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    Cheney Court

  • Welcome to Cheney Courtthe Linguarama Residential Training Centre

    Cheney Court is a superb Jacobean mansion set in rolling countryside in the smallvillage of Ditteridge, just 6 miles from the historic and beautiful City of Bath, inEnglands famous West Country. Cheney Court is a key feature in the LinguaramaEuropean network of over 20 language training centres.

    Cheney Court provides the setting for the unique Linguarama ResidentialConcept where business and professional people who wish to learn English in theminimum time and with the maximum efficiency can develop the specificlanguage skills they need to communicate more effectively.

  • Combining the amenities of a traditional English Country House with those of an advanced,high technology language centre, Cheney Court creates the ideal ambience in which to absorbnot only the language but also the lifestyle and culture of the country.

    Cheney Court itself described by Nicholas Pevsner in his definitive book on Great EnglishHouses is one of the foremost examples of 17th century architecture in the area. Courseparticipants will appreciate the care with which Linguarama have blended the specialrequirements and high standards of service of a modern Training Centre, such as video-conferencing facilities, with the warm and comfortable atmosphere of a traditional Englishfamily home.

    In addition Linguarama have provided the social and sporting facilities which help make a stayat Cheney Court so delightful. Both within Cheney Court itself and on the surrounding 11 acreestate, the participant will find amenities such as a bar, all-weather floodlit tennis courts, sauna,small fitness room and snooker and billiards room and a superb 30 metre mediaeval Barnwhich has been converted for use by the training centre.

    In short, the participant will find at Cheney Court not only the most sophisticated language-teaching facilities, but also a complete microcosm of English life and culture.

    All participants enjoy their own en-suite bedroom with private bathroom, direct dial telephone,radio and CD player. All bedrooms and classrooms have Internet access points so that participantscan use the Internet for learning and also for keeping in touch with home and office.

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    A key ingredient of the concept is the opportunity to surroundyourself totally in the country, the culture and the atmosphereof the language. From the moment you arrive, you are activelyinvolved in hearing, speaking and experiencing English duringevery waking hour. In fact, many course participants report thatthey even start to dream in English.

    The prime reward of the Residential Concept lies in the factthat during your one-to-one lessons, communication activities,mealtimes, Integrated Personal Study sessions and social events you have absolutely no distraction from the task of acquiringfluency in the language.

    A second, perhaps more subtle, benefit stems from your stay ina superb home in the heart of the English countryside everyfacet of whose daily life - design, furnishing, cuisine andorganisation - helps to bring alive not only the language but itscultural and social setting as well.

    Thirdly, many participants stress to us the pleasure and interestthey derive from meeting and talking to their peers from othercultures and nationalities. On any course you may encountersenior commercial and industrial executives, administrators,politicians, scientists and other leading figures from as many asa dozen different countries - which will undoubtedly make yourstay even more enriching and rewarding.

    The Residential Concept

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    Following this, your individual Programme is designed and asmall team of trainers led by a Senior Trainer or Programmer isallocated to you.

    Every Cheney Court trainer is a qualified native-speakingprofessional, chosen not only for their teaching skills but alsofor their enthusiasm, patience and personality.

    Your formal teaching programme will also include a variety oflearning activities as recommended by your programmer anddiscussed with you personally. These could involveCommunication Activities including Meetings, PresentationsDiscussions and Information Exchanges, all involving severalparticipants with similar needs and language level. IntegratedPersonal Study, using a variety of specially prepared materialsensures that you are constantly challenged and involved.

    The Cheney Court Programme

  • However, there is never a time at Cheney Court whenyou are not learning English. At mealtimes, coffeebreaks and during the relaxed social life after formalstudy, you will still be speaking, thinking, listening,discussing and enjoying the language. You will beusing English as the lingua franca for a broadcultural and social exchange with your colleagues ofvarious nationalities and occupations andunconsciously continuing to practise and develop

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    In addition to relaxed socialising in the Cheney Court bar andsitting areas, the spacious grounds offer such sports facilities as all-weather floodlit tennis courts and small a pitch and putt golfpractice facility.

    Cheney Courts location, amidst some of Englands most beautifulcountryside, provides the opportunity for charming walks andshort drives, enjoying the unspoilt landscape, or visiting the manyhistoric villages, stately homes and other places of interest in thelocal area.

    A full programme of excursions for shopping, traditional Englishpub evenings, theatres visits and social events is provided to allowyou to enjoy these amenities, and to use your growing vocabularyin real-life situations.

    Learning and leisure

  • Only ten minutes drive from Cheney Court, the city of Bath provides the nearest urban centre. One of Englands oldest, most historic and most graceful cities, Baths fame originates principally from the hot medicinal springs which have drawn people to the City since before Roman times. Small and intimate enough to explore on foot, Bath provides a panorama of English history, architecture and culture from the ruins of the old Roman baths to the superb Nash terraces and public buildings which have made Bath a jewel of English Georgian architecture. Today it is a bustling and thriving centre, with a varied and lively social, artistic and commercial life which delights and attracts discerning tourists from all over the world. The new Thermae Spa centre provides a modern, world class facility for enjoying the traditional hot springs

    The city of Bath

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