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Our God

Phil Jackson

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Prior ProphetsWilt Chamberlain Magic Johnson James Worthy

Jerry West Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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Staples Center

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The Clergy

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5 Noble Positions• P.G. (The Guard that Points)

– directs worshipers through the church

• S.G. (The Guard that will Shoot)– guard that will protect the sacred


• S.F.– organizes game day activities and


• P.F.– gives the sermon

• C (The Soothsayer)– people revolve around the center to

seek help and/or confess.

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Community• Accept people from all

around the world• Works with rape

prevention center• Works with NBA Cares

foundation• Works closely with

HIV/AIDS foundations• Kobe camp in China—

where the prophet himself instructs the students

• Kobe can speak several languages.

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Kobe as the Messiah

• Born: Aug 23, 1978• Height: 6-6• Weight: 205 lbs.• High School: Lower Merion

HS (PA)• Years Pro: 12– Went pro right out of high


• “If Lebron is king, Kobe is God” –Unknown

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Rituals and Worship• Important Feast Days

– May 6th –Kobe receives 1st and only MVP

– May-June –Playoffs• Forty games and forty

nights• Fasting from all other

sources of entertainment

– July 1st –Black Tuesday

• Attire– Daily use of Kobe Venoms– Jersey to be worn to

“church”– Never wear green/white

sports attire; only purple and gold permitted

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Inauguration into the Church

• Baptism –when first wearing the purple and gold official gear

• Confirmation –First time you receive an authentic jersey

• Matrimony –purchasing season tickets

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Welcome to the

Church of Kobe!