Chrono Cross

PDF Walkthrough Contact:[email protected] Guide: Dan Ueno CG: This guide is split into 14 parts. Part 1: What a Boy Will do for Love Part 2: Everything is Not what it Seems, Hey Doesn't Anyone Know Me?? Part 3: Raid the Manor, Hey How Smart is This? Part 4: Action! Someone's Poisoned, Do We Help? Part 5: A Ghost Ship? No its Worse Its Pirates! Part 6: Into the Depths Of Hell, Serge's Nightmare Becomes Reality! Part 7: Who is Who? And Where the Hell Am I?? Part 8: Deeds of the Past, Deeds of Those to Come Part 9: Save the Damsel, Foes Are Friends! Part 10: Another Task to Complete, Defeat the Dragons! Part 11: Serge VS. Lynx, Who is Who?? Part 12: Ah! A New Quest, Were Shall We Blunder Now? Part 12½: Flames of the Past, The Hero of the Future! Kid's Memories Part 13: Opposites Attract! Creation From Love and Hate / Fin Part 14: New Game+ New Foes!, What Do We Do With Them? Chrono Cross Disc 1


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PDF WalkthroughContact:[email protected]

Guide: Dan UenoCG:

This guide is split into 14 parts.

Part 1: What a Boy Will do for Love

Part 2: Everything is Not what it Seems, Hey Doesn't Anyone Know Me??

Part 3: Raid the Manor, Hey How Smart is This?

Part 4: Action! Someone's Poisoned, Do We Help?

Part 5: A Ghost Ship? No its Worse Its Pirates!

Part 6: Into the Depths Of Hell, Serge's Nightmare Becomes Reality!

Part 7: Who is Who? And Where the Hell Am I??

Part 8: Deeds of the Past, Deeds of Those to Come

Part 9: Save the Damsel, Foes Are Friends!

Part 10: Another Task to Complete, Defeat the Dragons!

Part 11: Serge VS. Lynx, Who is Who??

Part 12: Ah! A New Quest, Were Shall We Blunder Now?Part 12½: Flames of the Past, The Hero of the Future! Kid's Memories

Part 13: Opposites Attract! Creation From Love and Hate / Fin

Part 14: New Game+ New Foes!, What Do We Do With Them?

Chrono Cross Disc 1

Page 2: Chrono Cross

An Introduction, a Square tradition.

  The game starts with an FMV of a tower surrounded by statuary of dragons.We are introduced to Razzly, Kid, and Serge. This may not be your group. Thethird member other than Serge and Kid rotates. As things start, head to the right.The left side just shows a power crystal. (your goal) Continue down the path andfollow the left side of the screen until you reach the outside door. Pass up all ofthe side trips. Go straight to the back of the room. Your goal is to turn off thegem and transport from the circular platform in the middle of the room. Transportup to the upper platform and we are treated to a cinema.

Arni Village, In The Beginning..

  After the dream, Serge wakes up in his room with none ofthe oomph that he had in the tower. Oh well. Pilfer hissavings, which are under the bed. Then head to the left tofind a Tablet Element. Leave the room.

  Serge's mom berates him due to his sleepiness and the factthat Lenna came by looking for him. He was supposed tomeet her earlier that morning, but before you go running off toyour girlfriend. Head left when you leave the house.

  Talk with the fisherman near the swordfish, chose thesecond option and he will give you a kodomo scale. Continue

left and talk to the old man. He will smack you around a bit in a training exercise. This will get you aquatintedwith the combat and element usage in this game. Poshul is here too; he can be recruited now if you wish. Ichose to pass this up right now. Since you can gain him later. Afterwards you can continue to the left and learnabout the Records of Fate. (save points)

  Return to the main area of the village and head up to the pier. Lenna rags on you for now showing up andbreaking your promise to her to help find the Kodomo scales. She wants you to get 3 Kodomo scales for her.(Note giving her ones that have been given to you wont work. She can tell) So leave and inspect the huts inthe village.

  The first hut to your right is the fisherman's. Talk to the old lady she will give you hints on how to get thoseKodomo pups. Then head down into the basement and talk to the guy there. He will give you a shark tooth anda story.

  Leave and go to the next hut and head to the back and into a smaller roominspect the bed and the chest. The bed will give you a Hekran bone (you canuse this for Poshul if you want) and the chest will proffer an Ivory Helmet. Takenote of the kid in-between the huts you can give him a Kodomo Scale that thesword fisher gave you. He will give you a treat. You can find a "Custom Frame"at the cart in the middle of the village. The Frames are little extras. It refers to thewindow that appears when any conversation takes place. Now leave the village.

Chrono Cross Disc 1

Page 3: Chrono Cross

~ What a Boy Will Do For Love ~

  You will be on the world map. You can save your game now if you wish. Head down to the peninsula on yourleft.

Lizard Rock -North-

  Push the rock out of your way. Now you can do many things here,you can explore this area and clear the monsters and, collect thechests. Or, you can confront the Kodomo pups as you go, and pickup chests on the way. I chose the latter.

  Take the middle path at the entrance. You will scare a kodomowith your movement. It will run into a passage, block it in with arock. Now head to the upper path but before you do defeat themonster to the right and open the chest. You will receive a Fireballelement. Now take the upper path. This will scare the Kodomo and,will trap it in the passage. All you will have to do is walk in andattack. Defeat the Kodomo Pup and you will receive your firstKodomo Scale. 

  Now return to the main path and head down. You will run into anothermonster. You can run past it if you wish or attack. Continue left, you willscare another Kodomo pup. Head up to the fallen tree and defeat themonster on it. This clears the area and allows you to head down the paththe creature was on. Walk to the very edge of the ledge. You can jumpfrom here, but you need to time it just right to get that kodomo. There is abit of a lag on Serge's part. Defeat the Kodomo and get your secondscale.

  Go to the left and down past the monster. You will see a rock and asunken chest. Push the rock in and the chest will float up. The chest willgive up a Silver Loupe. (raises you Hit %) Continue up the left path to thenext area. In the water, you will see a chest there are some steps on theoutcropping near the bridge. Get the chest and receive a Tablet.

  Get back on the path and head up and, then to the left. You will soonbump into another Kodomo pup chase him around the path. You willsoon catch up to him. Defeat it with physical attacks save your Elements.After you kill the Kodomo pup you will receive the wrath of the motherKodomo! Use your Elements on her! After her defeat you receive yourthird scale and a Star.

Boss BattleKodomo mother

FemaleBlue Innate

Foes in this areaKodomo Pup

MaleBlue Innate

Sand SquirtMale

Blue Innate

Beach BumMale

Blue Innate

Page 4: Chrono Cross

  Now there are two more chests these are a bit tricky to get. Head to the left and down form the path you have beenchasing the Kodomo around. You'll see a hole in the ground inspect it and you'll end up on the other side. Get the chest(Bone) defeat the monster and head out through the tunnel towards the top. There you'll find another chest (IvoryHelmet). Now leave the way you came. Head out by the left path.

  Now you will be at Opassa Beach. Save your game if entitled. Enter Opassa Beach and Lenna will interrupt you. Giveher the scales. She will talk about a promise and other such things. Serge hears a voice and experiences a FMV. Thenpromptly passes out on the beach.

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 2

Everything is not what it seems, Hey doesn't anyone know me?Opassa Beach / Lizard Rock

  Serge finds himself alone on Opassa beach. Except for the old lady from the village. Who does not seem to know him.Leave Opassa Beach and return to Arni, but you must pass through Lizard Rock again. This time there are differentmonsters. You can clear this area but I passed it up. Just take the lower path then head up past the lower area (where thefallen tree was.) and head back to Arni Village.

Foes and Items in this areaChestsFeather

Ivory helmetBone

Opah FishMale

Red Innate

Arni Village [Another]

  You will find no one remembers Serge. Head out to the pier to talkwith Lenna. She will mention Cape Howl.

  Head back to the village and go into the first hut to the right.(Remember the fisherman's hut) Head to the Basement and try to givethe man there the Shark Tooth. Inspect the idol that is in the mantel.Now leave and look into your old room. The lizard will rape you of 100gfor sleeping. Behind all of the junk, you will find a MagmabombElement. As you leave a woman enters and tells you to beat it out ofher house. Look around in the restaurant. In the back room is a curtainwhere the chest was open it and voila the chest is behind it with aTablet for you. Afterward head out to Cape Howl it is at the upper leftof the map. It is just above Opassa Beach.

Cape Howl

  Head up to the cliff; pick up the chests as you go. Chests:Bone, ElectroJolt Element Continue up to the top and inspectthe grave. Serge will be affronted by a trio of foes (Karsh,Solt, and Peppor). A girl will rudely interrupt and start a fight.Use your group Elements (like Magmabomb) on them. Youwill receive a Star and Bone Axe, Ivory Vest, and Copper.They will bugger off the chickens they are. The girl willintroduce herself as Kid. Refuse her attempts to join. (Don’tworry, she will later) She is persistent. Keep telling her NO.She finally takes the hint then makes a Hekran reference andleaves. Fade out...

Boss Battle

Page 5: Chrono Cross


Green Innate

Solt N PepporMales

Yellow Innate

Arni [Another]

  You will fade back in to Serge's room and Lenna and Poshul will walk in. They will join your party. Head backto the fisherman's house, proffer the tooth to him, and leave. The straw idol will call out. Mojo will join yourparty. Head out to the world map and save your game. You now need to do go north.

Fossil Valley  Enter Fossil Valley the guards will let you pass. There is a roaming"Dingo" pass it up or attack. Head down the path you will see a guardand a ladder approach him. Lie and say yes. Go up the ladder.Continue up to the noise and a skull will jump out let him join. He willjoin as an item Heavy Skull. Go to the left and up you will find aBellflower. Head back down and go down the path where no one hasgone yet. The team will confront a Giant bird, take the Big Egg from thenest. The bird will then begin to hop around you can evade it and headback up the path or fight it. Return to the main path and down theladder.

  Continue you trip to the left. You will then encounter Solt and Pepporagain. This continues the in-game tutorial about Elements. Smackthem. You will get a Star, Copper and an Uplift Element for yourefforts. They will run like last time follow them out.

Boss BattleSolt N Peppor

MalesYellow Innate

Foes in this areaDodo

FemaleWhite Innate

Mama DingoFemale

Red Innate

Termina a City of Festivities

  As you follow Solt and Peppor out of Fossil Valley you will see a cityto your left enter it. When you enter Termina you will overhear aconversation about Bellflowers. Talk to the flower woman she willexplain the man's identity. To your right is an Inn and a save pointinside. You can rest to regain stars but do not worry about that now.Just head up the stairs and meet Kid for the second time. She getsoffended that you brought another girl with you. She awaits you outsidethe gates.

  OK this is where things get sticky for me. Yes ME see this is whereyou can take different paths to the same goal...

1. Head west to talk with Miki and head down Nikkis path.2. Go east and up you will meet up with Pierre and his path.3. Head into the bar, meet with Guile, and take his path.

  I took path 3 not knowing you could take different paths at this point in the game.

  First, look into Lisa's Element Shop for some Elements if you wish. Next, head up to the statue at the end ofthe stairwell. Talk to the old man that is polishing it, and Kid will show up again.... Let her join (if you refuse sheleaves. I have not tried the game without her yet) She will give you the Teleporter. It allows you to swap party

Page 6: Chrono Cross

members when on the world map or near a save point.

  Now head into the bar. It is to the left of the stairwell. Here,towards the back is Guile. Ask for his help and he will join. Hehas a bet going on with the Fortuneteller. The object of thebet is in the mess hall of Viper Manor. Leave the bar andhead to the right. Continue to the right and you will beintroduced to Korcha. Afterwards head down the rightmoststairs. An old lady will tell you to leave the temple area.Ignore the bag. Continue along, pass up the house and headaround to where the couple is. A small cinematic starts andGlenn asks if you can give him the bellflower. You have 3choices.

1. Give it for free2. Ask for money3. Sorry

  I just gave it away. You could sell it to him. As they leave, follow them around. They will disappear (taken asecret path?) However, you will encounter Korcha and his boat. He will charge you 100g for a trip to ViperManor.

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 3

Raid the Manor, Hey How Smart is That?

  You arrive at the cliffs at the back of the manor. A guard spots you and beginshurling boulders at you (-10HP per hit). Obviously, you need to work your wayup to the top. There are chests on the way, but I would leave those until later.The waterfall is tricky. If you miss the first time, you will be washed down to achest with an Element in it. You just need to pass over it just after it squirts.Head up the main path then to the right "water squirt". Take the central path,then the rightmost Path then up, down far left then, up to the top. The guard willattack you. You will receive a Star, Photon Ray and a Tablet after you defeat theguard. Some griffin guy jumps the guard after the battle. Now you must deal withit in order to pass into the Manor.

Boss BattleAcacia PUT

MaleYellow Innate

Page 7: Chrono Cross

Boss Battle 2Blue Moaman

Female???Blue Innate

King MoamanMale

Black Innate

Red MoamanMale

Red Innate

  Take out the King Moaman, he has the highest HP and uses Gravitonne when alone. Then work the othertwo. After the defeat, you get a Star, Gravity Blow, and 2 Feather. Kid wants to wait until dark before enteringthe Manor proper.

Foes in this areaGobledygook

MaleRed Innate

Loch NestFemale

Green Innate

Gaining entry, The quietest way in...

  You will find yourself in the back of Viper Manor (duh). Return to theback of the room you were in for the chest (Turn Blue). Head outavoiding the searchlight and guards. You can pick them off one at atime if you want. Head up and enter the stables. As you enter you willsee a save point save your game. Go to the back right of the stable.Here you will find that the old man will not let you pilfer from the shelf.You will have to help the old man feed the dragons first. The only wayto get the key for the manor is to help.Here is how it works:  Serge can only carry three bags of hay at a time. The hay can betaken from the pile to the left. It is acquired by pressing action button"X". The dragons can only be fed when they are ready (their heads areraised). If they are not fed in a few seconds from being ready they willget angry and turn a shade of red. If any dragon turns completely redyou have lost and must start over. A dragon can only be missed threetimes. The more you feed the dragons, the better the prizes. Here is abreak down of the prizes.

10 Knee pad20 Bronze Helmet

30 Bronze mail

40 Recover (element)100 iron mail

  Once you are done you can make use of the save point. Head to the lower left and up around the building.You will have to fight the door guards. Stay off the path, run along the grass or bushes. If you want to attackthe guards. They give up some useful Elements. There are 2 chests out here. One is towards the top left andthe other is near the entrance gate. They contain Ointment and a Turn Yellow Element.

Foes in this areaAcacia SGT (sergeant)

MaleYellow Innate

Acacia PUTMale

Yellow Innate

Page 8: Chrono Cross

  Once inside, you can see gates to your left and right. The main door to theback it is locked. The left gate is blocked by something. The right gate opens,but a gate further in will drop, and if you fiddle with the snake statues anothergate will fall behind you. You are now traped, and 2 Gloops will be dropped onyou. You must fiddle with the statues again to get out. So, leave the statuesalone! and leave the gates alone!

  Instead, approach and inspect the snake statue by the main door at the back.You must be facing it head on. It will ask you to turn it (like a combo lock). Do

not bother to look around for combos just enteranything. (NOTE: If you do not have Kid in yourparty some of the events that occur will be slightlydifferent.) A trap door will open beneath you. Youwill be dropped into a cage and get berated bysome guards. Kid will throw her mouth around andinitiate a fight. Nothing you have not faced before.Kid gets the idea of dressing in the guard’s suits.

  You have three choices of direction: left, down, and right. If you head down youwill find a lazy guard, a locked gate,  a locked grate, and a chest. The chest attacks you when you go to takewhat is inside. The chests give you a choice of who to attack if you chose the right one you will get a treasure,if not a fight. To the right is a guarded door and a hulking robot. The left side contains the living quarters for thedragoons. Either way works. I went right first. There are some good items here.

  Right Passage: Talk to the guards move the joystick around when they ask thepassword. In other words, do not say "I don’t know." They will let you in. Time for Kidto show her abilities. Steal the stuff here. Make sure not to touch the necklace untillast. You will find Hero's shield, Bronze mail, Bronze sword, and another attackingchest. You can get Ice Lance or Areosacer like the last chest. There are three waysto pilfer the Silver Pendant. Chose one, they all lead to the same conclusion. Theentire wall and floor rotate to dump you into Luccia's lab for experimentation. Now wesee why the password is so stupid...She sicks her experimental Bulb on you.

Boss BattleNeo-N-Bulb

FemaleGreen Innate

Page 9: Chrono Cross

  Afterwards you get a Star and Areosacer Element and, Luccia tells you to leave. Don’t.Head over to Pip and open its cage. Now leave. Luccia will change her mind and wants you tocome back later. Now you will be on the other side of the hall. You can defeat the Bot to clearthe passage. The door to the right of the lab is an armory The one with the eye. You can enterwhen it is shut if not. It will attack you. After you, knock it down a certain level. It will toss amonster out for you to defeat (mine spit out a kodomo pup).

  Inside you can push a snake statue to the wall to mimic the other one. Gloops will fall fromthe ceiling. The Gloops are good for power ups. There is a chest that contains a BronzeHelmet. The shield between the Snake statues can be taken. You can give the shield to theguard statue that doesn't have one. You will be attacked. There are five of these guys a bittough but if you use your elements right and heal yourself, you can get through this. Theyhave about 700~990 Hp each. Sorry no star but three capsule elements! All of this can bepassed up if you do not want the power ups.

  Leave and head up the stairs you will find two more doors one with an eye. Defeat it. Youwill find Zoah behind the first door and Karsh behind the second. Since you are incognito you

can talk to them, and ask questions. There are chests in both rooms. Zoah will not let you into his chest. Karsh will let youin his chest, but only after you try 20 times or so. He just loses his patience and gives up. Watch out for the falling WillO'Whisp in the hall. Now as you head left, you will return to the lobby area. Go to the statue again and fall through. Don'tworry, the guards are gone.

  Now head to the left into the living quarters. Watch out the WillO' Whisp is back! There are three doors: the first is thegalley, the second is the kitchen, and the third is the sleeping area. In the first door you will see Glenn again, talk to himyou will overhear that he fell from the trap like you did. He leaves. Let him pass. Talk to the rest of the guards if youwish. Above and to the right is a chest with Dragons Honor. The second door or via the passage from the first is thekitchen. Orcha and his assistant reside here. Not much here to do but to help yourself to the Feel Green Element in thecupboard to the back of the Kitchen.

  Head to the third door here you will find Glenn again. Pay attention to what he islooking at! The git! He wrote the code numbers down on the wall! Gather info from theother guards and the chest (Revive Element) and save. I have not given you the codesince it is different every time you go through the game. This is the only way to get it.Now go up the stairs to another haunted door and a WillO' Whisp. In the first door, youwill find a sleepy Harle and some odd sized chests. Defeat them. The one to the righthas a Turn Black Element. The one on the left attacks you.

  The second door is guarded by an eye and is locked so pass it up. Attack the Mech.Use all you have on him. Now the path is clear and you can head up the main door.Approach the snake statue and enter the number code for the snake trap.

Foes in this areaPortalghiest

FemaleYellow Innate


Yellow Innate

Man Of WarMale

Black Innate


Red Innate

WillO' WhispMale

Red Innate

GloopMale/FemaleBlue Innate

Page 10: Chrono Cross

  You will enter a large chamber with guards to the topand a Mech to the right. Therefore, the only way to gois left. Head out and you will find yourself on a bridgethat spans the gap to the Library. Snoop around andtalk to the girl. The Prophet interrupts and talks...afterwards Marcy wants to fight. The Prophet lets her.Saying that there is not anything, he can do. It isdestined.

Boss BattleMarcyFemale

Blue Innate

  Her hits are weak but she uses some high power Elements and level skills. Prepare to healand attempt to use the Turn Elements. This allows you to use your most powerful elementsand get the most out of them. Ice Blast will freeze your characters. She will do this twice in arow so equip medicine to unfreeze them. If all of your party are frozen it’s game over.Afterwards you will get a star and an Iceblast Element.

  The old man will give you some tips. Now head back up,activate the ladder like Marcy did earlier, and get the chest(TurnWhite Element). Now return and use the old man's tip thesecond to the last pillar on the left. As you return, you willencounter Harle again. I do not think Kid likes her...Do the switchthing on the pillar. The guards unfortunately will not besquashed, but they will attack you. Smack them.... and head upthe elevator. The switch is on the chair. Enter the passagebehind the chair. Ooh more of those doors. To your left is a savepoint to the right is a balcony with a bunch of glowing plants.There is nothing there.

  Save your game. Pass the door on the leftup it is locked. The one on the right containsan office. There is a glowing object on thedesk. Kid mistakes it for the Frozen Flamethen realizes it is not. This girl needs to see

a doctor for her kleptomania. Soon after the General arrives along with Lynx. Lynxattacks.

Boss BattleLynxMale

Black Innate

Page 11: Chrono Cross

  He will cast AntiWhite, which seals white Elements. He hits Serge with itno mater what the groups order. He seems a bit weaker than Marcy...2800hp? You receive a Star and Pendragon Sigil C. after his defeat.

  An FMV follows. In the end, Riddle is taken hostage by Kid. Lynx hits Kidwith something and Kid falls off the ledge of the balcony. After a bit ofdialogue with Lynx, Serge jumps after her. The info screen pops up. Timeto save the game. Is that a hint or what?

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 4

Action! Someone's Poisoned!, Do We Help?

  Serge awakes to find himself in Korcha's house. (Note you can only gooutside! no detours here) Head out and meet with the rest of your party.Kid passes out, ill from her wound...Fade out. ~  The Doc has diagnosedher illness as Hydra poisoning (Hydra Venom) He gives her two days. Hementions if they had Hydra Humor they could save her, but the hydra isextinct this world. The Doc wanders off to sulk...Harle arrives,berates Korcha, and then gloats over Kid. She tries to disillusion Sergefrom saving Kid. She again hacks at Korcha he loses his temper and shevanishes and reappears next to Kid, then leaves... Kid moans for Serge.Korcha gestures for Serge to talk with her. She gives him the AstralAmulet.

~BRANCH POINT~  Ok here is where we have a branching story plot... It is dependent on your replies to Korcha about the HydraHumor. If you chose to help Kid then he will join up. If you decide not to then he takes the amulet from you,and places it on the table. You cannot touch it afterwards...If you chose this path Macha (Korcha's mom) willjoin and you will receive the Tropical Paradise frame.

Page 12: Chrono Cross

Being the nice guy I am, I chose to help Kid.

  The Lion nurse directs them to the Shaman. So...go see the Shaman! On your wayup you can peek into the bar, and overhear a conversation the Doc is having withOrlha the Bar Keep. Talk with the residents too. Head up the ladder, there is a hut justto your right. It is an Element shop. Enter the Shamans hut, it is to your left. Steenawill introduce herself, and Chief Direa. Talk to the women. There is a save point too.Show Direa the Astral Amulet. She will give you info on it. Take the hints. Return tothe bar and talk to the customers. Especially the short guy with the large nose. (He isa dwarf). He will give Serge the Green Tinkler. Speak to Korcha and he will take youback to Termina.


  After you arrive and push off an annoying dockman Korcha joins (Temporarily).Head over to where you first talked to Korcha (The area where you gave Glennthe bellflower) On your way there talk to the fat guy hanging around near thebridge. Talk to him and tell him 100g is too expensive for churros. He will askwhat you should charge. Give him a price above 50g. He will lower the price abit. Leave him be for now. Then talk to the tent with the two glowing eyes (thefortuneteller). Have her read Guile's fortune. He will present her with the betitem. You will receive Brass Rod. Head over to the next stall and bug the guywith the mermaid under the sheet. Place Korcha in the lead when you do this.

  Now continue to the shrine.You will see some people anda boat. After the funeral, follow

Greco inside. Talk to him he will join if you let him. I have yetto ascertain the use of the weights on the floor. You can headup the path to the smithy's they will talk about the Rainbowmaterial, Do some forging to get better weapons or armor ifyou wish. Afterwards head further up the path and enter the

house at the end. Nothing much herebut, some story and an item under thestairs.

  Return to the Churro guy and inquire. He will give you some Viper Churros they willrevitalize you. Same as sleeping but free. You can return to replenish your Stars or Hp.Head up to where the General Viper statue is and go into the house on the left. PlaceKorcha at the lead of the group and talk to the girl (nothing here but story) Oh and don'tforget to visit Lisa's for some Elements. Go into the back room while you are there. Talk tothe old man. He will let on about some mushrooms and a path to the Manor from theforest just east of the Manor.

Page 13: Chrono Cross

SIDE TRIP Hydra Marsh

  You are looking for the flower for Neo Fio. Run through the muck as fast as possible and tothe left head up the fungus looking tree and work your way to the top. There will be two guysone will give you Safety Gear. This keeps you from dying in the muck. There is a chest there(ElectroJolt) Return to the bottom of the tree and head to the top. Use the green tinkler on thewhip like plants to pass.

  Continue up and in the next screen. Head right onthe upper path. You should pass a save point and aSnob goblin (avoidable). The path should dead endin a pond (note: remember this path for the otherdimension). You will see a Snib and Snob goblintrying to take the flower slap them and take theirbooty. Life Sparkle!

  Head back, you can look around and pilfer chestsif not head over to Viper Manor. If so head to thelower exit (where you have not gone). Pass up theWraith (the zombie) there is nothing in the pond.Continue down the first path to your right is a caveenter you will find Good BackBone a piece of Skelly.

Continue down from there and out. Your path is blocked. You will need to fiddle with this next one. Approachthis foe and inspect it to provoke an attack. It will poison you when it dies. Leave the marsh.

Foes in this areaSnibgoblin

MaleGreen Innate


Green Innate


Green Innate


  Enter through the main gates there will be a mech there to greet you dispatch it. Headstraight to Luccia's lab and pick up the shining object near her notepad. You will find SilverEarring (Item). Talk to the chef’s assistant (the spy) he will inform you that Luccia is on theterrace. (That balcony that you fell/jumped from) He will ask you to let him out. You can do soif you want...Head up to the terrace to find Luccia. She informs you about Neo Fio and theLife Sparkle and some hints about where it might be. Well we just did that! Get Fio by givingthe Life Sparkle to her and head up the ladder for a chest. (Sight Scope Item)

  Return to the room below the terrace, visit Riddle, and look into Viper's Office. Face thestatue to the left and inspect it. The bookcase will pull back. As you enter there is a smalldesk to the right. Open the drawer and there will be a note. It is about the armory room wherethe traps are. Forget it until later. Amazingly, enough there is nothing else here! Return toLuccia's Lab she will be there to greet you. She is asked by a random party member to joinand since you let Pip out, and she has no real research she will join.

  ATTN: DO NOT ENTER THE SEWERS VIA THE WELL YOU WILL MESSUP STUFF! Since the only way to return from the sewers is the way you

came. The only way to do this is to block off these bugs coming from a hole in the wall. Thisblocks off access to an area later. So no mater what any one says stay away from the Stupidwell!

Foes in this area

Page 14: Chrono Cross


Black Innate871HP


Yellow innate

Is This a Return Home? Yes and No, Its a Mini Quest!Opassa Beach

  Now head to Opassa Beach. Approach the green glow and activate the Astral Amulet. Youwill be transported to Serge's "Home" world. From this point on Home will designate Serge'shome, and Another will designate the other world.

Hydra Marshes [Home]

  Putter to the Hydra Marshes. Save your game while you are on the world map. Talk tothe blockage to get rid of him...head up to the tree you'll see a ghosted figure follow it.Head up the tree and collect the chests. You will run into a dorkey looking creature aBubba Beeba. It will tell you to leave, Jump it! Boss? NO..

  This will be an annoying and drawn out battle. Kill the first Beebaso, he cannot call others. Then pick off the others one by one. Healand zap, heal and zap!   He will leave a chest containing the Beebaflute. Ignore your party member that tries to get you to use it on thespot.

  Continue up the tree. There is a save point  just to your left, use it!There is another Beeba get to it before it falls asleep! Fight it for thechest it blocks. Continue your trek up to the right to the platform.

Blow the flute in the CENTER of that platform. A Wingapeed arrives and hovers in front ofyou. Someone cons Serge into feeding it. It attacks! Blast, heal, and equip Antidote. Itspews poison and each turn kills HP! After the battle, there is a huge crack in the floor. Aparty member warns about passing over it. Ignore him/her and fall through. Before that,you could back track to save your game since another battle will ensue.

  After the wow, and "that would have hurt bits" stuff. Look at the bottom of the roomyou will see someone in a cage, attempt to save her. The monster will throw a fit andattack. Roast it with red attacks and Yellow Elements. Same as before attack andheal. Free the Fairy. Her Name is Razzly she joins up. Get the Recover All Elementfrom the chest, and head up to the top of the tree. There is a path tothe right. Jump off the ledge you have found yourself on. You shouldrecognize this place from "Another's" marsh. Head up to the top. In thenext screen, you can get by the odd plants with a bit of patience if not,you will have to fight them. You will reach the save point at the nextscreen. Save the game, the hydra is near....

  Continue to the left. There are three dwarfs, but when they attack it issix! and they get first crack! Ouch! Bring heals and revives! and someheavy hitting Elements. Take them out one by one. After you kill them,you get a long awaited Star, 2 Tablets, Uplift, 2 furs, and a BronzeVest. (Note the armor Razzly has is Prism keep it its the best you canget.) One of the dwarfs runs off. Do not chase him yet...return to yoursave point! Save the game! The Hydra is in the next screen! If you want to you cancollect the chests around then return...

Page 15: Chrono Cross

Boss BattleHYDRAFemale

Yellow Innate

  Nasty...Hit it with green. Heal and zap. After its defeated, you get a star for youefforts and an Upheaval Element. Approach the animal you just viciously killedand collect your prize! Hydra Humor... bornes? What up Razzly? Ohsuch a sweet reality.... Only cause you saved Razzly (I did this before and it wasall doom and gloom...because I missed Razzly. As Marcy would say, What Ever!)Bolt and save your game. If you want clear the forest and collect chests (Cure andFeather)

  Awh how cute ...You can return to the carnage and see a baby Hydra swimmingabout. Time to leave.... Head for Opassa Beach. Use the Astral Amulet and headto Termina and off to Guldove.

Foes in this areaBeeba

Female/Male)Yellow Innate


Green Innate


Blue innate


Green innate


Yellow Innate


Yellow Innate

Swamp BugMale

Blue Innate

Kid Don't Die! We have the restorative!Guldove [Another]

  Head into the Docs place. Just follow Korcha. Go into theback room and give Doc the Hydra Humor. He will mix anantidote for Kid. Kick back and watch the show.

  During the night some kid comes into Kid's room and takessomething...The next morning Kid realizes her Elements onher Grid are gone...Go after Mel. Head to the Shaman's hutand talk to the guard. Korcha will mention his place. Head inthat direction. Mel will run out. Continue to Korcha's houseand follow his instructions. After you catch Mel, Korcha

returns to the dock to wait for you. Head out and pick up any supplies you may need. After you’re done LeaveGuldove for Termina. Korcha will leave your party...when you arrive at Termina.

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 5

Page 16: Chrono Cross

Ghosts and Gouls, Is this for real?Terminia [Another]

  As you leave Termina, Glenn will confront you (he is sitting by the flower woman)Glenn banters about the Dragonian Fort and sees Kid and Serge. He tells them toseek out a Retired Dragoon on a small Island northeast of Termina, but how to getthere who has a Boat?? Well Return to Korcha. Korcha will lend the boat, anddeclares his love for Kid. He then demands she marry him in trade for the boat loan.Tell her to accept. Kid swiftly kicks Serge in the nethers. Take Korcha with you and hewill rejoin. Note if you don’t place him in your party he swims home!  Well.... Let's seean old man, a hermit with information...

Hermit's Hideaway [Another]

  When you arrive at Hermits Hideaway you see some,well a lot of black smoke. Depart the boat and take alook. Well we see Harle again and apparently, she isresponsible for the mess. She will fight you. Have Kidsteal a Photon Beam off her. Do this after Harle hastaken about 400HP damage. Pummel her with WhiteElements. She has only 700 or so HP. She gives up aPhoton beam Element but no Star. The old man or,rather our Retired Dragoon invites Serge and companyin. Head up and into the tree stump. He becomesKnown as Radius (the alternate ego of the one whoruns Arni in Home) They speak of a ghost ship and then its beddyby time. Serge andcompany awaken refreshed and ready to get into more trouble. Leave the Island and,head to the foggy bit just south of the Hermit Hideaway.

Foes in this areaHarleFemale

Black Innate

Page 17: Chrono Cross

The Ghost Ship is real? No it's Worse its Pirates!SS Invincable [Another]

  As you approach the ship, everyoneagrees to board out of safety. All of asudden, you are surrounded! A captainFargo approaches you. Three Man ofWars attack you as a "test" They have a690HP avg. After that Fargo then callsPolly....Polly?!!? This huge green andred bird/bat swoops down on you andattacks. He has about about 1300HP when you defeat Polly it givesyou a Magmablast Element. Fargo then joins in....He gives up aMeteorite Element. Soon after the battle, everyone passes out. Fargoand his mates have drugged the Serge team. Serge has a dreamabout Panthers as he sleeps.

Foes in this areaMan Of WarMale femaleBlack Innate


Red Innate


Blue Innate

  The team awakens to find themselves locked in the hold(storeroom) There is a save point...You are interrupted by askeleton. It attacks you. Dispatch it and save your game...Get theun-dead with white elements. It seems the whole ship is underattack by Ghosts and the un-dead, help out. Check out the doorto your right just as you exit the hold.

  Endure your self to the crew...Kill the monsters. Work your wayto the left door by door. Chest (AquaBall, Firepilar) When youhave cleared that level head up the ladder and do the same forthe next floor. Chest (Panchea) Consumable. Help the fat guy infront of the captains quarters. After that, head the other way into the Kitchen. Inspect the vent there. You cannow reach the next room. Chest (Capsule) Leave that room and continue down the hall. Talk to the fat guy he

will let you pass the other will give you a key. Now you have access to theoutside door. Remember the one that had the note on it by the hold. Head outthat door and, past the gun ports. Then head to the side of the ship. Ignore thefat Pirate he just gives you crappy liquor. It saps your HP. Work your way downthe side of the ship. Continue along the side of the ship head up and backinside. Here you will find Pip (from Luccia's Lab) It's hiding near the cannonschase it around you will soon corner it. Pip will then join.

  Head up the set path back out to the side of the ship. There will be a savepoint. Head to the upper deck. Here you will see pirates fighting the ghouls. HelpFargo out. As you approach, he defeats the un-dead. He then asks you to helpsteer the ship. As you do you are attacked by 5 Dead Beats that merge into aDead Head.

Boss BattleDead Head

MaleBlack Innate

Page 18: Chrono Cross

  Attack and heal, slap it with white Elements, It has about 2000HP. You get a star and a Hell Soul Element.

  Fargo mentions that before Serge sets off for Mont Pyre that he should visit the Water Dragon. The scenefades out and your back on your boat. Return to the SS Invincible. In addition, look around (Do Not need to buthey! you can pilfer) Talk to the pirate on the main deck near the stairwell to leave. Head southwest to waterDragon Isle.

Foes in this area


Black Innate

Dead BeatMaleBlackInnate


Black Innate

SIDE TRIP Water Dragon Isle [Another]

  As you enter, there will be this guy. He will mention some frivolousinfo. Head to your right there are some chests here collect if you wish.Chests (Iron) Head up the center of this area. As you reach the topturn right there will be a man there he will gladly give you Sturdy Ribs(item) Skelly part. Continue up the path to the next area. Here thereare a bunch of Fairies talk to them and collect a chest (Iron) Return tothe lower area and finish off the chests. Since you can't do much elsehere. Time to leave this Island.

Foes in this areaScorpiod

MaleBlue Innate

SIDE TRIP Guldove [Another]

  Head over to Korcha's house and go to the lowest level. Here Mel standsawaiting you. Talk to her and she will join. You may want to visit the Elementshop or the smith here. When you are done leave Guldove. Its time to returnHome to Arni in the HOME dimension.

Aruni [Home]

  When you arrive via Opassa Beach, head to the docks at Arni. Talk to the old man there.He will take you to Water Dragon Isle for a fee. (100g) You will be fighting a lot of  yellowinanities here so equip the appropriate elements, Green.

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I Donna Wan't to Burn My Feet, The Mini Quest to Find the Water Dragon!Water Dragon Isle [Home]

  Equip Razzly if you want some sub-plot. It is quite different herethan Another's isle. The dry ditch is a pond here. Hop onto the liliesto get to the other areas. To the left and right are some chests. Irecommend getting the one on the right. It contains Ice BlastElement. The one to the left can be fetched on the way out. There isa save point at the other end of the pond. I recommend a savedgame! Head up after your done.

  In the Next screen those stupid, potty mouth Dwarfs are back theyhave accosted the fairies and killed most. GET THEM. Clear thedwarfs they give up some good yellow elements. After you havecleared them talk to the remaining fairies. Then follow the DwarfChief up and in the cave. He assaults you with 6 of his men. Defeatthem and get a Star, 2 ElectroJolt, and 3 Electrobolt Elements. The buggers run onceagain. Chase after. Don’t bother clearing the Dwarfs here Unless you want yellowelements or EXP points. (They regenerate) Head to the back of the upper cave and outthe passage there is a chest here (Magic Ring item) After that, follow those cowards downto the falls. Get the dwarfs near the save point and of course save your game! Work yourway down and approach the Chief Dwarf. He will attack once again, but this time bringsmore than Dwarfs to the fray.

Boss BattleHi-Ho Tank

MaleYellow Innate


Yellow innate

  Get the dwarfs on either side of the tank first. They can heal it in excess of100HP each, so get rid of them first. Then just heal and attack. Make sure to keepyou HP up. The tank has a cannon attack that really hurts. When you defeat it thelittle buggers come running out the back, and pop you have another Star, 2Upheavals, and an Iron.. Since you followed my walkthrough the Dwarf situationis sugar coated. Razzly tells the Dwarfs that the Hydra had a baby and that thatforest still lives. The dwarfs leave....

  To the right is Razzly's sister Rosetta. Razzly will bolt to stay with her Sis fornow. Jeez and with my Elements! Head into the next room on the right andconfront the blue dragon. It knows your intentions and gives you ICE BREATH

(item) and your first Summons Frog Prince (you must fill the field effect withblue before it can be used) Afterwards the Fairies blame you for theirvictimization and try to get Razzly to leave you. She does not want to. HerSister Rosetta gives her Wisp Cape (an armor item) the scene fades out,and you are returned to the pond area. Head down and to the left for thechest before leaving (Aqua Ball). Talk to the Old man to leave. Time tohead back to Another. Hike it back to Opassa Beach warp to Another andget on the boat head for the far east of the mainland.

Foes in this area

Page 20: Chrono Cross


Yellow Innate


Yellow Innate

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 6

On into the Depths of Hell, Serge's Nightmare Becomes RealityMount Pyre Pyer shore [Another]

  Before you head into the mountain, you may want to equip a blue innate. Thereare many Red Inanities there. Do not forget the Summons and lots of blueElements. Enter Mount Pyre. Use the Ice breath on the lava it freezes it. Most ofthe chests here contain tablets so it’s not really worth fussing over with themonsters for them, just head straight up. You will encounter Solt and PepporAgain.... Smack these dolts for the third time. Use a straw and some soda toblock their shakers...sorry. They mention Capture Elements...

Foes againSolt n Peppor

MalesYellow Innates

  Do as last time just attack and heal. The latter not being a major concern. You receive Iron Vest and IronMail. Continue up in the next screen there is a chest to the left it has a trap Inferno but is it worth it? (You willbe stuck battling a Lava Boy) Work your way up to the top there will be a save point for you. Save the game!Ahead lie two battles and very tough ones too. When you are ready, enter the next room. A large lizard willhowl at you and Mini Dragon will approach you and want a fight.

Boss BattleMini DragonFire Dragon

MaleRed Innate

  Do not let his size fool you and keep the field from reaching all red Keep your Hp above 125. After you beathim down a bit try to get Kid to steal from him (Magic Ring). You will get a Star and Weaken Element. The RedDragon is impressed with you. Advance to the top and meet another battle! NOTE game may hang here.

Boss BattleThe Devas


Green Innate


Blue Innate


Yellow innate

  Take out either Zoah or Marcy first, both have annoying attacks. Zoah hits pretty hard. A Star, Silver Earring,Gold Earring, and an Iron Vest are your prizes. Harle appears after the battle is over.

Foes in this areaLavaBoy

Male/FemaleRed Innate


Red Innate

Cat BurglarFemale/MaleRed innate

Page 21: Chrono Cross

Fort Dragonia [Another]

  A FMV will play as it fades out you are on the World Map next to FortDragonia. Save your game before you enter. Approach the central column.Go past it and down the corridor. As you enter another Building with in youwill come across Four doors each has a crystal you need to deactivate toget things rolling. To your left is a save point use it regularly.

Passage Right Bottom

  Run over the bridge spanning this area and enter the room. There is a statue of a dragon here you can rotateit:

North: Brings you to nothing...but a red heal pyramid

East: Battle a few Mechs for: GravityBlow Element and Screw item

South: Leads to Four Chests: Trap Volcano Element, Flame Charm, Magma BurstElement, and Fire Pillar Element

West: This brings you to the switch for this area. Turn it off.

Return to the main room and save your game.....

Foes in this areaCybot

Female/MaleYellow Innate


Black Innate

Passage Right Top

  This room is a mess of staircases explore them all. Elements abound here...Short cut:Take the first left; go down the stairs, head right, Follow the path around anddown. The path will dead end into another path. Take the upper route and followit. Take the upper stairs and continue along the path. This will bring you to a bluebutton on the floor. It lowers a staircase shortcut, which leads out of the area.Once done continue up the path to the switch room. A huge Mech guards it.

Boss BattleTarusoid

MaleGreen Innate

Page 22: Chrono Cross

  Use the Tornado trap you found in this area on him. It will protect you from its attack whenhe uses it and you get a tornado element too. Heal and attack. You receive a star andcarapace. Turn off the gem and return to the main room save your game ant head to the nextarea.

Foes in this areaPaper Boy

FemaleYellow Innate


Black Innate


Yellow innate

Passage Left Top

  This room you will find paired chests when opened in certain was rotates a bridge todifferent areas. Go to the right dispatch the Googhoul and open the lower chest, the platform will move to you. Head to the other side and switch the chests (open the lower oneclose the upper one. Head to the left and do the same. The path should roll up behind yourun to the left across it. This will bring you to the entrance another blue button (press it)and Enter the room. A Giant Gloop will attack you. Spank it for a star and an AquaBallElement

Boss BattleGaint Gloop

MaleBlue Innate

Room to the right:

  Has a chest with Sea Charm to get there from the first chests open the lest one head up the bridge to thenext chests close them all run along the side and have the upper chest open only then just follow the pathreturn.Room to the left (waste of time)  On your way back close the chests on you left head to the right and open the top most chest only(SKIP THISITS A WASTE OF TIME). The path should connect behind you. Just head along the path and a Dragoon willattack you. There is nothing more in this room . Return, Save, and head to the next and final room.

Foes in this areaGooghoul

FemaleYellow Innate


Red Innate

Page 23: Chrono Cross

Passage Left Bottom

  As you enter this room, it appears as a maze. Just head tothe left Dispatch the Annoying Googhoul. Work your way tothe left. Enter the room and stand on the green feet this willmove the blocks around. (head, body, and tail) remember thisorder. Head out and hit the blue switch to lower the stairs onthe far Right. Head over to the blue thing on the floor justabove the room with the block mover. Stand on it. It will swapyour order. However, not always to the proper order the Select

button will help you out. Return to the roomwith the green switcher. Get it to be (body,tail, and head) you will get a chest accessCharm (item) (tail, head, and body) thisaccess another chest with Electrobolt.Return and get (tail, body, head) This willgive you access to the controls for the gem.Head to the center and turn it off this willraise a column in the center of the main

room. Return to the central room and save the game.The Collum

  Enter it to activate the fifth switch. As you approach you are attacked.Boss BattleSun Of A gun

MaleWhite Innate

  It has about 900HP. Don’t let it get the field all white, and hit it with black Elements.

  Deactivate the fifth gem. This will allow access to the elevator. Go upand you will recognize this area from the beginning of the game notmuch has changed. Just all the mechs are replaced with all variants ofDragoons. It may be worth seeking out the chests tough. Chests:Capsule Elements, MeterorShower Element, Daemon Charm, and AngelCharm. This time though unlike Serge's dream. When you reach thesixth switch, you have to fight a boss

Boss BattleBunjipMale

Red Innate/Black Innate

Page 24: Chrono Cross

  After a few Hp are doused from it. It pukes this eye thing out and goesfrom a Red Innate to a Black Innate. It uses some nasty BlackElements like FreeFall. A Star and a Gravatonne are your prizes.

  Turn off the last gem and teleport up to the upper platform. Head tothe doors and Serge will FMV again. You enter the room to find whoelse but Lynx and Viper...The latter attacks

Boss BattleViperMale

Yellow Innate

  He is a joke after what the team has been through. Zap him and get a Star and a Dragon Gauntlet. Lynxdissatisfied with Viper stabs him in the back.

Boss BattleLynxMale

Black Innate

  This time he is nasty. You can pilfer a Pendragon Sigil B off him. Heal and hit him withwhite before he locks white elements and keep the field from filling with black. Try yoursummons (if you have a blue party member) Lynx follows an Element attack with aphysical one so a blue field to summon shouldn’t be too hard. About 2300HP Defeathim and get a Star and another Pendragon Sigil B.

  Lynx continues his attack verbally. A few FMVs run and Serge passes out. He gets upand comforts Kid that he's OK. Now you have control of Lynx...? Serge suddenlybecomes very volatile

BattleSerge's body and Friends[Who ever you had in your party]

  Let them beat you for a quick battle. I have tried in Newgame+ and each has over 3000 hp. They all can be killed butit will be near impossible your first time through. If you defeatthem Lynx/Serge approaches Kid and she manages to getup and gash Lynx in the gut. Then the story goes on.

   After your defeat, Evil Serge tells her to finish off Lynx. Kidshys away from the brutality, and Serge’s change in attitude.He takes her dagger and mentions revenge for Lucca,OPS!Kid begins to question Serge... He stabs her for it. FMV time.It is learned (I think we guessed it earlier) that Serge andLynx have switched bodies. Lynx/Serge passes out. EvilSerge readies the final blow to Kid and changes his mind. Heraises Lynx/Serge and everything begins to wobble an FMVof KID runs. Serge is dreaming again...

Page 25: Chrono Cross

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 7

Who is Who??, And Where the Hell Am I??

  Lynx/Serge awakens to find himself in some crayon world. Run up thetree and work your way up the hill going into the caves. Push thebolder down when you reach the top. Go to where it fell and push it again. It knocks the blockage out of the way. Run around the tree tofetch the chest. (Revive Element) Now head to the branch that hadsthe fruit on it. This will knock one down and a creature will come out tofetch it. Run for the house while the door is open. Warning She’s fast!

  Sprigg is shocked to find you in her houseand invites Lynx/Serge to take a nap. Whenyou awake head down the ladder to the savepoint. And save the game! As you leave thehouse Sprigg decides to join up. You willnotice all of your weapons and armor thatother party members had equipped is gone.Sucks but oh well...Head back to the top of the hill. Here you meet up with Harleagain. She wants you to follow. She believes that even if Serge is in Lynx's body he isLynx. Question "am I Lynx" or she will blab until the end... Harle will change into alikeness of Serge and walk out. Follow through the same door just at a different level.Example she goes left you go left.

  She will be disappointed if you don’t foul up. Harle will join. Equip yourselves andfool around here. Get the chests. The switch at the upper level changes the directions the paths lead to. Flickit, then return and work your way down to the bottom. Chests (Mythril X2 Pendragon Sigil C). Then head downand into the hole everything wobbles and you will be returned to the Hydra Marsh (Home).

Foes in this areaTotal Chaos

FemaleBlack Innate

  Leave the marsh and try the Astral Amulet at Opassa Beach (this must be done in order to set up Arni) Sergenot being Serge it does not work. Leave Opassa and head for Arni. Yes go whine to your Mommy...

Arni, Mom I'm Home!

  Go in and see your mommy.... She tells some history then Radius comes in(people were complaining) He challenges Lynx/Serge

Boss BattleRadiusMale

Green Innate

  Smack him hard for the slap he gave you in the beginning of the game. You get a star and a Heal Element.He will join afterwards. He will mention Termina. Head that way, but first you need to get past Fossil Valley.

Page 26: Chrono Cross

Fossil Valley [Home]

  When you arrive you, scare the Porre soldiers off. Continue like before. Get the chests and leave. Lookbehind the skull to find a window setting Red?

Foes in this areaDrongo

MaleGreen Innate


White Innate

Mama DingoFemale

Red Innate

Terminia [Home]

  Head for Termina. Once there, head to the Smithy's he will join up. He will also give you theSmith Spirit. This allows you to call a smith at any time you are near a save point, or on theworld map. Notice the house out back looks like crap...your next visit is there. Talk to Van He willjoin. Afterwards visit the element shop "Lisa's" She has some new toys. Leave and head over toVipers Manor, or what’s left of it...

Manor Ruins [Home]

  Enter you'll see that the manor looks like a dump pass it up and head for the well below.Enter. Head past the Porre guards and to the rock ledgehere you see some kid and a zombie (wraith) kill it to savethe kid's dad. As appreciation, he gives Lynx a Mushroom(item).

  Now return to the top area and head up into the sewersystem...Not much to do here but collect the chest (MythrilHelmet) and head up the ladder in the upper left corner.Head into the prison the only door you can pass through isthe one the guards are infont of enter.... You will meetNorris. He will join you...and you get a boat! Head forTermina! You automatically show up in Termina. Head tothe docks. Yeah right the battleship, NO the little one to theleft is yours... Ok you can leave or do a side trip.

SIDE TRIP Shadow Forrest [Home]

  Head to the forest just east of the Manor. The foes here are weak and annoying watchthe monkey things they jump on you. Work your way to the left. When you reach thethird screen head to the lower right. There is a cave here under the waterfall. Attemptto open the chest the bald guy will yell at you. Talk to him he will see your mushroom,give it to him. He turns into some goofy mushroom man. FunGuy?? I guess...He is ayellow innate Oh the chest contained Forrest Charm. Leave and head to the boat andmake a trip to the El Nido Triangle.

Foes in this area

Page 27: Chrono Cross

CuscusFemale/ MaleGreen Innate


Green Innate

El Nido Triangle [Home]

  Just pull you boat over it, and hit the action button. Then drive overthe discoloration and go down! The creatures here suck, and are avery annoying. Just head right, and follow the path down. When youreach the lower level head to the right and down. There will be a chestwith a Star Fragment. Leave for Sky Dragon Isle.

Foes in this areaSchool Mates

MaleBlue Innate

PuffyMale/ femaleYellow innate

Sky Dragon Isle [Home]

  Follow the path up. You can talk to the people here. Head up the stairs and confront the Alien.Boss Battle


White Innate

  This one will be tough he has about 3000HP Keep your Hp above 120Hpattack and heal... He gives up a MagNegate Element. After the battle chase thelittle bugger and catch him. He will join up. Leave the Isle.

Marbule [Home]

  When you get here, all you find are ghosts that you cannot touch. (Lagoonites) Talk to the guys there. Bugthem a bit and you will be able to ask "The Great Explorer Toma" questions.... Do so.

  Afterwards enter the cave near the entrance. Get lazy...spend the night here. In the middle of the night, youhear something check it out. Head over to the bridge, There a woman stands she jumps in the water as youapproach. Toma comes and talks to you. The next morning you awaken refreshed. Time to leave as you dothe Mermaid confronts you and says something about going with. Then she swims off.

Page 28: Chrono Cross

S.S. Zelbess [Home]

  Head north you will see two ships next to each other board them. Go up and head below decks. Head straightdown the hall to the captain’s room. Enter and you will see the Mermaid (Irenes) talking with him. Nikki andMarcy are mentioned. So is Luccia. Leave and head to the stage room. Head down the ladder and go right tothe first door.

  Watch the Sneff Family show. An Orthodontists nightmare walks on stage. Helevitates a woman then turns a guy into a cat. Head Right to the last door on thiswing. (Not the one the pirate is guarding) As you enter this room you areaffronted by what looks like the old man from the Another Marble (assuming youwent there) He wants you to let him pass. Take either choice. Now that you set,things in motion leave. The pirate tells the team that he was the leader ofMarble. The pirate will let you through if you get the captains permission. Headto the far left to the Inn and save your game? If not head back up to the captain'sroom.

  Talk to Fargo he lights up a cancer stick and offers agame of roulette. If you win you get permission to enter.(Ok yes there is a cheat to avoid losing but you cannot useit here.) So, lose to him. Head down to the casino (its belowhis room. You see Sneff lose in the casino. (Cheat: Whenits your turn pause the game if the pointer is between S andW press X then un-pause the game and you'll get North.Which is the highest score) You will lose soon enough and

the boat goes bye bye... Head back down to the Inn below decks. You will notice the blueguy is heading down the stairs. A cat tries to go up but he yells at it. The group discussesit between them selves.

  Now return to the stage, watch the show, and volunteer for the act.When he turns you into cats run out of the room before he canchange you back. Head straight up the ladder and to the kitchen.You will see a cat go in through the hole. Open thew chest to getFrying Pan Ag47. Talk to the cat in the Kitchen, and get Monster Mouth frame. Now returnto the lower level, go to the INN sneak up the ladder, and watch the blue guy muck withthe Roulette machine. Take the crank and return to the stage to be turned back. Headthrough the hole in the right wall of the stage room. Approach Sneff and get turned backto yourselves then head straight up to the Captain's room. You will see Nikki trying to getinto the Grand Slam too. Fargo won’t let him go. Challenge Fargo Again. This time showhim the crank when you get to the Casino. He lets you have access and then leaves. Youcan play a bit or head to the Grand Slam.

You now have access to the other side of that door. You see the Sage you are going tohave to play some games to get the Sage to sit still (back and forth back and forth) Onceyou catch up to him talk. Tell him you will use force. He will attack you.

Boss BattleSageMale

White Innate

  Hit him hard with Black elements. He can cast two elements in a row so watch out and keep you HP as highas you can. After his defeat, you get a Star and a Mythril Helmet. He will also give you the Fiddler Crab. Nikkishows up to harass the Sage.

Page 29: Chrono Cross

Grand Slam

  Nikki wants you to visit him on his boat, but since you worked so hardto get to this Grand Slam thing head down. This is where Sprigg ishandy. As she fights and defeats monsters, the longer the list ofcreatures she can morph into. In addition, the more monsters you canuse here. A strategy: You get three monsters per round. Pick a strong,a medium, and a weak monster. The weak one is sacrificial fodder.The medium one helps out and the strong one does the killing.Remember use the weaker groups first with plans for the stronger oneslater. As each round gets tougher. The second Battle is the hardest.

  Head around to the back of the room and join in. To get better monsters equip Sprig and go whoop somemonster butt. Then return and you should have some better choices. Note SHE must defeat the monster! Donot Dopplegang it must be an Element or physical attack.

Round one: Stamina BeltTaramnatorBeebaGloop

  Belt theTaramnator! It has some nasty attacks if it charges and hits one of thebigger creatures. Run and start over until its initial Charge skill is used on thesmallest HP character. After it dies kill the Beeba then the Gloop (the Gloopdoesn’t attack until it’s the only one left...) so you can go after it instead. TheBeeba is sort of weak but takes a while to dispatch.

Round Two: Resistance BeltGobledygookSpear FisherCybot

This is the hardest of the battles. Get the Spear Fisher it should fall quite easily(its attacks are nasty). The Cybot is next just keep pummeling it. Occasionally ituses an Element that hurts. Once it dies, the Gobbledygook is soon dealt with.

Round Three: Dreamers ScarfAir frameCassowaryCuccus

Kill the AirFrame first. It has some hard moves. The Cassowary is next. And theCuscus last.

  Janice whines of her loss and joins up. Now head to the top of the boat. On your way out don't forget to stopby to visit Sneff. He's in the casino. He talks to you then leaves. Head down to the room next to the stage. Youwill meet up with him there. He will join up.

  Climb up the ladder and go to Nikki's ship. Nikki has a plan to help Marbule, and wants you to help withdestroying the monsters there while he performs the act. Afterwards Irenes joins up. Leave both boats foryours. Head out to the Dead Sea. It is the swirl if clouds to the east of the boats. Save the game while you’reon the World Map

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 8

Dead Sea [Home]

  The Sage gave you the Fiddler Crab it is time to use it.Approach the Dead Sea from the south side. You can just seesome waves emanating from the rocks. You can tell when youare in the right spot when the text appears for the Dead Sea.Activate the Fiddler Crab here. The ground shakes and thundersand a load of rocks fall away to reveal a cave. Enter it.

Page 30: Chrono Cross

Death's Door

  Here Radius meets you (if he is not in your party). There is a save point behind you, soyou can save if you wish. Head up the passage. The EVIL Masamune is blocking your path.Radius speaks of a sword the Einlanzer. He continues on about the need to go to a hut foran item he has. Leave the cavern and head for Hermits Hideaway.

Hermit's Hideaway [Home]

  Meet Radius at Hermit's Hideaway. He will complain about your tardiness. Listen to his story. He then will getthe item he mentioned. You will receive the Gari Keepsake.

SIDE TRIP Water Dragon Isle [Home]

  Head across the pond and go right there is a cave behind the waterfall. And an Item (note my version of the game zipsthe name by so fast I can't read it)

Isle of the Damned [Home]

  Enter and go up the path. Head right and follow the path around clockwise tothe entrance. Note: the doors above and below the screen are blocked. Youmust attack the "flaming" WillO'Whisp. The tunnel will unblock its self after thebattle. Most foes here are red or black innates and, all the foes will chase you!If you leave the screen via any of the passages, you will pop up in some otherside of the same cavern.

  There are two mirrors here at the top of the screen. Go up then U-turn downthrough the ribs of some dead thing. You will pop out of the upper left side ofthe cavern. Head up to the mirror then use the "Garai Keepsake". You thenwill be allowed to pass through it. Attack the first "flaming whisp" to open thedoor (passage) to the left. Take the path to the left and down. The entranceglows yellow. NOTE you will see a suit of armor below you do not waste yourtime it does not do anything. Enter the passage but before you do make sure,Lynx/Serge is leading your party. You will see. Inside the passage you will seea plaque on the ground...Read it...It has the names of your party members onit. Radius appears lamenting about his past with the cursed sword Masamune"The holy sword that conquered darkness". We learn that under the spell ofthe evil sword Radius's dark ambitions surfaced. He killed Garai. Garai wantsa fight before he hands over the Einlanzer.

Boss BattleGaraiMale

White Innate

Page 31: Chrono Cross

  He's so, so, White innate and BIG. His physical attacks miss a lot but watch out for thoseElement attacks. Use Harle's Moonshine to protect your members. This guy will pick onthe weakest opponent. Usually the one with the most healing elements. Now who ever iscentral or leader is not hit as much. Till one of your group dies. Lynx/Serge's powerseems doubled 3rd level hit took 280hp. However, the other party member’s attacks areweakened. Go fig? Part of the strategy I suppose. After the battle, you receive theEinlanzer and a Star.

  Now return to the Dead Sea. Or, you could go on a rampage on those flaming whispsand get all the FirePillars you could want. I suggest you leave the way you came. By nowyou could buy all the FirePillers you could want. Leave and head for the Dead Sea andDeaths Door.

Foes in this areaAirFrame

FemaleBlack innate

WillO' Whisp (flaming)Male/FemaleRed Innate

Death's Door [Home]Highway Ruins

  As you enter save your game. Approach theMasamune and Radius will counter it with theEinlanzer you then can pass to the other side. Nowyou will see what looks to be save points they aremarkers for entrances. Head up the path to a chestthen back track to the first marker (entrance to atunnel). It looks like a network of roads (highwayruins) heh. Go up the stairs and admire thewrecked hover car, go further down and receive acapsule (oh wow) head up to the next screen. Atthe top, you will see this Thing. It looks like a MadMax car and the Terminator all mixed up in one.Love the oversized motorcycle engine. He has more mufflers than cylinders.

Boss BattleHighwayMan

MaleBlack Innate

  Watch for his exhaust move it messes up your hit %. Equip Panacea. Hit him with black and green, white andyellow are sure misses under 100hp. He misses Janice a lot. Butchered Harle, you may want to equip bettersidekicks. You get a Star for the effort. After the pollution head up to the tunnel and leave the highway. Headup (but where else) go down the left passage it dead ends with a chest containing AntiBlue. Another chest atthe end of the path has AntiYellow. Retrace your steps to the city you passed.

Page 32: Chrono Cross

City Ruins North

  Head to the right there is a chest(Resistance Belt). Then continue down andhead to the left. Climb the ladder and enterthe building. To your left beyond the boxes isEarring of Light (increases you hp duringbattle). Head to the display and investigatethe red switch. Norris will arrive and blab. Heshows off his intelligence. Or, at leastattempts to. Okay time for some cheapbeeping and shifting from one control boardto another... waiting... waiting... waiting....The future the city is from 2300A.D. Somemore info follows.

  Okay leave for now and head to the right to a dome like building. Inside you will findof all bloody things "kung-fu shoes!" (Improves Evade) watch out a ghost thing thatappears in the room after you open the chest. Head out. Follow the path down andto the left to get a chest with a Stamina Ring. Continue down and out of this area

Foes in This AreaGeosMale

Black Innate

Roboducky (oh jeez)Male

White Innate

GremlinMale/FemaleGreen Innate

Tower of Geddon, The Mall of the Future

  Collect chests if you wish then head for the Tower of Geddon. Save before youenter.... Head up the stairwell 2 flights and head right to the blue doorway.Ignore the duct it’s too slippery. Talk to the Geos follow him and collect a keyitem Station Pass (to get this you must press the square button) Return andhead up the side of the trains. Collect the chest and go through the gates. Thereis another chest to the right (Holy Light Element). Go through the doorway to theleft. Go down. When you enter there is a chest it has key item Medicalbook. Youwill notice books and other things are frozen in mid air. Head back down to theduct. Now you can slide down. Leave and head up the next level.

  Head to the right. You will see a ghost. Then when you go father in you hear agiggle. A thing appears then heads to the girlish ghost. Everyone feignsignorance of the ghost except Lynx/Serge. Head up the first path up the otherleads to a chest (Feather, like you need any more). Go up and around themachine in the middle. To the right is achest it contains Heal All Element.Return to the top and head left. Anotherchest it contains Cure Plus. Head up tothe green bits (a stage). Get the PropSword.

  Go to the left you will see a thing runacross the gantry. Head up the ladder tothe left and across the gantry to find achest it has a Seal All Element. The

other stairwell goes nowhere. There is a chest there containing Mythril (oh wow I have what 20?). Head backto the round bit where you saw that thing on the gantry go up and to the right. Ah the room of floating books....You will see bodies. Ah and our giggle again. Oh a child! It vanishes. You approach. Then you see a spinningthing! Oh the kid again, it goes into the disturbance. Should you follow? Do so or Harle will not shut up!

Page 33: Chrono Cross

Foes in this areaMannequeen

FemaleYellow Innate

They mimic your elements.

TragedienneFemale (duh!)

Red InnateThey introduce themselfs and their attacks and begin an elemental attack

emediately.One may even use Recover All on your team (go fig?)

Tower of Geddon, Time Crash Ground Zero!

  Maybe not, Harle still flaps! (Just shut up all ready!) Ooh a save it!When was the last time you saw one? But wait! What’s that thing to the right?ENTER THE ENTRON. Hp and status are restored. Oh but your still hungry...Okay now save!  Head to the center of the room and you see Three ghost kidscollect the chests you will get Hell Bound and Screwy Dress. No description ofwhat it does...but it seems to up your Magic Defense at the expense of yourregular Defense. Now chase those kids. Try to catch one, ops you go rightthrough them. Inspect the pillar one is sitting on. It reads "A.D. 1000 Nadia's bell,May our prayers for peace ring for eternity". The children throw insults to thewind. You meat Miguel Lenna's long lost father...Oh man I wish he would shutup! He keeps going on and on about missed futures, and wrong choices. Whatif, what if. Jeez. Oh here we go! Refuse his offer of nonexistence. This seems totick him off.

Boss BattleMiguelMale

White Innate

  You will always miss the third level attack. Just use thesecond level.  Watch out for AntiBlack. For starters, he doesmultiple attacks. Very hard, you need  to keep your Hp up.Stock a Revive Element on everyone! Equip as many Cureand Heal Elements as you can. Heal and slap him with HighElement attacks and physical attacks. The BIGGEST tip,defend on your last stamina point. He has one attack thatdoes 396 hp damage an instant kill. Avoid red elements theyseem to do less than a basic physical attack. After you defeathim, he begins to explain about what’s going on and otherspoilers.

  The area begins to shake and the building begins to breakup. It looks as if Serge's team is about to perish. Then suddenly the Sky Dragon swoops in to the rescue. Ohgreat thanks for the bloody help but what of our boat?!! Oh its here too...strange I thought we left it at themouth of Deaths Door...SAVE your game.

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 9

Page 34: Chrono Cross

Marbule [Home] and odds and ends [Another]

  Rest at Marbule I know someone died in that battle and others areweak so SLEEP! Head over to Opassa beach and teleport to"Another". As you leave Opassa, a boy runs up being chased by 3demon cats. Remember the ones from Vipers Manor. The teamthreatens them and they leave. Head to Arni and examine the cart inthe middle you get a Rainbow Shell.

Fossil Valley

  Head up to Termina you will have to pass through the mountain range again. When you do you, see one ofthose cats again. Get it. You're just passing through do not bother with the ladders etc. There is nothing therejust cut on through. Oh the monsters regenerate anytime you leave the screen, and the buggers chase you,and fast!

Foes in this areaShadow Cat

FemaleBlack innate


Red innate

Termina [Another]To Save the Damsel, Foes are Friends!

  Before you enter Termina place Zappa and Van in your team. If you have them if, not skip the parts that dealwith them. Head for the Goh house and speak with the other Van...his doppelganger and his father. His fathergives him a bigger piggy bank thus upping his attacks. Head for the Smithy and speak with the otherZappa...his doppelganger. Oh bother he wants a better hammer in order to forge Prism...Note his eye patch(its reversed).

  Visit the bar, the Tender will unlock the back door for you.... Here youmeet Guile. He explains that you seem familiar. God only knows whyhe's there and why the bar keep opened the back door for you, buthey. NOTE if you never had Guile in your party you will never see himhere (you must meet him very early in the game). Go to the left side ofthe woman you will pass through to another room. Zoah and Karshapproach you. Oh ~ wobble ~ wobble, flash back time... cannot takemany of those. It explains why the Bar Keep let you in.

   The former baddies want you to help save Lady Riddle. The PorreMilitary has her captive at the Manor. Karsh gives Lynx/Serge the Tearof Hate the shattered remains of the Dragon Tear. You can chose whoyou want to join. I chose Karsh. While you  are setting Karsh  or Zoahin your team change out the 3rd person for Norris. Head out ofTermina. As you approach the exit you run into Norris (Another), he

has a few words with guards and then Serge and Norris (home) he then leaves. Do the same.

Page 35: Chrono Cross

Viper ManorSave the Girl.....

  Go to Viper Manor. There the guards will let you through. You immediately see Riddle in her room beinginterrogated. After a heated discussion with the commanding officer and "Another" Norris, they haul her off.We are introduced to the lab designed Killing machine Grobyc. Head up to the elevator chair note the nastymech that replaced the yellow one, its called Guillot. Go up the elevator and continue to the pool on the rightwhere you got Neo Fio. She is there and scared. The guards will not leave. Head into General Viper’s officeand open the secret passage. Stand in front of the statue and turn it. Inside there is that table with it. Remember doing this earlier...just in case you forgot.

   Return to the main entry and go left through the gates to the second door. Norris will be there, talk to him.After some wind, he will give you the Prison Key, and directs you to the sewers.... The scene cuts to the galleya guard enters and rings a bell at Orcha he writhes in pain and becomes HELL ORCHA!!

   Now we return to the valiant heroes... Head down check out the rooms here for some story if you wish....Continue to the right head down to the lower basement and search near the light to the left. You will find theParlor Key.

  Head back up and continue right enter the other side and enter the third door. Jam the snake statue over tothe top to look like its partner. If the shield is placed on the armor, a door will open. Don’t enter to collect thechests the large black snakes puke poison on you.

  Now return to the area where you met Norris (Another). The room to the right is locked. Use the Parlor Key toget in. At the back, there is a chest it will give you a Daemon Charm. Return to the lower level and go into thesecond door (chef Orcha's kitchen). You may want to save first. The save point is behind the first door insidethe bunkrooms.

The Sewers, All for the Sake of Love for a Foe

  Inspect the grating in Orcha's kitchen. It is at the upper left. Go down. You willonly have one choice here. Get into the water. The flow is too strong to movefreely. You might be able to enter some rooms on an off chance, but don’tbother. The flow will bring you out to a familiar place. You were here in the homeworld head to the right and push the barrels into the water there are two chestshere. NOTE there is a ladder in the upper left to access the grating in the prisonarea. The barrels will make a bridge allowing you to get to the stairs located tothe left middle. Head up, and tighten the valve. This cuts down on the waterflow.

  Now head up that ladder in the prison area and return to Orcha's kitchen. Jumpdown the grate once more. The flow still pushes you but you can get to therooms with relative ease. Take the first right path. While here you see the blobnext to the chest...when you get Luccia back, take her here.

  Head back out to the water. Ignore the leftpassage it returns you to just outside Orcha'skitchen. Head down to the next passage to the

right. Go down the path and go up. Then head immediately to the left. Thispassage will dead end with yet another valve. Twist it and the block below moves.Back track to where you made the U-turn and go up and to the right. Yes ignorethe passage you just un-locked. You will see again another valve. Guess what?Tighten it.

  Now head back down and to the left. Get in,the sewage is fine. Follow the water to theright. At the end of the passage head up andfollow the passage. Continue past the small

Page 36: Chrono Cross

steps and collect a chest at the end of thepassage (bit of a waste just for Nimble). Headback and into the sewage via the smallstaircase. You will see a ladder. Go up andfiddle with that valve again. It moves theblockage. Head back down and follow the new

path, but before you can scale the mucky footholds. A large bug decides he ishungry.

Boss BattleRoachester (how creative....)

FemaleBlue Innate

Carries its young on its back.....use yellow on this roach

  When you defeat it, you get a Star and a KneePad. Head up the green footholds. You will have three roomsto chose from. Take the one to your right.

Foes in this areaSpearfisherMale/FemaleBlue Innate

Usually attacks first. Use yellow Elements on them.HP about 462

The Prison, Wake Sleeping Beauty!

  You will awaken sleeping beauty. A conversation between him and your party takes place.... After theconversation Fargo leaves via the prison key (not the best escape plan I have seen). Follow him and save yourgame. It is to the right. Enter the door next to you. You will find Lady Riddle some guards and Hell's CookOrcha. He is just a jolly ol Daemon

Boss BattleHell's Cook

MaleRed Innate

  He has good evade. Don't try level 3 physical attacks only, it just wastes energy. Keep your stamina up bydefending, and equip AntiRed (innate blue). He gives up nothing! What a gyp, however you do get a Star.

  Afterwards he joins your party. The screen fades and everyone is in the main hall. Norris (Another) leaveswith Riddle. You cannot leave yet. Don't head to the left to save your game downstairs. You can't.  Guardskeep heading you off. Head up. You will be surrounded and attacked. Fend off the weaklings. Now thecommander has Grobyc attack you.

Boss BattleGrobyc

MaleBlack Innate

  His hard attacks can reach 150hp. Don’t use green Elements. Watch out for Hair Cutter about the second tofourth round he uses it. I had luck using blue and black Elements on him, and WATCH out for His combos over250hp a piece. You get a Star and Defender. The guards run and the commander gets the mech from thecorner. It ignores him at first. He has to kick it to get it going. It gets retribution by stepping on him.

Boss BattleGuillot

Male?? its a mech...Yellow Innate

Page 37: Chrono Cross

  You will miss a lot! Ugh use blue and green Elements (high level blue does most damage). You get Mythril.The bot gets up and wants more.... The team books for the library to escape it, but to no avail. It gives chaseand catches you at the top of the staircase. His defense is down from earlier but your Elements Hp hit is downtoo. Again, he gives Mythril.

   Push the button that lowers the ladder and go up because the mech WILL get back up. The ever presentKarsh " It won’t be able to get up here". Yea right. It then jumps on the chandelier and attempts to get at ourheroes. Suddenly Grobyc shows up, jumps the chandelier too, and cuts the line. They both go tumbling down.The crew jumps through the stained-glass window, only to fall into the stables.

  You will be given a choice to take the guards on or laugh. Chose the first. The old man decides to help. Hereleases the dragons and they trample the guards. Grobyc appears again and decides to join."Grobyc-only-takes-orders-from-one-who-is-stronger." Has to think before he speaks. You will be returned tothe map above Termina after this. Equip Grobyc he has almost 400hp! And high everything else. Save yourgame. Get on the boat and head  to Guldove.

Foes in this areaPorre PUT/ SGT

MaleWhite Innate

Gives up Aqua Ball (weak )Iceblast (SGT)Give them 2 Element attacks and they die.

SIDE TRIP Guldove [Another]These Porre Guys are Worse than Cancer!

  When you arrive you will see the bar keep in a fight with Porre solders. They are cowards the commandersnever want to fight. She gives him a swift kick in the Ahem! The sergeant sees Lynx/Serge and asks for helpthus leading you to fight the girl.

OrlhaFemale of course

Blue Innate

  Use yellow Elements on her and avoid white and black Element attacks. After you whoopher, she gives up Mythril. Grobyc tells the sergeant to get lost and that he will take care ofthe girl. He also says that Guldove is under Lynx's command.

  Later everyone is in the docs place talking. When Orlha realizes that Serge is not Lynx,she gives Lynx/Serge her Sapphire Brooch. She ups and leaves. Go see her in the bar.She will explain her sister, Tia. She kicks you out afterwards.

  Head up to the left most tent (Direa the Shaman). Give Direa the Tearof Hate. She will give you the Dragon emblem. Look at it in your menu. Looks likesomething doesn't it? Don't head out to the home world yet. Leave for now head over toHermits Hideaway.

Page 38: Chrono Cross

Hermits Hideaway

  When you arrive, head to just in front of the tree trunk. See the burnt spot on the ground? Investigate it. Thenuse Ice Breath on it. Then climb up the tree stump and go down. Radius stops you. They talk...notice the littlediva girl talks but is not there. She's in the room with Viper. Go there and talk with Riddle (she looks like ahippie Goth). She joins your party. She offers a bed. Take her offer and sleep.

  Then BOOM! I guess not. Jeez Karsh such language. Again Boom! some one yells out. The voice isfamiliar.... Kid? Lynx/Serge rushes out of the room, tree, hideout. Whatever he runs out into the open. Oh so itis Kid. She is after Lynx. I guess the knife in the gut did not convince her of what is happening. Ah someoneelse too. It is Evil Serge (Lynx). Oh Fargo! You're my hero. He swoops down riding Polly. Man Evil Serge washout that mouth. 

S.S. Invincible

  Fargo has taken the gang to his ship. Lynx/Serge walks away to the bow of the ship. Hespends some quiet time reminiscing about Kid. Awwwh is it love? Harle interrupts thismoment with her broken English.

  Head down below decks you will interrupt a duel between Fargo and Viper. Viper quicklychickens out by revealing your presence. General Viper joins...uh? Fargo felling left out doesso too. Along with Marcy and Zoah jeez why not the whole ship? Better than that raft youhave. Oh well.

  You set out to the "Sea of Eden"  It is the cloudy islands to thesouth. Head in, you will talk with Harle. She explains that thisarea is named the Pearly Gates. She explains the 6 dragons.

She will proffer 3 choices, pick the first. You will automatically return to the pirateship and sail off again.

  Later we see Harle on the pirate ship doing what Lynx/Serge was. Starkeyshows up and they talk. You then fade to the world map. NOTE: you can get PIPback on your team by going to the lowest part of the ship and going into the thirddoor to the right (the room where the save point was). Save your game whileyou are there. P.S. you lose Harle from your list. Never to be seen in your teamagain...

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 10

Page 39: Chrono Cross

Isle of the Damned, Karsh's Secret

  Head to Isle of the Damned. Make sure that Karsh is in your team. Head to the mirror wallthat you did in the home world. (Enter the lower cave. head up then U-turn under the ribcage and enter the left most mirror, using the Garai keepsake.) Remember things herechase you, and flying things don't follow paths. Head to the central passage by goinganti-clockwise around the room. Like before.

  When you enter you will see those buggers again the skinny and fat one (Peppor andSolt). Now Karsh watch the potty talk. They think that Karsh killed Dario. Flash back toyoung Karsh and Dario. Glen is off to the left. Riddle arrives with presents, Bellflowers.Flash-forward they are older. Dario and Riddle break the news toKarsh that they are getting married. It looks like Karsh had asecret crush on Riddle. The background fades and Karsh throwsthe Bellflower he has in his hand onto the floor in disgust. Thenext scene Karsh, Solt, Peppor, and Dario are at Isle of theDamned. Shaker brothers, I love it! They leave the shakerbrothers behind. Dario and Karsh see the Masamune then KarshKills Dario. Cut, Karsh is back in Termina looking over the waterwondering if the Masamune possessed him (sound familiar?).Glenn is over by the hut watching.

  We return to the present the ShakerBrothers attack. Both are yellow innates,as you should know by now.  Watch out for their hits 50~70Hp perpop. They use Thunda Storm (if you have a capture element use it)Hit them with anything it doesn’t seem to matter. They give upDendorite. Karsh receives Axiomatic, and Memento Pendant. Karshpromises to tell the truth some day. Now I have read that if youhave Home Karsh that it will be different I am not sure. Head to theMain island and to the Hydra Swamps.

Foes in this areaWillO' Whisp (flaming)

Male/FemaleRed Innate


Black Innate

Hydra Swamp

  Head to the left and up the fungus tree. There you will see two monsters (A Snob goblin and a Snib goblin)ganging up on a Bubba Beeba (looks like he has a blind fold on) you can decide to help or not. Help him. Theother guys say something like he is not one of us and attacks.

Foe EncounteredSnob GoblinMale/FemaleGreen Innate

Snib GoblinMale/FemaleGreen Innate

  They team up on attacks. They give up Carapace and AroSaucer. For thanks the Beeba gives you anAncientFruit, which the Beeba tribe has been growing for ages.... Save your game if you wish. (above you)Keep heading up and drop through the hole. A ghost of a Dwarf preaches woe to humankind. You are thenattacked by a huge bone hydra.

Semi BossOe-Hydrate

maleBlack innate

Page 40: Chrono Cross

  Kill it with the Holy Light Element. It gives a Free Fall Element. NO POWER UP. Sergereceives HydraShadow Skill its a white Element (It's for Steena). Get the chest wherethe dwarf appeared heal your sprains then head up and out. Jump down (its kinda hardto get working might be fixed on the final game). Leave the marsh

SIDE TRIP Termina, Skelly's Return

  By now you should have found all the parts to Skelly. In order to do this you need: Heavy Skull, Mixed Bones, AngryScapula, Sturdy Ribs, Good Backbone, Pelvic Bone. Head straight up and to the right. Enter the house and talk tothe old woman. A clock will chime and in comes Skelly. He and grandma get all slobbery. Let them be for now.Leave for the Home world.

World Map Ditching.....

  LOSE KARSH before you do any dragons. His attacks gain no more than 15hp of damage when others aredoing 90 and up (I have him equipped with the best axe available for this stage of the game) His elementalattacks are just as weak.

Earth Dragon Isle, [Home]Getting it Right

  Head straight up, you will notice that there is no hole like there is in Another. However, one of the men herementions quicksand. Head for the top of the screen the man above will warn of the quicksand. Ignore him andsink. You will fall down onto a platform. Go to the right collect the chest on the center column if you wish. Headtowards the sand geyser like before and get in. When you arrive at the surface the guy there says that he willhave a team remove the "stone" blocking the way...LEAVE.

Foes in this areaRock Roach

FemaleYellow Innate

Don't use Green ElementsI used Karshes 7th level and 1 hp damage!!


Yellow InnateIt dumps a bomb

(Equivalent to an extra foe)


Black Innate

Blue Dragon Isle [Home]Gifts Don't Make Friends

  Head for Blue dragon Isle. Go through to where the blue dragon was.Head straight up past the fairies continue up (the central hill) andaround past the falls and down. You will have to fight the crab thing topass. Then talk to the dragon he will fight you.

Boss Battle Blue Dragon

Page 41: Chrono Cross

Water DragonFemale

Blue Innate

  You will receive a Star, the Blue Relic, and a Summons (Blue Whale). Leave the way you came.Foes in this area


Blue innate


Blue Innate

The Return to the Earth Dragon Isle [Home]

  Head for the quick sand again, Drop down and continue either by heading left orright. Talk to the guy where the "blockage" was and he will give you a treat(explosive). Head into the room grab a chest then head down. Talk to the guywatching the Rock Roach. You must block the sand jets with the Rock Roachesin order to proceed. More progress at the expence of innocent animals.

Roach 1 Located to the right.Set explosives and pop off it goes

Roach 2 Located to the left.Fight it when it is near the ledge then inspect it and push it.

Roach 3 Located down below on the sand.Attack and push it.

  As soon as you block all of the jets a fourth will start. Enter it and it will take you to the upper level, head tothe next room. Oh how convenient they have a save point here. SAVE YOUR GAME. It does help to look upoccasionally. Enter Earth Dragon Love its eyes.

Boss Battle Yellow DragonEarth Dragon

FemaleYellow Innate of course

  The dragon just loves to pound Grobyc. The basic opposite colour trick works here.Equip green Elements.The Dragon dies quite well too. You receive the usual Star, YellowRelic, and Yellow Summons (ThundaSnake). Leave the island

Foes in this areaYellowBelly

FemaleYellow Innate

Rock RoachFemale

Yellow Innate


Yellow Innate


Black Innate

Page 42: Chrono Cross

SIDE TRIP Zelbess/Marble [Home]The Power of Music!, The Power of Love

  Head to the Zelbess and equip Another's Fargo. Take him to Home Fargo. He starts withthe name-calling. Then he takes over. Yelling commands over the in ship com. He thensmokes his cancer stick. Things happen. Nikki starts his concert.

  Afterwards Fargo releases Invincible Skill. Leave the boat and destroy all of thecreatures to free Marbule. Don’t forget to go into the cave at the top there are a fewbaddies up there. This allows you access to the Black Dragon in Another leave Marbule.Return to the Zelbess. Talk to Miki in the restaurant. It is the first door when you enter theships lower levels. She will join you.

Foes in this areaMantarrey

MaleBlue innate


Blue innate

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 1 Part 11

Hydra Marsh [Home]

  Head to the left and up the tree where you found the Beebas. A Beeba will stop you and attackSLAP him. He will give you Acient Fruit. They grow this stuff to feed to the Wingapeed.  Continueup the tree talk to the other Beeba and he will instruct you on how to call the Wingapeed. It willarrive and take you to Gaea's Navel.

Foe encounteredBeebaMale

Yellow Innate

Gaea's Navel [Home]

  Note where you are this is where you can call the Wingapeed. Soon after arriving acave girl will talk to you. Leah soon joins you temporarily. Leah is quite silly try herattacks, but before you do head up and get the chest from her "nest" you will recieve theGreen Broach.

  You can head either left or right here they both loop back. Avoid the little "Prehysteric"guys they cast status Elements causing your team to attack themselfs, very annoying.Also Avoid any chest in the trees its nothing but Dentaroite, and isnt worth the time of abattle. You will be doing a lot of climbing.....

  Kill all the moskito looking bugs and the faux dragon will appear. You must continuein one direction and not backtrack. If you mess up and it doesnt appear then head oneway and continue the loop. Afterwords there is a howl and Leah runs after it, you follow.The green dragon attacks.

Page 43: Chrono Cross

Boss Battle Green DragonGreen Dragon

MaleGreen Innate

  He will cast Green Field (keeps Summons from working) and bad breath (inflicts ailments). Youwill miss a lot. Equip anything to increase your hit% and avoid green status ailments. Watch out forCarnivore. Equip Trap Carnivore. I didnt (sucks) well it does up to 200hp cast an element everyturn to avoid major damage. At the end you get your Star,Genie Summons, and the Green Relic.Leah joins in full after the battle. Head to Another world via Opasa Beach.

Foes in this areaPterodact

MaleRed innate


Yellow Innate

Prey MantisFemale

Green Innate

Pyre Shore [Another]

  Head in. If you haven't already done this the Ice breath will freeze the lava. Go in head up thenright freeze the lava the monster is standing on and head down the lower path. Get the chest thengo up the tunnel. Keep heading up you'll see the stuck dragon you saw earlier and the little guy. Hewants another match. He says hell give you a pendant and his salamander. This upsets the big guy,and the battle begins.

Boss Battle Red DragonFire Dragon

MaleRed Innate

  Pummel him with yellow and blue Elements. He will attack yellow innates. After a bit of hacking he transforms into ahuge dragon, and continues his attack. This seems to be the hardest of the dragons so far. You will recieve a Star,Salamander Summons, and the Red relic. Head out. Save your Game

SIDE TRIP Termina [Another]

  Ok rember the skull guy??? Well if you tried to get him earlier like I did right after I got the last bone. He wanted sometime with grandma. Well go to Another's Termina and get is narrow bony tukus have fun.

Page 44: Chrono Cross

SIDE TRIP Fort Dragonia [Home]

  Another side trip to get Dragon Child (Draggy). Head home to Pyre Shore and enter. Pass throught Mount Pyre to FortDragonia and do all of the rooms like you did for the one in Another. Lower the elevator and go down instead of up. Putthe Big Egg on the middle "incubator" he will hatch and ask if you would be so kind as to take him to find His motherrrrrand fatherrrr. Say shurrrr. He will join you.

  Leave, or do what can go up and finish seting up the other rooms. Then when you  come back later. Youneed not bother with them..... hummm

Foe encounteredChamellion

FemaleBlue Innate

Stupid things put themselfs to sleep.

Marbule [Another]

  Off to kill the Black Dragon. Remove all Black innate charectors. Black elementstoo as these will be useless. White Elements may not be usable. Protect your partywith Panchea. You could try AnitBlack I doubt it will work. Note I have read that ifyou have Harle in your party the Black Dragon will give you the crest. It is said thatyou can steal a good item from him.... Head for Marbule and enter the last cave atthe top left.

Boss Battle Black DragonBlack Dragon

MaleBlack Innate

  He spews these on you, Dark Breath 130hp, Gravity bomb 144hp. He will cast Free Fall too. Use a capture Element onit. It is a Black L5 Element.  When you have defeated him you recive a Star, the Black Relic, and Grim Reaper Summons.Leave Marbule and save your game....

SIDE TRIP Sky Dragon Isle [Home]

  Head home and to Sky Dragon Isle and talk to the man on the top of the hill where Starky attacked. you'll recieve "ourfavorite martion frame"

SIDE TRIP Termina [Home]

Skullys L7 in home head to Termina and in the bar talk to the bar keep. She will offer to cook something for him. Heloves it and aquires his L7 Skill. [[Unconfirmed at this point in the game]]

SIDE TRIP Arni [Home]

Orcha's L7 Dinner Guest. Take Another's Orcha to Belcha's resturant in Arni. He will aquire his L7 Skill.SIDE TRIP Fossil Valley [Home]

  Take Draggy to  Fossil Valley and inspect the dragon bones. It turns out to be his mother. She gives him his L7 Skill BigBreath.

Page 45: Chrono Cross

SIDE TRIP Bend of Time [Home/Another]

  Check out the island that looks like it has a hole in the middle of it "The Bend of Time". Its justnorthwest of Marbule and just northeast of Water Dragon Isle. It lets you battle Monsters you mayhave missed.

  Good way of building your strenght ect ect. Its a bit hard to get the zones to work . You have toface just the right way and be centered just so...Its a great place to steal elements. Go to Marbulefor the traps...The Tragadines are the best to take from since they tell you what they have first.(Black Hole and Tornado are common. If you go at it you can get some extras like L5 Deluge.This is also a good place to use the Summoms to get Shiny materials. These are needed to forgethe Prism or Rainbow element.

Red Summons= Shiny EmberBlue Summons= Shiny Dew

Green Summons= Shiny LeafYellow Summons= Shiny SandWhite Summons= Shiny SaltBlack Summons= Shiny Soot

Sky Dragon Isle [Another]

  Head to Sky Dragon Isle In another (should already be there) Meet up with him and thank him for his help with abattle...

Boss Battle Sky DragonWhite Dragon/Sky Dragon

MaleWhite Innate

  He casts a whole lot of white spells yuk.... Heals are in the 500 range and hecasts elements that increase his Element hits. Bring a lot of DiminishElements at least 1 each. Equip nullafiying Elements....White Out andPanchea. Anti White may work too. After you put him down you recive aStar, Saints Summons, and as always the White Relic. To quote the dragonevermore "The Dead Sea has dissintergrated, the gates of time have beenopened."  And he flaps off.........

Guldove [Home]

  Now head to Guldove [Home] for another guest.... Go to the left most tent. The Shamen's tent. Show theguard the Dragon emblem. He then will let you in. Yes he is back in place if you did this earlier. Talk toSteena. She will join up. Now take her to Isle of The Damned and show her the grave there (Garai'sgrave) and she will recive her Level 7 Skill Direa's Shadow.

Page 46: Chrono Cross

Fort Dragonia [Home]Serge vs Lynx, who is who?

  Ok now head over to the Pyre shore in home. Remember I had you go here before?? Now we justbolt up to the top! To Fort Dragonia. Well that is if you set the rooms up before hand. When youenter the main room (the one that branches to all of the puzzles). Save your game. Since Evil Sergewill be in the lift.

   Now some of you who have read other faq's etc are asking what about Dario....well he's too muchfor you now...I tried 3 times he is just too much. Head up to battle Evil Serge/Lynx. He's tough tooand is a black innate...why? I have no idea. He will hit you with the heaviest Elemental attacks L6and up......Bring lots of group heals. The green Heal All Element works best.

Boss BattleLynx/Serge "Evil Serge"

Male duhBlack Innate why??? who knows but Square.

  He attacks in threes a total of 280hp to your weakest charater. Ferral cats (all) 346, 157, 185, Steenadead. I dont know white elementals just die around him no defence.....After you get him you get a Starand a Pendragon sigil A. Equip any High Element into the your new 8th slot (can use the Summons).

  Head up the lift to the teleporter. Open the doors to the upper room Serge/Lynxwill enter alone. Examine the pedistal where the Dragon Tear was, and the roomwill light up and tell the story of time and evolution. Then it speaks of Lavos thedestroyer of the Dinosaurs and the creator of Man. Serge then shrinks to

nothingness to be reborne as an infant then grows to hisnormal self, and quite nude I might say.

This is some of the best rendering I have seen for thehuman body, muscles etc. Serge emerges  from the roomfully clothed. Where he got the cloths is my guess.....buteveryone is suprised to see him. I'll miss the Lynxversion...and grobyc needs some english classes.

  Steena mentions the sides of love and hate and that theyare part of the same side. This force may be the legendaryChrono Cross. The Shrine that is said to give life to theChrono Cross is nothing but a cavern in the Divine DragonFalls. "The' Dragon tear' shattered, but transformed into the'Tear of Love'"

SIDE TRIP Hermit's Hideaway [Home]

  Go to Hermits Hideaway equipp Poshul. Rember when I had you use Ice breath on the burnt spot? Back when the Divasjoined......Well go to the same spot here. There will be this plant growing there.

Earlier you could not get it since it was impossable to do by human hands. Well we have a dog now....a Pink dog thattalks I say thats rather unusual....well Sergeipoo just can't do it. So reave it to me!. Well it comes up. Its name Turnip(Kabu) it speaks like a ancient knight (ho boy a turnip with regalia) Jeez. Quite a few of your team hang out here. Whennot in your active party. Turnip, Draggy, Leah, Starky,Razzly. Nothing more here for you leave....

Page 47: Chrono Cross

SIDE TRIP Sky Dragon Isle [Home]

Equip NeoFio and head fo the Sky Dragon Isle before leaving Home world. There is this octopus thing that is chasing aButterfly stop him and try talking to him a few times then head up the hill and talk to the old man on the plateau... headback down the steps and the thiing should have caught the butterfly bug him and he should let go then the butterflysshould thank you with NeoFio's L7 Skill BamBamBam.

SIDE TRIP Termina [Home]

  Now go to Termina and place Greco in your party and head to the shrine. Talk to the old man with the big white hat.Greco will recive his L7 Skill GraveDigger. From a long lost friend.

  Exchange Greco for Skelly then head to the bar and order some food. Unfortunetly Skellys favorite "Squid gut pasta" isin short supply .....Due to his carisma she feels sorry and tries to cook something up. He loves it even though he has notastebuds or gastrointestinal organs. It would just fall through his mouth and ribs to land on his hips and the floor, butanyway he will recieve or remember OnARoll L7 Skill. Apparently he was a fat bugger when he had skin.

SIDE TRIP Marbule [Home]

  Now place Zapa in your party and head to Marbul. Go into the frist door to the right and talk to the witch doctor. Do somore than once. He / She will give you a package for Irenes. WOW look at that element shop,,,,,Oh nothing but capturespels, oh well. Take a look around at the NEW marbule. Work your way to the top. Go into the first cave on the other sideof the bridge. here you'll find Irenes give her the package. She'll get L7 Skill Siren Song.

  Enter the cave that contained the Black Dragon and talk with everyone. The guy at the top left will sell you the MasterHammer. This will allow you to forge Spectral (Prism) weapons. Equip it and head off to Termina to visit the forge.

  First leave Marbule but dont get on the boat! Replace all human party members with non human members. Serge is ok.Now re-enter Marbule and talk to the blue guy by the sign you'll recive Full Revival Element.

SIDE TRIP Arni [Home]

  On your way to Another swap someone for Leena and take her to Arni. Have her talk to her Grandmother. The leftrearmost hut. She will recive L7 Skill Madien Faith.

SIDE TRIP Termina [Another]

  Now put Zappa into your party and head for the forge in another. Talk to Zappa in the forge...The two of them will forgea Rainbow Axe (you can't use it) But Zappa will learn the tecnique. Now you can forge Spectral (Prisim) toys. have funfinding some of the odd supplies. Visit the bend of time for the supplies.

  Equipp Korcha and look under the sheet that had the mermaid in it you'll see nothinginside. Now head to the right and around the shrine and talk to the mermaid in the water.Korcha will recive Bigcatch L7. On your way out visit the Viper churros man he willgive you leftovers and you will get a Rainbow shell.

SIDE TRIP Guldove [Another]

  Time for Orlha.....Lets visit Orlha. Remember her the one you fought with? She gave you a pendant. Well its time.....Talk to her she's in the bar. She will join.

SIDE TRIP Arni [Another]

  Equip Mojo and go into the hut where the guy gave you the shark tooth in Arni home then go to another and talk to thecats in this order: Lower left the cat Lasery. Then right Aurey. Then upper left Lickey. Mojo will blab a bit and learn hisL7 skill HoodooGuroo His name then will change to Mojoy (what the?? I'll take the japanese version over this.....)


Page 48: Chrono Cross

Dario Effect Forbidden Island [Home]~~Love Lost Hate Found, A Love Hate Relationship~~

  Dump all black Elements, dump all black innates too. He just heals himself after black attacksphysical or Elemental. Head to the small island in home world (see image) place Riddle in yourparty, or this wont work and head in. Talk with Dario, soon Karsh and Radius appear....Dario fruitsout and well you know....

Boss BattleDarioMale

Black/White Innate

  I hate this guy, AVOID all blue elements and yellow, he'll just use elements to heal andrevive nothing more....He attacks with Red or Black and seems to use Recover All withany black Element use.  DO NOT use SEAL ALL or AntiWhite or AntiBlack it wontwork. He is tough. equip tonnes of heal and status remove spells.  DO NOT ATTACKWITH HIGH LEVEL ELEMENTS it just brings out Conductarod which usually kills amember (from 350~650hp). From the looks of it you'll have to beat him down manualyand with L3 elements if that (all do only 60hp less than a strong hit).He will pick on one person then switch over time but never enough to use many groupheals. Carry only heal elements and the Summons. A blue Innate would work since thereare two blue Summons. A L5 and a L7 and stock Cure and Cure Plus Heals and All Healwork too. and all the Revive elements avalible. Use white summons. I couldnt do it after4 tries I just ran out of White elements. SHI-NE!!! (DIE)

  The Masamune is a part of 2 halfs. Masa and Mune. Serge's swallow turned into theMasterMune. The conversation that follows is a bit disturbing.... both Riddle and Karshtalk to this Dario like they knew him when he's from a diffrent dimention (Karsh andRiddle are from another Dario is from homeWorld) Magicly we are whisked away to

Viper Manor. Riddle the RPG goth recives her L7 SnakeFangs. Do I evenneed to say it??? SAVE YOUR GAME. All that and the MasterMune only upsattack by three points and ups the hit% by one.....I was lead to belive this thingwas it! Don't forget to return your party to your prefrences. GET rid of Riddleshe's prone to attacks.

SIDE TRIP Guldove [Home]

  Equip Orlha and go see Doc. He will let Orlha see her "other" sister. After her sis passes on Orlha recives Blue Broochand her L7 Skill SisterHood. Leave

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 2 Part 12

Page 49: Chrono Cross

A New Quest!, Where Shall We Blunder Now?Dead Sea [Home]

  The beginning the present and the end, What do? Take your hiney tothe Dead Sea and ENTER oh forboading~~. Inspect any one of theDistortions (light bits on the water). Then get closer...closer.... A newfate awaits you! Hah! Just go to disc 2 (finally!)

Dead Sea [Another]

  Ok now you are in another world but inside the Dead Sea oohhh pretty. Take alook around. There are three Islands labeled The Future (Lachesis), the Present(Clotho), The Past (Atropos). Visit them all in order or not. It does not mater.Each has a different color triangle (like the save points) inspect it. On the thirdisland a battle will take place...

Boss BattleVITA TRES

FemaleBlue Innate

  This one gets harder as you go. The attacks get stronger with each hit. Just heal andattack. I used Saints in it and it died...1300hp he he. Receive Diva Dress and a Star.There will be an earthquake as the area around you changes. Leave and you will noticethat the triangular water feature is gone in its place is a city. The Future Ruins.... Saveyour game. Enter the city. Time Fortress Chronopolis.

Time Fortress Chronopolis [Another]

  Look around. You will over hear some of the conversations the ghost likebeings are having. When you head down the main corridor, you face a hugemecha.

Boss BattlePolisPolice

MaleWhite Innate

Page 50: Chrono Cross

  Just hit it hard like other mecha. You'll receive a Star and PsyNegate Element.Afterwards go down the stairs and under the bridge area and get the chest (YellowBroach). Continue up the corridor. You will notice the door in front of you will not open.Head right, check the cabinet for a chest. Then at the bottom there is a hatch head downinto the sewer system (it seems any time there is water. It's used water).

  There is a switch towards the top. It extends a bridge tocover half the distance. No good. Head to the right of thescreen. There is a control panel activate it. Robo Sewerwash. That is why the water is so clean. Direct the robot tothe chest (White Brooch, Cure All). Take the robot to theother side to extend the other half of the bridge. However, if you dump him in thedeep you will have to start over. Oh by the way there is a current. When you’redone head up the ladder on the other side.

  Oh! Guess where you are. You are on the other side of thatlocked door. The desk in this room opens it. Now you don't have to go through the sewers toget to the lobby. In the next room, you will find a new foe, an elevator, and a couple ofdoorways. The elevator has 5 levels. B1~4 Your goal is Basement 1. Unfortunately, youcannot use the elevator.... Security level 2 only.

Foes in this areaGizmotoid

MaleRed Innate


White Innate

Areo GuardMale

Blue Innate

First Floor

  The area to the left looks like some kind of dock. There is a save pointhere. Equip Grobyc. Do the usual, save your game. Not much elsehere but a dark ghost (gives you a bit of story). The right side has astairwell that leads to floor 2 but floor 3 is locked get the chest(Forget-me-not-pot) that under the stairs. The foe here isn't like theothers it does not chase. The Areo Guard just follow set paths.

Second Floor

  Guess what? Go up the stairs! Enter the Second Level. Oh a laser door, just gothrough it. It releases an avoidable Meca. Ignore the door above. Head down. Goto the left and enter the room. Enjoy fiddling with the computers it changes themap. For a description talk to the dark ghosts. You learn that the entire El-NidoArchipelago was created by FATE.

  Head over to the other ghost talk to him repeatedly. There is a panel just to theright of him. It will release the Level 2 lock. Return to the hall where the laser doorwas and enter the locked door.

  Now is when you need him in the lead and investigate the coffinbox in this room. Grobyc receives L7 Strong Arm. There are Five lockers and alocked safe/door? What to do. Go back to the elevator and head up to L3. NoteB1 is still locked out.

Page 51: Chrono Cross

Foes in this areaGizmotoid

MaleRed Innate


White Innate

Areo GuardMale

Blue Innate

Third Floor

  The left room looks like a research lab. Towards the back is a door and some redswitches. The switches explain Lavos and mention events from Chrono Trigger. Inthe back room is a chest (Rainbow Shell). The right room there are a bunch of brainshere, along with imagery from what looks to be what their form. Talk to the ghostsand head back to the entrance. To the right is a door enter and fight a Combot and apair of other mechs for an Inferno and Hell Bound Elements. Not worth it I guess...

Foes in this areaGizmotoid

MaleRed Innate


White Innate

Areo GuardMale

Blue Innate


Red Innate

Fourth Floor

  Right room Ahh the ghosts mention Lucca, and her time theories. Letthem do their thing then head out to the right you can access the chest(contains Magnify Element) and a mecha you saw in the second floorstairs. The ghost here mentions that the chief went out for a walk.Head back up and go to the left room talk to the ghosts there. They willnot let you pass. Head back down to the FIRST floor and to the savepoint. Talk to the dark ghost on the dock, and save your game.

  Now head back up to the Fourth floor.Those ghosts guarding the left roomshould be gone. Enter the ObservationRoom, talk to the dark ghosts, and learnsome story line. To the left, battle the botfor the chest. These things cast the

hated berserk (Gunnergetya). Equip Ointment to avoid this. They use multipleL7 attacks. This is not an easy fight. You'll get 2 Inferno Elements.

  TIP attack them hard at the beginning use heavy spells don’t fool withsummons or combos. Just smack them. Chest contains CardKey. Now go to thecomputer above you and press the little button.... Some story ensues.

Page 52: Chrono Cross

Basement  Now that you have the Card key head down to the basement, but first you may wantto save on the way down. Oh a novel idea!   Ho lovely more of those bots....Ice Blastthe *$^# out of them. Security lock! Go to the controls to the left of the door. Serge willhave his DNA scanned...NOTE PROJECT KID Sign.... Serge is called the ChronoTrigger, and is allowed to ENTER~~

Project Kid

You will find Evil Serge and Kid the latter unconscious in the floor. Evil Serge blabs some connections toChrono Trigger are mentioned. He then attacks.

Boss BattleFateMale

Black Innate

  Bring Free Fall capture (keeps it from hitting you). It counts down from 5. It first usesFeeble. 4 &3: it uses black elements. 2: is Free Fall. 1: is heavy blow 2 times (sometimesan Element). 0: is Dark Beam which can do 400hp worth of damage at once so heal likecrazy never let the hp get below 300hp. Set up Saints Summons and smack it then set upanother Summons. Equip AnitBlack this will seal the Free Fall and Gravitonne, but not theSkill attacks. Never let the field stay black! This will hurt you. It gives up Magic Seal and aStar.

  Evil Serge Dies and Kid wakes up and approaches the globe. Harleappears and confronts her.... They argue a bit and Kid activates thedevice knocking Harle out. An FMV runs.... Kid reviles story and ties upsome lose ends. Another FMV rolls as Harle awakens. The Dragonsmerge into one mass. Then Harle flies off and kid does what she doesbest and passes out...

Dead Sea conquered, but what's this? a new Advasery!

  You reappear in the S.S. Invincible. Everyone talks about how they were used and what to do about it. Theymention Kid is still unconscious, and that she is at Radius's you will be returned to your boat. Save the game.

Page 53: Chrono Cross

Flames of the past , The hero of the future! Kid's memoriesHermits Hideaway [Another]

  Head to Hermits Hideaway and talk with Radius, and look in on Kid. Masa andMune discuss Kid and decide not to help until Doreen arrives (These are spiritsof the Sword). You are now sucked into the past.

  Talk to Gato (Chrono Trigger) and fight the Lava boy you'll receive Red Brooch.Look under the table there is a kid here. Enter the back door dispatch thebaddie. Inspect the debris you will find a kid there he gives you Nordstrom. Gothrough the back door and you will find a chest (Stardust Cape). Head up the leftstair rail and towards the back of the room. Here you will receive the Ice Gun.Mune Loses Power and one member disappears. Read the memos on the floor.

Circle = OSquare =D

Triangle = ACross = X

  Road is spelt R-circle-triangle-square. Apparently, this has something to do with themachine in the main room (where you appeared). However, I could not do anything with it.I have heard that Kid's 7th level is here but the L2, triangle, L2, triangle does not workeither.

  Go through the door below and get the chest it contains Diva Dress. Headup the other flight of stairs and out to the other balcony. There will be

another child. Again, he gives you Nordstrom. Return to the room and head towards the window.There is a panel you can remove. Do so and head down and bypass the debris on the first floor.You soon lose another member, Masa loses his energy. You are now alone. Look at thedrawings if you wish.

  Head up into the room to your left and use the Ice Gunon the flames. Head to the back door. You will see Kiddoing her unconscious thing again and Lynx by thewindow. He disappears and you fight with Kid to get herout of the house. The scene cuts and Serge and kid watch the houseburn. Serge comforts kid you can make some choices (not sure, if itmatters). Serge disappears leaving Kid alone in the dark crying. Wereturn to the present and Kid awakes and rejoins your party. Radiusmentions that Luccia is at Viper Manor and wants to see Kid. So,guess where you’re going. Equip Kid and head out...

Foe encounteredLava Boy

Male/FemaleRed Innate

Page 54: Chrono Cross

Viper Manor [Another]Papers From the Past, Sorrows and Family

  Go visit Luccia in her lower lab area. You'll have to head to the left for somereason the right gate won't open...Talk to Luccia and receive the letter fromLucca. Something falls out of the paper. Kid asks to be alone (what she cannotcry in front of friends?) She receives Rainbow shell.

  Ok there is quite a bit to do here some L7 Skills are here. Equip Zoah andNeoFio. Go left in the main entry, go to Zoah’s room, and open the chest withZoah in the lead and he will receive Toss&Spike L7 Skill. Head down where thepuzzle bit was (armory). Remember the chest you couldn't get because thesnakes would spew on you? Activate the switch the guard was standing in frontof this will turn the snakes off. You will find Vipers Venom and a Rainbow Shell.

  Now head up to the upper level of the mansion. Go to the save point and swapZoah for Turnip. Head up the stairs and approach the pond you got NeoFiofrom. The two will talk and Turnip jumps in and gets pickled. He turns red andlearns L7 Skill Vege Out.

  Return to the save point replace someone with Luccia and head for the sewers!Remember to have fully equipped characters you will be fighting! Head backdown the chair elevator. Go to the right (the bot is gone now). Head through push the columns in the recessesand a chest will rise. Open the chest from the back or side. Approaching it from the front is a trap. You get aletter from Peppor and Solt to Karsh OH wow! Well the note relates to a scenario that already happened! Ohwell. Let’s go to the basement area.

  Cut across from the snake area; enter the kitchen, then drop down the grating towards the back. When in thesewers head to the right and up remember the blob that did not attack near the chest, talk to it.... Luccia willreceive L7 Skill TestAmeba. Get out of the sewers. Leave...

Foe encounteredLantern Jaw

MaleRed Innate

WalkthroughChrono Cross Disc 2 Part 13

Opposites Attract!, Creation from Love and HateDivine Dragon Falls [Another]

  Head to the waterfall just above and to the right of Arni. Now returnyour party to your preference and head to the Divine Dragon Falls.Head on up and through the entrance. There are a few jerkys herepass them up and keep following the path.

  There will be two pedestals there. Place the Tear of Hate and theTear of Love on the pedestal. You will receive the CHRONO CROSS.Equip it and pay attention. Now leave. Note Serge is the only onecapable of equipping it.

Page 55: Chrono Cross

Gaea's Navel [Another]

  In Another you can call the Wingapeed to go to Another's Gaea's Navel. Not sure, what can be done here.Not much just a bunch of Dendorite...

The Sky is Your Goal, Find the ShipEl Nido Triangle [Another]

  Enter the Nido Triangle in Another. Take Starkey along and a red innate for the ride. Talk to the fishermen ifyou want. Head down.... Follow the path like you did to find the Star Fragment. When you reach the lowerlevel, you will see a UFO sitting on the out copping. An immense jellyfish guards it.

Boss BattleRoyal Jelly

MaleBlue Innate

  Before you attack equip you party with all Red Elements. Other color heals are ok.Attacks other than Red Elements heal this bugger. It gives up a Star and Resistance Belt.Approach the ship Starky will get excited and you will enter. He then scrounges theAnit-grav device from his ship.

  You soon find yourself in the dock of Chronopolis. Starky fiddles around and installs thedevice to the boat. Board your boat. A FMV shows your progress to the Terra Tower. Yousoon land. There is a save point nearby. SAVE YOUR GAME...

Foes in this areaPuffy

Male/ FemaleYellow Innate


Blue Innate

MantarrayMale/FemaleBlue Innate

Side SteppaMale

Blue Innate

Terra Tower [Another]

  Note all foes are listed at the bottom of the Terra Tower walkthrough. They all appear inthe same areas.

  You can come and leave here at will. You might want to load up on capture elements.These battles seem to be the only way to acquire L5 Summons, so use the appropriateelement trap when the Field Effect turns a solid color.The bosses here will only usesummons that are of the same color as themselfs. Head up to the entrance atop thetower. A large gem will suck you in and innate an attack.

Boss BattleTerratorFemale

Yellow InnateSummons Golem

Page 56: Chrono Cross

  You will find it hard to get this one to use its Summons or anything for that matter. I could not prompt thething, and I used no Elements other than heals. You will receive a Star and Yellow Field after its defeat.

  Continue your advance. When you enter the central area you'll see that its in pretty bad shape find your wayup to the top. There are pillars that can be knocked down to bridge gaps.... Head to the right for a Nordstromand left to continue. Ignore all the doors they're locked. Head straight down.

  Go down via the corral growths to the right. Enter the door to the left, again head downyou see the chest get it. Oops! Luckily you don’t plummet to your deaths, but catch onsome corral. Head to the left. A face embedded in the tower speaks to you. It goes onhow the dragons hate humans and the fact that Lavos was the creator of the human race,and how we are not of this world. Continue left and up.

  Continue your effort to the top. You will pass a doorway on the right. Enter and you'll seethe chest from earlier (your just on the other side). You will get Pack of Lies...these are forSneff. Up towards the top is another chest (Defender Plus). Head to the left door. This willbring you out to the lowest part of the central area. Work your way up getting all of thechests on the way.

  AVOID the stupid ghost things (Terra Terror). Note if one is in the group you battle kill itfirst! It pukes Ectoplasm and Cytoplasm. They can attack more than once with Skillelements. This drags out the battle. The Ectoplasm casts the EVER-ANNOYING berserk,so equip your Red Brooches!

Foes in this area


White Innate

Terra TerrorMale

White InnateWill puke out Ecto and Cyto


Red Innate


Blue Innate

  You will reenter the central column head to the right and knock down the pillars. These will allow you to passthrough the central path. Enter the doorway. Head up and to the left there is a chest contains HEAL PLUS.When you went to get the chest, you passed a RED gem approach it. You will battle Pyrator.

Boss BattlePyrotorFemale

Red InnateSummons Red Wolf

  The first thing you should do is cast Trap Red Wolf. It immediately casts a negate attack, so you will miss alot. This drags out the battle. Fool around a while and you can prompt it to Summon Red Wolf. It will do thisafter casting three Tablets in a row. A Star and Red Field is your prize for defeating it.

  The next area is platforms and ladders. Those pesky cupoids are here too.Head up to the top. Make sure to get all of the chests. One will contain SpectralGlove! The next room is made up of stairways. Keep your eyes peeled for achest to the upper right. Head out the left door. You will appear on the left bridgeleading to the Viper Manor! DIGG the motion blur.

   Enter the library and head up to the top. Drop the ladder and get the chest(Black Hole Element). Return to the lower level. Near the exit is the old man.You'll see the ghost children from Dinopolis. Talk to the old man he introduceshimself as Belthasar...(the sage of reason in Zeal from Chrono Trigger) Harle is

Page 57: Chrono Cross

reviled as the 7th dragon. The Kids explain thatthe Chrono Cross has the ability to draw on the sounds of the six coloredelements to produce a healing harmony. "It has the power to combine thesounds of the world into one melody".

  Head out and return to the caverns. You will notice the door to the bridge isgone, but one has opened in the center of the room. Head in. There will be sixlarge crystals. Each crystal chimes in a certain order. Pass over this bridge andyou will meet up with the Green gem.

Boss BattleAnemotor

FemaleGreen Innate

Sonya, Carnivore summons

  It casts three Info Scope Elements after your first two attacks.  It willalways cast in threes and fours. Kill the solid green field, by casting anElement right after if possible. It will cast Carnivore shortly after castingGreen Field. This gives you the opportunity to trap it. Tornado followsshortly. You receive a Star and Green Field.

  Teleport up the platform that the green Gem was on. Save your gamehere. Head to the left and avoid those pesky Cupoids. On the left pass,you will encounter another teleporter. You then will be facing a hulkingblack thing equip black trap Elements and remove Serge from the frontof the group, and ditch all white characters!

Boss BattleGravitorFemale

Black InnateSummons?

  He will cast  Hell Bound twice in a row on the same character. It seems to go after Serge no mater hisplacement. Carry all Revive and Full revival Elements you have. Spread them out within your team don’t giveall of anything to one character. I was not able to get this one to Summon anything. Just hit it hard with WhiteElements.

  Now for the beam on the other side. The right has gusts of wind that will blow you into the enemies. Equipyour White captures...And transport over.

Boss BattleLuxator

MaleWhite Innate

Summons Unicorn

  This one Summons Unicorn. It takes quite a bit to get Luxator to summon it. I had to defeat it 5 times before itcast it. After you defeat it, you will receive UltraNova and a Star.

Foes in this areaMyxomycete

MaleWhite Innate

Terra TerrorMale

White Innate


Red Innate


Blue Innate


White Innate


Yellow Innate

Terra Spire  Head Back to the central corridor you can now pass through the door... Equip your blue capture elements.Enter the room and inspect the bluish-white gem.

Boss Battle

Page 58: Chrono Cross


Blue InnateFrog prince Summon

  After the first round, he will cast Stats Elements. This gives a full fieldeffect, break the color chain. He will hit you with Deluge, which will give astatus effect (flu). It uses IceBlast and freezes members. This can end thegame! Try to use as many Red Summons in as you can. After its defeat, itgives a Star and Blue Field.

  Again yellow, red, green, black, white, bluethe individual lights chime a different note. ATransporter appears. Use it and you will besent to the top of the tower. Approach and thestone barrier will drop Does this area lookfamiliar?). Continue up the stairs. Approachthe floating object. You now face the mergeddragons. The Time Devourer.

Boss BattleTime Devourer

FemaleWhite Innate

  This thing morphs its innate and surrounding. Note it goes in thesame order as the Giant crystals, and the lights on the transporter.They are the Chrono Cross chimes. [White | Yellow | Red | Green |Blue | Black | Black | White] He expends harder and harder elementattacks as you go. The last two are the hardest. Attempt a Summons. Iwas unable to. I just pummeled him and healed. After you defeat himBalthasar reappears and reveals some story.... Soon after the TerraTower transforms into yet another shape.

SIDE TRIP El Nido Triangle [Another]

  Equip Starky and head down to the UFO again.... Have Starkey scrounge around his ship again. He will findL7 Skill StarStruck

SIDE TRIP Bend of Time

  Replenish your stars (38/49) sleep. Your Stars deplete with your usage of Summons. Togain Shiny materials head to the Island with the hole in it (The Bend of Time) and battlethe misc. monsters. You MUST use a Summons on them. Having the "all field" Elementsfrom the dragon battle help, you to do this. You just need monsters that have enough HPto withstand the pummeling to charge your Levels....

Red Summons= Shiny EmberBlue Summons= Shiny Dew

Green Summons= Shiny LeafYellow Summons= Shiny Sand

Page 59: Chrono Cross

White Summons= Shiny SaltBlack Summons= Shiny Soot

Begining of the end, We return to where this started!  Head to home world if not all ready there. On Opassa Beach, there will be those kids again. Talk to themindividually,  (Girl in white) They will explain about Schala and Lavos, and how Balthasar foresaw this occurring in 2300ad.  (Kid with pink hair) explains how Schala made a clone of herself before the dark half that was Lavos tookcontrol (that is all I will say!).  (Kid in blue) He explains Lynx and Harle. (Wazuki was Lynx) He fills in the blanks about how Serge wasable to escape Chronopolis when he was a child. You can approach them again but they wont release muchelse, Just a bit more story. When you feel up to it use the Time Egg on the purple spot near the kids.

Final Boss BattleTime Devourer

FemaleWhite Innate

  No it is not a typo. The Lavos/ Schala thing is called by the same name!OK try to attempt to effect the Chrono Cross to save Schala. Remember thesequence of the chimes and the fused dragon’s? Yellow, red, green, blue,black, white? Well you have to get the gems to appear in that order the onlyproblem is The Time Devourer. You have yourchance after its first 2 attacks (Omega green, andIceberg) there will be a space where you'll beable to get in 8 attacks in a row. (Get your levelmeters up and during that gap hit it with yourother team members. Have one cast Nordstromfor the party member with the lowest hp. ThenRevive all and then Serge with the Chrono Cross.Since the battle starts with the field red, yellow,red,  good luck. Oh, by the way this will kill TheDevourer of Time.

  YES!They lefttheJapaneseendingsongintact!

What are these scenes form a (Japanese)School, and live footage for? Well just,watch.




Walkthrough+Chrono Cross Disc 1 Part 14+

New Game+ Continue+

Page 60: Chrono Cross

  With New Game Plus. You will note all of your Summons and Items are gone. You will have a Relief Charm"No need to participate in battles when friends can fight for you!". Your hp will be at the same level as it waswhen you defeated the Time Devourer. You now have the Time Shifter. It allows you to change the speed ofthe game.

L2 will Fast-Forward the game, literally! R2 will slow it.  As soon as you finish the intro you will awaken like in the last time but you will receive the Time Egg.

Fetch My Puppy! Do as I Say! Yes, I Am the All Mighty Squid!Bend of Time [Another/Home]

  You can either play your way through the game untilyou can access the Bend of Time or use Continue+.Head to the Bend of Time. Skip all of the glowingdomes, and head for the door to the left. Enter theroom and this Octopus will have you circle the roomthen you will be attacked by these guys. Before youdo anything the Squid asks equip the Red Brooches,you have.

Extra Boss Battle

FleaRed Innate




  KILL the fat one first! (Ozzie) He keeps casting this stupid Max Defenseand you cannot hit anything! Then get Flea. She casts a spell thatcauses the much hated and very annoying Berserk. Then take out Slash.After much long battle, you get 100g Slasher, Dreamer's Sash, andOzzie Pants.

  Now the gitty Squid wants to play more games. Thenext thing is to lap as many times as what’s in hishead less than 20. This will piss you off since you canaccidentally go out side! Then its restart time! The # is

15. You get Dreamer's Sarong. COOL ITEM TO HAVE! It starts battleswith your Level at 8! Throw Ozzie's Pants out with the trash. You will beinflicted with three ailments. Afraid (green), Darkness drops your Hit%(black) and Dizzy drops your hit power (yellow).

Get all of your characters back!

  Head to the Hydra Marshes [Home] anytime after you get the Chronocross. Use the Astral Amulet near thedistortion (the one you returned in). When you arrive Sprigg is shocked to see you. She moans that herfavorite pickling jar is connected to the 'nasty' Hydra Marshes. She then cries herself to sleep. TheChronoCross acts up. Use it via your menu list (square) you then will have all of your saved characters back! Ifyou play the game through enough you can have everyone all 45 Characters!

Page 61: Chrono Cross

Earth Dragon Isle [Home]Criosphinx

  This scenario is here since fighting it during the normal game issuicide. If however you want to take a shot at him it appears just afteryou battle the six dragons.This thing is a mystery You have five attacksbefore it just pummels you nonstop with yellow Elements. There is acertain way of attacking this guy. You  need to avoid using high powerElements, and just hit him hard with Physical attacks. And don't forgetto equip Yellow Brooches to avoid the Sprains! To find this thing headto Another's Earth Dragon Isle. Enter and head through like you did forthe Earth Dragon. You will meet up with him.

Other Endings

  Hey! This reminds me of those read and chose your path books! (Whoa! this dates me!) Well now that youhave New Game+ and Continue+, you have access to the time warp that takes you to the Time Devourer. Somany possibilities open up. Here they are!

The two endings open to you in regular game

  1. Credits ending. Well the credits roll. With a cinema in the corner depicting, Kid in her quest to find Serge.You get this one if you defeat the Time Devourer without using the Chrono Cross.

  2. Save Schala ending. Well this is the path I showed you in my walkthrough. You must use the ChronoCross in order to save Schala. You get the credits along with extra FMVs one showing that Kid was the tellerof the story, and of her being standing at the beach. Apparently in the end, she found Serge....

Plus endings

  1. Neo-Marbule. Battle the Time Devourer as Lynx and before Harle leaves the group. It opens with Harleand Lynx/Serge living in Home's Marble. Everything is all so sweet. Yuck. The sage asks Lynx/Serge to beleader. Then Harle says she will be at his side always.

  2. Lynx reaches his goal. This can be done anytime after Harle leaves your party. You see Evil Serge andKid entering Chronopolis. Kid decides to wait. She feels that someone is following. Harle appears and battlesKid. All of the save points go black. It then cuts to Evil Serge completing his plan.

More to come as they are VERIFIED!Unconfirmed Endings

Page 62: Chrono Cross

1. Kid the ruler of the world! Pass the game in the beginning after you get Poshul. Ending begins with Serge living withLeena in Arni. Kid sees this and continues her vendetta against Lynx. She makes her wish and she becomes the maiden ofthe manor.

2. Goofy ending1 Pass the game right before you go to Fort Dragonia. Serge is working for Lisa's Element Shoppe. somefooling around with Leena Korcha and Kid. then it cuts to Solt and Peppor along with someone else in Fort Dragonia

3. Goofy ending2 Pass the game after Serge gets his body back. it shows Riddle, Dario, and Viper in the Manor with abunch of kids running around. It cuts to the bar in Termina where more characters are. Lynx still in serge's body arriveswith Kid and Harle for some Squid gut Pasta.

4. No humans. I have attempted this one there must be a set order of things to get this one. Finish the game before youget Serge's body back. There are no humans living in Arni and Harle places a flower on Serge's grave.

5. Programmers ending?? Pass the game right at the beginning using only Serge.

Guide: Dan UenoCG:

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More to come as they are VERIFIED!Unconfirmed Endings