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1. CHINA 2. Introduction:-LocationHistory 3. 1) China divided into 2 Parts: PRC RC2) Administrative Division 4. Population DistributionAs of July 2010, Population of China is1,338,612,968 people.71% 5. About China:-Worlds fastest growing Economy.Largest Exporter of goods.2nd largest importer of goods.Largest standing Army.2nd largest Defence Budget. 6. Religion:-China is a multi-religious country.Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity are the3 major religion. 7. Culture Of China:-FOOD 8. Festivals:-Chinese New YearLantern FestivalDragon Boat Festival 9. DressingDragonMartial Arts 10. Chinese Economy:- Chinese Stock Market Chinese Industries:-I. AutomotiveII. AviationIII.BankingIV.EnergyV. InsuranceVI.Telecom 11. BBeehhaavviioorr ooff CChhiinneesseeEndless crowds and rude, boorish behavior inthe streetsIndifferent Chinese Public servantsPoor working attitudeDirt behind the sceneUnchecked pollution in ChinaCheats and touts in China 12. CChhiinneessee BBuussiinneessss CCuullttuurreeSeparate fact from fictionBuild relationshipsTake care with contractsMobilise local assetsRespect faceAccept the pecking order 13. Language:-Sino-Tibetan Language Family consists of, Mandarin Putonghua or Standard Mandarin Classical Chinese 14. Tourism:- The Great Wall of China The Shoalin temple 15. Temple of HeavenOriental Pearl TVTower 16. Conclusion