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1. www.sanjeevkapoor.comEggless ChocolateBrowniesByMasterchefSanjeevKapoor 2. ContentEggless Chocolate Brownies Description Ingredients Method Book Similar recipes with links 3. www.sanjeevkapoor.comAn eggless version of the classicalchocolate brownie.Cooking Time: 15-20 minutesServings: 4Preparation Time: 05-10 minutesCategory: Veg 4. www.sanjeevkapoor.comDark chocolate 100 gramsRefined flour (maida) 1 cupsBaking powder 2 teaspoonsWalnuts, peeled cupButter 130 gramsCastor sugar (caster sugar) 1 cupVanilla essence 1 teaspoonMilk cupOil for greasing 5. www.sanjeevkapoor.com1. Sift flour and baking powder and keep aside. Chop walnuts. Grease a round microwavedish and line it with butter paper. Combine chocolate and butter in a large microwave bowl andsoften, uncovered, on Microwave HIGH (100%) for one minute.2. Beat in sugar, vanilla essence and blend well. Add the sifted flour and nuts and mix well.Add milk to correct the consistency of the batter. Pour the mixture into a greased bowl. Placethe bowl on an upturned saucer and cook, uncovered, on Microwave HIGH (100%) for sevenminutes.3. Allow standing time of five minutes. Insert a skewer, if it comes out clean it is done. If not,cook, uncovered, on Microwave MEDIUM (60%) for two more minutes.4. Place on wire rack to cool. Cut into squares and serve with tea or coffee. 6. Sweets & Desserts Cakes & Bakes Any Time Temptations Fun Food for Fussy Kids Sweet Encounters 7. Eggless Glycerine Cake Eggless Chocolate Cake Eggless Peach Bavarois Eggless Tiramisu Creme Brulee - EgglessFollow uson