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Horror Movie Trailer Analysis – Chernobyl Diaries

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  • 1. Horror Movie Trailer Analysis Chernobyl Diaries

2. Titles AnalysisChernobyl Diaries 3. This particular trailer uses different texts and titles throughout thetrailer to help explain the storyline to the audience. At the beginning itshows clips to set up the story for the audience. 4. After setting up the beginning of the storyline, it has a couple of shotsexplaining to the audience what happened in Chernobyl. IN 1986,CHERNOBYL REACTOR 4 EXPLODED is on the first clip and THERADIATION WAS WORSE THAN 400 ATOMIC BOMBS was on thesecond. In these shots the text anchors the images; they have a stripin the middle where the text is written in white writing across a redbanner. Both above and below this strip of text there are images ofwhat happened in Chernobyl. The text helps to explain the events ofChernobyl and explain what is happening in these images. The maincolours used in these shots (red, black, and white) symbolise andconnote death, fear and darkness. 5. We then hear two foley bangs as the screens show the productioncompanies. This helps the audience to focus their attention to what is shownon the screen. It helps to show the synergy used and promotes thecompanies involved.When the first title pages cuts to the next, a fade transition is used to make itseem more effective. Fades are often used in horror films as they areeffective in making the audience feel tension and almost as if something badis about to happen. The background to these title pages are significantbecause they look rusty. Chernobyl happened a long time ago, so thingsthere will be old and rusty by now just like the trailer background. I thinkthis signifies and outlines the fact that Chernobyl is run down and dirty, thiscould also connote that nobody lives there anymore.These title pages show the synergy which has been used to produce thisfilm. It promotes which companies are involved. However, film noir has beenused on the company logos to make the rust effect stand out. 6. The font used makes the letters look easy to read, yet are slightlycracked so that it sticks to the genre of the film. The background tothis page is white at the top and bottom but seems to change into redin the middle. There is a slight effect used when the colours arechanging, it seems as if each colour cracks away to reveal the othercolour again this links to the genre of the film.About halfway through the trailer a title page reads FROM ORENPELI, CREATOR OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. The words OrenPeli and Paranormal Activity are written in larger letters to makethem stand out to the audience. Also by mentioning that Oren Pelicreated Paranormal Activity, they are helping to entice fans of thisfilm. This also is intertextually referencing Paranormal Activity, andusing Star Persona of Oren Peli to help draw in a larger audience. 7. This same effect and font is used on the next title page which readsTHIS SUMMER. This page is to let the audience know when thefilm is out in cinemas to try and attract viewers. By using the whiteand red colours they are sticking to the horror genre with their titlepages as these colours help to connote gore, danger, blood, andpossibly death. 8. Again this background effect is used on other title pages. The nexttitle page simply says EXPERIENCE after this a few clips of the filmare shown before another title page reading FALLOUT again, thereare a few more clips from the film followed by a title page which saysCHERNOBYL DIARIES. However, in this title the R in each word isreversed and appears backwards to create a look which will standout more to the audience and attract their attention. 9. At the end of the trailer there are 3 pages, each gives informationabout different aspects of the production of the film. For example; theproduction companies involved, executive producers and who themusic was created by. This shows the audience which synergy isused within the production, and marketing of the film. 10. The text on this title page is significant to the audience as it informsthem that this film will be out soon. It also shows that the film hasbeen marketed via the internet. It helps to involve the audience withthe film. They can investigate further into the film if they wish, thisallows them to find out any extra information. 11. Sounds and Camera Shots and Angles Analysis Chernobyl Diaries 12. Immediately the trailer begins using high key lighting and we hear acharacter saying here were go. This dialogue anchors the imagesused as we see a man recording himself. The audience gets theimpression that this group of people are going away somewhere aswe see images of people with big bags and suitcases at an airport.The high key lighting makes the scene appear more natural andportrays happiness, making the audience feel joyful. Again, upbeatnon-diegetic music is used to help show that they are having a goodtime.This is a close up of the characters face. It is filmed with a handheldcamera. You can tell this because the character is speaking into thecamera, they do not do this unless it is meant to portray that it is theirown footage. This helps to involve the audience and raises theverisimilitude of the shot. He says here we go which suggests thatthey are going away somewhere. The high key lighting helps toportray the happiness of the shot. 13. This mid two shot is also meant to be filmed with the charactersfilming camera as the female is looking directly into the camera lensand waving at the other male character. In the background we cansee security in what looks like an airport. The females in this shot arealso carrying big bags which help to signify that they are goingabroad on holiday. Upbeat music is used so that it can be parallel tothe images. 14. In this wide angle mid shot the mise-en-scene helps to set the sceneof where the characters have gone on holiday. The gates aresignificant as they are the outline to Buckingham Palace. This tellsthe audience that they are in London. 15. This wide angle long shot establishes that the characters are now inParis. This connotes to the audience that these characters are on asight-seeing holiday and are travelling to multiple countries. Thisposes questions for the audience as to where the characters couldbe going next. 16. A sound bridge is used between the shots to keep the musicgoing.This wide angle shot establishes a new setting for thecharacters. We can see Big Ben in the background, which shows thatthe characters are now back in London. The expression on her faceand her body language helps to show that she is happy and excitedto be there and that she is having a good time. 17. This mid shot shows the audience that the characters have arrived ina new destination. The welcome sign in the background helps tosymbolise this. 18. The proxemics in this wide angle shot helps to symbolise thefriendship which these two characters have. This indicates to theaudience that these two are close friends. The expressions on theirfaces also help to portray that they are having a good time. 19. This low angle establishes the new setting which has taken place.The Colosseum is a famous landmark of Rome, which symbolisesthat this is where these characters are. The fact that we have seenso many different landmarks, indicates that this group of characterslike to travel and explore different areas. 20. The proxemics of these characters in this long shot shows that thetwo on the left are comfortable around each other, and possibly in arelationship. 21. The characters dialogue then reveals that the characters are goingaway and where they are going. You guys ever heard ofChernobyl? another replies Yeah, thats where the nuclear disasterhappened to which the first character replies have you heard ofextreme tourism?. From this part of the script the audience learnsthat they are going to Chernobyl. Also, it informs those who wereunaware, that there was once a nuclear disaster which took place inthat area. It also makes the audience aware, that something couldhappen whilst they are there as the area is deserted.A whip pan is used to help link the previous scene together with this scene.This stands out as because whip pans arent a part of the genre conventionsfor a horror film it therefore challenges the convention. A wide angle midshot is used to finally introduce all of the main characters in the film. 22. outA straight cut is used to go from one shot to the text within this scene.It shows the characters having a discussion about where they aregoing on holiday. When one of the males brings up going toChernobyl the others seem reluctant to go. They speak aboutChernobyl and Extreme Tourism which connotes that they are goingto Chernobyl next on their sightseeing travels. 23. As the screen shows some text and images of Chernobyl. A foleysiren noise sounds, as if it was the sound you would hear if you werethere when the incident took place.These shots show a news report that was recorded at the time whichChernobyl happened. A close-up of the mans face shows that theoccasion was a serious matter. 24. These show part of a news report which again, took place when theactual event happened. There is speech over these images. The textanchors the images shown. The strip across the middle is alsorelevant to the title pages, they use the same kind of pattern andcolours for the background. The images appear two at a time so thatthe audience has time to look at each image. 25. As the page fades out, it has the effect that the signal is beinginterfered with, and is losing the signal. Within these shots we hearthe foley sound of sirens playing in the background. This parallelsound helps to make the audience feel as if they were there when thedisaster struck. A sound bridge is used to carry out the noise of thesirens onto the next shots. 26. These shots are similar to the last ones, however at the end of thisshot, the images change to reveal new ones. Making it moreinteresting for the audience. 27. We then see news clips and hear the reporters describing theincident. This helps the audience get a better understanding of howbad the events which took place were. No time to take anything.,Abandoned overnight.These images are shown to involve the audience with the action andto help portray a sense of verisimilitude of what actually happenedwhen the reactor exploded. This place was abandoned overnightnarrated over these shots to help explain how serious the situationwas. 28. This extreme-long shot zooms in slowly to reveal the deserted area.It sets the scene and the mise-en-scene helps to show that the areais now derelict. 29. A pan is used past the car to reveal the sign by the road. When thisshot changes to the next, a black screen is shown in-between. Thishelps to make the trailer more tension building as the colour blackconnotes fear, death and being alone. 30. This high angle shot reveals the area in which the characters arevisiting. The mise-en-scene helps to show how the area is dirty,empty and derelict. 31. The wide shot used here helps to connote even further thatChernobyl is empty. The run down areas show that nobody liveshere, and that nobody has lived here for a long time. The mise-en-scene is effective, everything from where they are stood, to the townin the background is derelict. 32. The wide angle mid shots here are shown to establish that thecharacters are in Reactor number 4. The torches help to show theuse of low-key chiaroscuro lighting which is used to make the sceneseem more dark an enigmatic. The actual setting helps to add to theverisimilitude of the shot. It makes the audience think and try topicture what must have happened when the event took place. 33. These two shots are revealed though non-diegetic echo noises. Wecan see the derelict area in the background, and the expression ontheir faces make it look as if they are interested in what their tourguide has to say. 34. The over the shoulder shot reveals the radiation receiver. Thecamera slowly moves forwards over shoulder to show it to theaudience properly. We also hear the noise of it receiving data. 35. This high angle close up shows that when the area was evacuated,the people left in a rush and took no belongings. This helps to portraythe significance of the situation. It indicates that there used to be lifein this area, children used to live here. This poses questions for theaudience as maybe there is still a child here, who has been leftbehind. 36. The first long shot shown reveals the new setting for the scene. Themise-en-scene shows that they are in a forest which is a typicalconvention of the horror genre. 37. In the first low angle show we see the male character leaning into thepond, the non-diegetic music becomes disturbing, making theaudience think that something bad is going to happen. The camerapans around to reveal the characters behind him who look confusedas to what he is doing. The camera straight cuts back to the malecharacter who pretends to get dragged in the water by something. Inthe next mid shot we see the characters reaction to this. The musicthen slows down as the action has stopped. 38. In the first long shot we notice that the group are having their picturetaken in front of an old, rusty Ferris wheel which symbolises thatthere was once a lot of human activity in this area. In the mid shot,monochrome is used to signify that this a taken image of the group. 39. A low angle shot is used to show that the female character is taking aphoto. A canted angle is used to signify what she is taking aphotograph of. A high angle close up is used when she zooms intothe photo and sees that there is a human figure in the photo, butwasnt there when she was the building herself. The confused lookon her face as she enters the bus makes the audience wonder whothe figure was and why they were there. 40. In this low angle extreme long shot we return to the balcony whichthe characters were stood previously. The focus is on the charactersvan, this could be a point of view shot of the mysterious figure whichwe had just seen. The mise-en-scene shows that the mist is comingin and that those characters are the only people that are here. 41. These shots begin to get into the action of the storyline. Thefrustrated faces we see reveal that the van cannot start. 42. Again, this mid shot reveals the confused look on the charactersfaces and the fact that they are all looking in the same directionreveal that they may have spotted something suspicious and unlikely. 43. We notice in this mid shot that some of the characters have left thevan to go an investigate what they saw from the van. Low-key lightingis used to keep the image surreal. 44. The use of chiaroscuro lighting in this long shot is effective as it addsenigma to the shot. The room looks mysterious and it makes theaudience wonder why this room is here and what is is/was used for. 45. The first mid show shows that the character thinks she has noticessomething, the worried look on her face makes the audience thinkthat what she saw, wasnt a good thing maybe there is somethingchasing her? 46. This canted angle mid shot follows the characters as they run, tryingto escape something. This makes the audience wonder what they arerunning from. 47. These two shots both use low-key lighting to enhance theseriousness and increase the enigma of the shot. Torches are usedto show that there is no other lighting in the area because it has beendeserted. 48. These long shots also use chiaroscuro lighting to show thatcharacters running down this hallway, again trying to escapesomething. 49. These shots reveal a small child which is stood behind the charactersas they try to figure out where they can escape to. In the second shotthe torch flickers from the map to the girl, thus using chiaroscurolighting to do so. The characters turn around out of curiosity to seewho this character is. As part of the horror genre conventions, smallgirls are often used as the antagonist as they are suspected to be theinnocent ones. 50. These shots reveal further the small girls face, clothing etc. the useof mise-en-scene of her outfit make her look like a child from 80s. Asone of the female characters hides, we can see an enigmaticsilhouette behind her, which she doesnt know is there. We hear ascream as the characters turn around to see that this character hasbeen taken by the figure. 51. These shots use chiaroscuro lighting to help connote fear thus creating afeeling of suspicion. The framing helps to show the location of the charactersand helps to show that they are alone. As the characters turn around, wesee the expression and body language which the characters are conveying,they appear to be in shock. 52. This high angle long shot continues to use torches to create chiaroscurolighting thus making the appearance of the shot more enigmatic. In this shotit appears as if the characters have entered through this doorway to findsafety from whatever antagonist is out there. 53. A shallow focus is used on this wide close up to enhance the focuson the female character. The expression on her face draws theaudiences attention to the fact that she is confused and worried. Theonly light in this shot is coming from inside of the van, which makes itseem more enigmatic because if the van ran out of battery, therewould be no light at all. This creates questions for the audience, asthey wonder what she is looking at and why she is so confused. 54. This close up reveals why the female in the previous shot looked soconfused. As the audience now knows that the female was confusedas to what these enigmatic figures were. As they leap up at the vanshe jumps back in shock. 55. This wide angle mid shot shows that the male character is holding agun and aiming it at something in distress. However, we cannot seewhat he is pointing the gun at. This poses questions for the audienceand helps to involve them what/who is he pointing the gun at, andwhy? 56. This close up is significant as it shows the enigmatic expressions ofthese characters faces. They are watching as something terriblehappens again we dont see what the action is, posing morequestions for the audience. 57. The first long shot shows that the characters have made it throughthe night, but are still running from the antagonist. The second longshot reveals where the characters are running to. The shot is takenfrom behind the characters whilst slowly moving forwards, so that wecan see how far they will have to run. High-key lighting is used toshow that it is day time, it helps to keep the shot looking as natural aspossible. 58. This wide angle long shot shows that some form of authority hasturned up in Chernobyl. We do not know if they are there to help theprotagonists, or whether they are on the antagonists side. The bluelighting helps to connote fear, cold and danger. Blue lighting is oftenused for vehicles in authority when there is some form of danger, i.e.police, ambulance. 59. These shots revert back to using chiaroscuro lighting as this form oflighting is part of the horror genre conventions. This is becausechiaroscuro lighting makes the scene seem more enigmatic. We seefrom the expressions of their faces that they are panicked andpossibly being harmed in some shape or form. 60. This high angle image is extremely dark, it helps to show theseriousness and enhance the enigma of the situation. We can seethat the female character has fallen, but is holding on to someoneshand. This makes the audience feel tense as they dont know if shewill be pulled back up, or whether she will fall. 61. These shots have been taken with a handheld camera, we can seethat the hand is pushed up against the van window, is this characterbanging on the window for help, are they in pain? The last shot usesa low angle to show the expression of the characters face, he seemsto be in a lot of pain this makes the audience wonder why he couldbe in pain?