Christopher Rausch | Master Motivators | Foothill High School

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Christopher Rausch, of Master Motivators, presented to Foothill High School. The subject matter centered around choices. Choices about drugs, violence, and life!


  • That Was ThenThis Is NOW
  • Discrimination Worked Station No Dentist/Doctor Wagon Food Resentful Dropout Stamps Abused Hungry ExhaustedDepressed Sister? Bad CrowdDumpsters Poor Mom 4 Dogs 18 Cats NOT A Struggle Mother Violence Angry SuicidalHomeless Threatened Alcohol Jealousy No Dad Freezing LonelyShop Nights Fear MomLifted Raped Drugs No Holidays Desperation
  • You are like the five peopleyou hang out with the most!
  • End Discrimination Work Hard New Teeth Dream Car Happiness Well Fed Masters Great Job Degree Healthy Whacky NOW!!! Thankful Mom Determined Good Providing FriendsHome Owner!!! Successful!Vacations 1 Dog Peaceful 5 Cats Positive Appreciative Karma PassionateMusic Married GivingHarley Warm LaughterDavidson Excited Understanding Celebrations Fun
  • Responding Vs.Reacting
  • Belief InspiresReality
  • Think With The End In Mind
  • EVERYTHING HappensFor A Reason!