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  • 8/6/2019 Cheat Aliens


    Part I Transfers between them

    Lets start with the less important teams

    Team name: Shakedown id 35898 ->USA


    Such coincidence, Female username?


    GK Blas Ruiz Moreno Achaval Fighting Whitetails 2007-09-24 3.000.000

    Function: Only one transfer ever made by this team, the player is no longer available,

    otherwise you would see clearly, it was a former Free transfer player signed by Fighting

    Whitetails/Viper Sharks with really High wages for the time that he was bought (2007), nobody

    wanted such player, especially for that price. Purpose was achieved, let Fighting sell a playernobody wanted for a really high sum of money

    Team name HammerHeads (whaat? Hummerh2) Id 56726-USA

    Short name Sharks (whaaaaat? Viper Sharks?)

    Manager Esky


    MF Mervyn Leddin Fighting Whitetails 2008-07-31 203.000

    GK Ayden Swindle Teamscout 2008-08-28 605.000

    FW Mihnea Padureanu Teamscout 2008-08-29 320.333

    DF Hayri Oztuna Fighting Whitetails 2009-01-23 669.000

    DF Goddard Samuel Aliens 2009-09-30 99.000

    GK Angel Candelario Aliens 2009-09-30 1.000
  • 8/6/2019 Cheat Aliens


    Function: Bid junk players from main teams of the scheme, also gotDimiri Patavoukason loan

    from Viper Sharks/Fighting Whitetails on season 9

    Example of one game where he played:


    Puebla F.C. USA 0 : 2 HammerHeads

    Team name: Magical Magyars id 16076 -> Hungary



    FW Reid Christopherson Aliens 2007-09-20 4.001.000

    MF Maro Lujak Fighting Whitetails 2008-02-29 56.000

    MF Jens Claes Teamscout 2008-04-20 4.500.000

    FW Halis Ergul Fighting Whitetails 2008-05-05 696.000

    MF Salvatore Cabrera Nerd-Herd 2008-05-16 5.800.100

    Function: A pretty well known team from me, because we played in the same league, the

    purpose was buy old and overpriced players from the most important teams of the scheme

    and start the bids too, and at same time, help Fighting Whitetails to win the Hungarian

    leagues. Also received Loan deals, one that I recall from Aliens, on season 5, player name

    Costel Petrache, which is already retired, but if investigated you can see. His playerID=389062

    and other beingHae Sup Sinn (ID 17862) from Nerd-Herd

    Here you can see a game where both were used



    Budars KF 0 : 8 Magical Magyars