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A competition for apply to Master of Design Business (MBD) of Domus Academy in Italy.

Transcript of Chinese ideo

  • 1.
    • NOVA Designs Innovation of
  • Design Business

Chinese IDEO 01 creative by David YangMing/ 3F,No.14, Bin-Laung-Rd., Xin-Dien City, Taipei, Taiwan 23147 Tel: (H): 886-2-2911-5095 Mobile: +8862936201909Email:[email_address] 2. Blue Print

  • IDEO vs. NOVA
  • Innovation of Business Model: ??
  • Innovation of Process: ??
  • 5 Differentiation products Design Strategy
  • ifNOVA Design = Chinese IDEO = ??
  • glocalization= ??
  • Generic Competitive Strategies
  • Innovation of the platform: ??

02 3. 03 IDEO vs. NOVA History 1991 form CA, USA 1988 from Taipei,Taiwan Staff550 300 Global Territory 9 7 Type Global Consultancy Global Consultancy Core Value Art of Design thinking Design Systems Competitiveness Business world wide world wide Main Based USA China 4. 04 Innovation of Business Model: Design Hive D D D D Base on Sondrio, Italy Asia-China Market value The "Design Hive", lets Nova designers around the world test new ideas, challenge traditional Eastern or Western design thinking, and experiment and explore design concepts that don't fall under the scope of any existing design project. Through the "Design Hive", Nova remains at the cutting edge of design creativity and innovation. D D 5. 05 Innovation Of Process: Design Dragon design one stopoverall cost leadership 6. 06 differentiation 300 millionsMobiles 40 thousands Bus 100 millionscomputers 110,900 millions RMD Home Appliances 80 millionssports population NEW CHINA LIFE 5 Differentiation products Design Strategy 7. 07 east wind to wastmore than 4,600 years culture capitalmore than 1000 millions people market service to west glocalization=globalization+localization Focus 8. 08 Generic Competitive Strategies Post Production -CAID Modeling & Simulation -Clay Model -CAD Surface Smoothing -Mechanical Design -CAM -Color & Graphics -Rapid Prototyping -Vacuum Casting -Master Model, Shrinkage Model, Checking Fixture -Rapid tooling overall cost leadership Focus differentiation For New PeopleProduct Design - Transportation- homeAppliances - Sport - Computer - Mobile China-Asia- Taipei- Shanghai - Xiamen - QingDao HoChiMinh in China 9. NOVA Design = Chinese IDEO = Chinese Design 09 Local Design Company Worldwide Design Consultancy The Zen of Chinese Design Thinking Before Now Future 10. 10 Innovation of the platform: 2010~Future USA, Europe China, Taiwan, Asia . . . HeadHunter Business Training Workshop EventPublishing