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The modern glass pipes really encapsulate the charm of the individuals with their desperate knack and propensity. In the bygone era people used to attach great value to all the aspects that is oriental especially when you want to bedeck yourself with the matchless charm of your passion. Know more at

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  • 1. Its time to take the glass pipes, sit at the corner, inhale, exhale and RELAX. Your hookah session starts then and is lot more than a mere smoking session.

2. The incredible range of colorful glass bowls and glass bubblers even stand as the hallmark of elegance and luxury. Indeed the water pipes have stood apart as the ultimate collectors piece. 3. Charming, magical and so very enthralling - even the bubbling sound of the glass pipes brings back the oriental tales of magical journeys through the River Nile. 4. Glass water pipes smoking is all about fading away to the land of utopia, experiencing the long relaxed leisure 5. Never go rush -rush with the shopping idea. Never go rush -rush with the shopping idea 6. Do you want to smoke in your living room? Do you wish to take it with you? Or would you be interested to make these as the centerpiece of the room? Seeking answers to all these questions is important to choose the best glass bubblers that match with your preference and budget. 7. Design, richness, color and enigma of the glass pipes have casted the spell upon the pipe enthusiasts like never before. 8. Are you ready to live like the ancient monarchs? Add drama, royalty, drama and eccentric charm to your life with the water pipes. 9. Scared to think about the price? Shop online and enjoy the real charm of water pipes smoking with the right dose of style in budget.