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Chimney sweep must be performed yearly in order to ensure that it remains on its best working condition. However, cleaning one can be daunting sometimes that is why you may want to hire a professional chimney sweep provider that will be the one to do the tough job for you. Hiring them instead of doing it by yourself can save you from the hassles that it might bring.

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  • 1. Is this the condition of your Chimney?Click here for Solution

2. ProblemsCREOSOTE - Smoke goes up yourchimney and creosote clings tothe walls. It is highly flammableand causes chimney fires.OBSTRUCTIONS - Birdnesting, debris, leaves, andexcessive creosote will create ablockage, causing your chimneyto back smoke.CHIMNEY ODORS - A dirtychimney combined with rainand humidity can leave anundesirable odor.DETERIORATION - Loosebricks, large cracks, and holescan be symptomatic of majorproblems and the integrity ofthe fireplace.NO CHIMNEY CAP - Withoutprotection, it is an open hole tothe environment. 3. Testimonials Cant say enough about Michael and his team, they showed up on time and andworked hard the entire time they were here. I was really impressed with thecleaning truck they used to clean the ductwork along with all the different ductcleaning tools they used to clean the ducts. After the cleaning Michael did awalk-thru of my home to make sure they did not miss anything and answered allmy questions satisfactory. I just purchased my home when I discovered the new dryer wasnt drying myclothes, so I called to get the vent cleaned. I called for service and they were ableto come out the same day and was in and out in about an hour. They werehelpful, friendly, and well put together a plus for anyone living alone. I will beusing them for all my vent needs My dryer had been running sluggishly for a few months, so rather than having arepairman come out, I called Dryer Vent Cleaning Atlanta. I figured that over timelint builds in the dryer vent and need to be cleaned and last time I had thisproblem, the repairman advised me to call for a cleaning of the dryer beforecalling for a repair - and it worked like a charm. For less than half the cost of arepairman coming out to look at the dryer, I had Dryer vent cleaning atlanta giveit a cleaning and it works like new. Great service!! 4. Ratings 5. So dont wait ..Hurry up to call Chimney Cleaning Atlanta GA60 12th st Atlanta GA 30309(678) [email protected]