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  • 1. Chaurapanchasika Paintings

2. Bilhana is dressed like a Rajput noble. He wears atpati turban with long kulah The dark background conveys the effect of night. Two lamps are burning on either side of the open pavilion. Champavati is shy, because the beloved is so close to her. 3. Even now I remember her, of a slender build, with her limbs afflicted by fire of separation (from me) and as one having eyes like those of a deer, and as the sole resort of love-sports, with her ornaments of many kinds, her beautiful face, and with the (graceful) movements of a swan. 4. The chamara suggests the flame of love that could put an end to life. Champavati, here shown walking, is to suggest that her breasts and hips are heavy which accounts for her slow but graceful motion. A semi-circular dome over an open pavilion is decorated with an ornate parapet. Champavati is painted against an olive green background. Her large starling eyes, the emphatic gestures of her hands, and the sharply jutting skirt show 5. All the charm of Champavati described in the first line is suggested by representing her at her toilet. The mirror in hand, suggests that she is the most beautiful and the very mirror of beauty to feminity itself. The raised finger of Bilhana seems to affirm this. The verses are written in black against a yellow background. But the