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  • 1.


  • A word or phrase with a meaning that is thesame as , orvery similar to , another word or phrase

3. We can call this either aSOFA or aCOUCH We can call this either a HOUSEor aHOME 4.

  • A word which has theoppositemeaning to another

Smile Frown 5. LAUGHis theoppositeofCRY SUNNYis theoppositeofCLOUDY 6. Which pair of pictures representssynonyms? STOP andGO HOT andCOLD CAR andVEHICLE 7. PRESSHERE!! 8.


Next Question 9. Which word is an antonym for 10. PRESS HERE!! 11. CORRECT!!! GREAT JOB! 12. Now we can apply synonyms and antonyms to sentences! For the following sentences find a synonym for each underlined word so that the sentence is still true:

  • The stray cat was tooskinny , so we gave her more food.
  • After walking all day the children becametired .

For the following sentences find an antonym for each underlined word so that the sentence becomes true:

  • The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet high, so it isshortcompared to a five-year old boy.
  • At the library the students are reallynoisybecause everyone is concentrating on reading to themselves.


  • Picture on p.2

14. ICE/S Lesson Idea for Presentation Exercise Your Name(s): Samantha Chu Subject Area: Language Arts Grade Level: 3 rd Lesson Title/ Web Address Learning Synonyms and Antonyms in Pairs Curriculum- Nevada State Standard: Reading Achievement Indicators Grade 3 Content Standard 1.3.4 Comprehend, build, and extend vocabulary using synonyms and antonyms Objectives: Students will match words that are synonyms and match words that are antonyms. Students will also replace words in sentence with a synonym to make the sentence the same, or replace words in a sentence with an antonym to make the sentence opposite.Instruction- Procedures: After giving the definitions of a synonym and an antonym, the students will be asked to verbally come up with ideas that they have that fit the definitions. Then the PowerPoint presentation will continue with more examples and practice problems.Assessment- How will you check student learning: The PowerPoint will include a quiz for both synonyms and antonyms that the class will do together. They will be asked to pick out a set of synonyms and a set of antonyms.