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    Magnus Carlsen Retains World Rapid Chess Champion's TitleTuesday, 13.10.2015 00:24

    Photo - World Chess by Agon Limited

    "I didn't blunder much and I usually took the opportunities when they were there"

    As the organisation of all world championships is under control of the single company Agon, so all titles remainunder one player's control - Magnus Carlsen. The difference is that he retains his titles by regularly competing inthose championships. Today he finished 11.5 out of 15 to retain his World Rapid Chess Champion's title.

    The final day of the competition Carlsen started with the victory over Belarusian GM Zhigalko. Then he defeatedhis nearest rival Ivanchuk to almost secure first place.


    Information on the W |



    European Chess Club Cup Women:Dzagnidze, Gunina, Kosteniuk...

    European Chess Club Cup: Nakamura,Topalov, Giri...



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    1 week 3 days ago

    Anyway, let's wait for the official information, that isthe signed contracts, etc. Ilyumzhinov...

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    The timing in the USA next

    Not a good promo for chess,

    There are two things here.

    Not many have supported Nepo

    Qh8+ must be known to every

    An impressive piece of mind.

    The unplayed 35. Kh2 reminds

    Psychoanalysis for $7000 fee.

    Grand Chess Tour 2015 : Standing

    Published by Google Sheets : 5

    Name 1 2 3 PtsTopalov 13 4 17Nakamura 8 8 16Aronian 2 13 15Carlsen 4 10 14Giri 7 6 13Anand 10 2 12Vachier-Lagrave 5 7 12Caruana 6 3 9Grischuk 3 5 8Hammer 1 1So 1 1

    1 - Stavanger, 2 - SaintLouis, 3 - London

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  • In some 40 moves this equal rook endgame transformed into queen endgame in which White had an extra pawn,other ten moves and Black resigned.

    Here are the extracts from the press conference. Magnus Carlsen: "My play here was better [than in St. Louis -CN], nothing spectacular in most of my games here though. Most of my games were pretty even, but I didn'tblunder much and I usually took the opportunities when they were there, and I usually had more time, so... My formwas decent, but this was more the triumph of practical strength.

    [...] I should apologize to everybody who I have refused in autograph or picture, but I mean sometimes you need toconcentrate. But thank you all, the press and especially spectators. Thank you for coming, without you it isimpossible for us to play."


    Yan Nepomniachtchi finished second, Teimour Radjabov took third. Leinier Dominguez was fourth. All threegathered 10.5 points, but this is how the tiebreak decided to place them according to the average rating of theirrivals except the lowest.

    Dmitry Bocharov who was 89th in the start list finished fourth with 10 points. The performance that added 97points to his rating (2577). Among his victims were Bartel, Dreev, Savchenko, Svidler, Gelfand, Tomashevsky.

    One of the outsiders is Alexander Morozevich, 23rd in the start list he finished 117th losing 78 Elo points. In thepenultimate round he was defeated by Kateryna Lagno who had a successful competition: 8 points, 67th placeand +11 Elo points.

    Relatively successful was Vladimir Kramnik's performance. He has been sensationally mentioned by MagnusCarlsen in the commentary to the Norwegian TV. According to Carlsen, he and Kramnik trained for the competitiontogether, "and that seems to have helped him [Kramnik - CN] too."

    Watch all games of the winner.

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    Ghaem Maghami, Ehsan 2015.10.10Carlsen, Magnus Berlin GER1/2-1/2 World Rapid 2015 (1.1)

    1. c4 Nf6 2. Nc3 e5 3. Nf3 Nc6 4 . e4 Bb4 5 . d3 d6 6 . a3Bc5 7. b4 Bb6 8. Na4 Bg4 9. Nb6 ab6 10. Bb2 Bf3 11. Qf3Nd7 12. Qe3 Qf6 13. Be2 Nf8 14. Bg4 h5 1 5 . Bf5 g616. Bh3 g5 17. Bf5 Ne6 18. Be6 fe6 19. O-O O-O 20. f3Nd4 21. Bd4 ed4 2 2 . Qe2 e5 2 3 . a4 Qf4 2 4 . g3 Qe325. Qe3 de3 26. Kg2 g4 27. fg4 hg4 28. Rf8 Rf8 29. Ra2Kg7 30. Re2 Ra8 31. Ra2 c6 32. Kf1 Rh8 33. Kg2 Kf634. b5 Ke6 35. Kf1 d5 36. bc6 dc4 37. dc4 bc6 38. c5 bc539. a5 c4 40. a6 Kd6 41. a7 Ra8 42. Ke2 Kc5 43. Ke3 Kb644. Rb2 Ka7 4 5 . Rb4 Rf8 4 6 . Rc4 Kb6 4 7 . Rb4 Kc5

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    Carlsen Wins Drawn Rook Endgame Against His Second and Finishes First in Brazil (GAMES)

    The rapid chess Open has finished today in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. Magnus Carlsen headed the list ofparticipants. He was followed by his second Peter Heine Nielsen (2653) and Sergey Tiviakov (2651).

    It wasn't an easy win for the world champion. The winner was decided in the last round, when Carlsen'srival was his friend and second Peter Heine Nielsen, who was only half a point behind him. Apart from him,Carlsen was also chased by Milos, Flores, Mekhitarian, Diaz and Rodriguez Vila.

    Eltaj Safarli Wins in Nakhchivan

    In Nakhchivan, the final round of the Heydar Aliyev Open tournament has just finished. There were severalcandidates for victory right up to the last day, but all questions were answered by Gadir Guseinov beatingSergey Tiviakov, and Eltaj Safarli overcoming Pouya Idani. As a result, both Azeri grandmasters scoredseven points, but Safarli won overall on tie-break.

    Here are the heroes' games from the live broadcast.

    Magnus Carlsen Beat Judit Polgar and the rest of the World (PHOTOS and GAMES)

    Mexico hosted the festival UNAM, in the main tournament of which the following GMs competed: MagnusCarlsen (Norway), Lazaro Bruzon (Cuba), local GM Manuel Leon Hoyos and the winner of the previoustournament that was held two years ago Judit Polgar. Let us remind you that the Hungarian playerdefeated Veselin Topalov in the final of UNAM 2010.

    Now spectators were offered the final between Carlsen and Polgar.

    Viktor Laznicka On Top Step of Pedestal in Pardubice

    In Pardubice, Czech Republic, the main event was the open tournament A, which had 289 playersincluding 35 GMs.

    The first two places were occupied by the salient rating favourites - Viktor Laznicka and SergeyMovsesian.

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  • Third - Robert Cvek. Photo:

    "I have waited a long time..."Igor Kovalenko won the Najdorf Memorial and passed 2700

    Sergey Karjakin: "I Dedicate My Victory To Vugar Gashimov"The most dramatic final in the World Cup history has finished in Baku

    Teimour Radjabov: "There Are No Weak Opponents in the World Cup"

    Four Azerbaijani GMs made it into the second round of the FIDE World Cup. Teimour Radjabov got histicket on the tiebreak by beating Samuel Sevian in both rapid games.

    Carlsen Experiments At Festival In Brasil (GAMES)

    Magnus Carlsen is the guest and participant of the festival now taking place in Caxias do Sul, Brasil.

    16-Year Old Wei Yi Adds Another First Prize to his Collection

    In Leon, Spain, there is an annual event, which has changed its format several times and this year, theorganisers preferred a knockout tournament of rapid chess, involving four grandmasters: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Ruslan Ponomariov, Wei Yi and David Anton Guijarro.

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  • One-Man ArmySergey Karjakin singlehandedly takes Russia to victory in unusual match with China

    Grand Prix Gelfand Wijk aan Zee Karpov Nakamura Women's Grand Prix World Cup GuninaGrischuk Mamedyarov Hou Yifan Morozevich FIDE rapid chess Carlsen Anand KarjakinIlyumzhinov Kramnik Caruana Olympiad Ivanchuk Sutovsky Giri Kasparov Svidler Vachier-LagraveJobava Topalov Aronian

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