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Choose the Best Supplement


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Choose the Best Supplement

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Supplements come in different forms.

Omega 3 supplements come in powder form, capsule form, or as an oil. There are also many different brands of omega 3 supplements to choose from.

These brands range in quality to the types of other ingredients in the supplement. It is helpful to know what the best supplement will be for you before going to purchase.

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Choose the best form for the supplement.

They will all deliver the omega 3 fatty acids so form is a matter of preference. The oil tends to be more “fishy” and the powders often contain other vitamins or minerals. Depending on the dose, capsules can be large, but most are enteric coated.

Enteric coated means the capsule will not dissolve until it reaches the intestine. This helps alleviate upset stomach or having a “fishy” taste in your mouth.

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Be wary of other ingredients.

Some supplements will have more than just omega 3 fatty acids. They may also have vitamins, minerals, herbs or other nutrients.

Always check the label to make sure you know exactly what is in the supplement to avoid taking anything you are unsure of.

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Check for purity testing.

The FDA regulates supplements, but not as strictly as drugs. It is important to check the supplement to ensure you can trust taking it.

You want to avoid anything that might be high in mercury or other environmental contaminants.

Most companies will put information on purity testing on their label. If you don’t find any information on this, you should consider another supplement.

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Studies have shown the brain is high in omega 3 fatty acids and omega 3 is important to cognitive function and memory.

Studies have also shown a link between omega 3 consumption and decreased inflammation in the body, decreased risk of heart disease and improvement in bipolar disorder.

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Tips: is a website that contains product information on many supplements.

If you are willing to spend some money to join the site, you can search different Omega 3 supplements to ensure the product in the bottle matches what the label states.

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