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  • 1.Creativity + Bravery CHEAT SHEET1 April - 9 April 2012

2. Trends and iPhone App Launches With Whos Nearby, a successful profile platform that launched in 2010, is now available as an iPhoneapp - complete with a new feature called Whos Nearby. People enjoy the people-watchingwe provide, said co-founder Ryan Freitas. Not voyeurism, but about getting additional Mashableinformation about the people around you.4-8-12A Big Survey Of JC Penney Customers Says The New Model is a Hit:The new changes in JC Penneys pricing model - such as doing away with frequent sales inexchange for everyday low prices and rounding prices to the nearest dollar - are beingreacted to favorably, in a survey recently completed by CitiGroup. According to the survey,26% of shoppers said the new model would make them shop more.Business Insider3-30-12CityBlis Launches Direct from the Designer Fashion is pleased to announce the launch of a new social fashion platform, backed bygovernment bodies both in Europe and the US. The Cityblis community enables designersaround the world to reach out to new markets while at the same time giving fashion savvyconsumers the opportunity to buy unique pieces from international designers. Examiner3-30-12 3. TechnologyThe 100-Year March of Technology in 1 Graph:A graph has been released by Visual Economics that compliments The Atlantics trilogy onhousehold spending in the 20th century. The graph shows the adoption of new technologiesacross the century and is a must-see for anyone who is interested in 20th century economics.The Atlantic 4-712-AOL to Sell 800 Patents to Microsoft for $1 Billion:AOL Inc said it would sell 800 of its patents and related applications to Microsoft Corp aswell as grant Microsoft a non-exclusive license to the patents it retains for $1 billion in cash.This is a valuable portfolio that we have been following for years and analyzing in detailfor several months, Microsofts General Counsel Brad Smith said.Reuters4-9-12Ubi-Camera, Take Photos with your Fingers:Still in development by the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, the Ubi-Cameraallows you to frame a picture with your fingers and capture the shot. The camera is attachedto the end of your thumb through a hole on the top right.Gadget WIki4-8-12 4. CultureYoure Listening To A Musical Instrument Made Of Jell-O:Noisy Jelly is a project by Raphal Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard, two students atLEnsci Les Ateliers. They experiment with agar agar jellies, placed upon sensors that converttheir vibrations into music with the help of arduino processing. But beyond that sound itself,Noisy Jelly is really about the experience of playing for the musician. Fast Co.DESIGN 4-2-12Hitchcocks Rear Window Edited Into a Panoramic Installation:Rear Window is a classic Hitchcock movie - and you should never mess with the classics,right? Not in the age of the Internet when messing with the classics is encouraged. In thisvideo Jeff Desom turns this voyeuristic suspense film into a visual installation, cutting up thefilm in After Effects and stitching it back together into a continuous panorama.The Creators Project4-3-12The Imaginative Surfaces:Aurlien Juner, an artist currently living in Barcelona, introduces us to his latest worksdubbed, The Imaginative Surfaces. As Juner explains, It is an attempt to question thefictional and idealized world created by magazines. Presenting it in a real world context asif being read by someone, or completely reworking the magazine itself to build uponpictures and textures the periodical suggests, Juner is doing something completely originaland thought-provoking. Hype Beast 4-5-12 5. Agency NewsCrate & Barrel Taps TBWAChiatDay:TBWAChiatDay, Los Angeles won the Crate & Barrel business after a recent review. Crate& Barrel has no agency of record but it is a well-known brand that will give TBWAChiatDay a little boost. The agencys duties will include in-store and traditional advertising,packaging, catalog support, and more.AdAge4-6-12Leo Burnett Picks Up Firestone Creative:Leo Burnett has picked up the creative account for Firestone after a review by Boston-basedconsultancy Pile & Co. The scope of the work is expected to include Firestones retailoperation, as well as its Complete Auto Care business.AdAge4-6-12News From the Advertising Industry:RadioShack Corporation selected Grey New York as lead agency for its creative account.The assignment had been handled by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, which decided againstaccepting an invitation to take part in a review for the account. NY Times4-8-12 6. SustainabilityHow QR Codes Make You Feel Like Part Of a Fair Trade Cooperative:Geo Fair Trade is a three-year project funded by the European Commission to develop theuse of geotracing as a way of telling the story of growers and cooperatives through theirdifferent landscapes. Use your smartphone to run over the QR (Quick Response) code onyour packet of coffee and the screen produces a map showing the location of thePSFKcooperative that produced it and much more. 4-4-12Infographic - Why Dont Americans Recycle?:See in this infographic how just half of Americans recycle daily, and 13% dont recycle atall. Most people recognize the benefits of recycling, but they are often not sure which itemscan be recycled and find the process inconvenient and time-consuming.GOOD 4-5-12App and Social Network Tracks and Rewards Users Good Deeds:French CitGreen has already implemented a platform rewarding citizens for greenbehavior, and now US-based Youtopia is extending the gamification model in order toencourage good deeds, academic achievements and community service. Designed for usein the workplace, schools and charities, the Youtopia app enables users and theirorganizations to keep track of activities and gain rewards for completing them. Springwise 4-3-12 7. @TBWANYPlanning for more information please contact