mm $450 USD Inner Paper Black & White Half Page 150mm x 105mm $270 USD

Remark Surtax included Surtax included Surtax included Surtax included

To apply for catalogue advertisement, please write a request email to event secretariat. Refer to the contact information Please submit the advertising files as an attachment of email to the event secretariat before the date: October 30th Applicant will be issued with an invoice in which the information for payment method will be provided to the applicant E. Participation Regulations Applicant must have their patent, utility model, design, etc registered, and those inventions possible to disorder public morale or to damage public hygiene will be eliminated from the invention examination process.


Unpatented inventions will be completely non-disclosed by the organizer and will not be exposed. Applications with no confirmation of entry form payment are excluded from the application examination. The organizer does not bear the responsibility for any accidents caused by the applicants error in filling out their entry form nor the output on CIGIF 2012 Catalogue. The applicant applies with the agreement to the above regulations to 2012 Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair in Korea. Frequently Asked Question(s) & Useful Information If I am not able to visit Korea for the award ceremony, how do I receive my awards? -The awards including the CIGIF 2012 Event Catalogue will be couriered via EMS & other system of post mail deliveries in order to be reached to applicants mailing address provided on the Entry Form. - CIGIF 2012 applicants and award winners appearances and results will be presented on Korea Invention News edition that comes to being published post-event. Recommended Hotels for Accommodation (Economic Room Rates & 5 minute walk to KINEWS Office): (If you need further assistance in making room reservations, please contact the organizer, we will be happy to assist you) 1) KAYA HOTEL: 2) HOTEL ELLEINN: 3) HOTEL RAINBOW: For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the international event administrator:

Mr. Moonsuk ChangInternational Manager of Korea Invention News CIGIF Foreign Affairs Executive Administrator Tel: +1 226 808 1468 (UTC-05:00 - EST) Email: [email protected]


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