Chattel or fixture?

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  • When is a chattel not a chattel?

    LA2015 Monday, week 2, 2014

  • The law of fixtures changes the character of some physical objects placed on land from personal property to real property

  • Whatever is attached to the soil becomes part of the soilImage:

  • Nailed to the floor: chattel or fixture?

  • Bolted to concrete

  • Image:

  • Image:

  • Image: creative commons licence.

  • Resting on own weight

    Copyright 2010 Roy Tennant,

  • Geita Sebea v The Territory of Papua (1941) 67 CLR 544Image:

  • Purpose of Annexation Test Belgrave Nominees v Barlin Scott Air Conditioning (1984) VR 947


  • Image: Colin Cook

  • Real or personal property?