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  • 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Research of other photographers work
  • 2. Photographer: Charlie Waite Charlie Waite is one of the worlds leading landscape photographers with a very unique and specific style to his name.
  • 3. Examples of photographs
  • 4. Choose an image. Describe it This photo is of Mount Fuji in Japan. The picture has clearly been thought about cleverly before it was taken because the lighting and the angle is perfect. The photo works well because it is a still photo that is breath-taking because of the size and depth of the area it captures. Another thing that works well about this particular photo is the colour scale that it uses as all the colours blend together very nicely making the whole picture a blue tone. This also proves that effort was put into the picture to get it on the perfect day.
  • 5. Composition He has chosen to include the exact amount of land necessary in the photo Due to the shape of the Photo I would imagine this is done by cutting any unnecessary areas of the photo. This is a clever idea because not only does it work well in making the picture look tall and long to represent the mountain but it also puts emphasis on the mountain and allows the peak of the mountain to be central in the photo. The stillness and beauty of the day is also an important factor to the looks of the photo in that the reflection from the water mirrors exactly the shape of the mountain making the scene look natural and impressive.
  • 6. Techniques used Like many landscape photographers Charlie Wait chooses not to use lots of different camera techniques, instead capture images of naturally breath- taking scenes whilst using simple techniques such as depth of field or even rule of thirds. Here is an example of some of his photography techniques in use; on some simple techniques have been used such as depth of field and on others a wide variety of angles transform an image that would otherwise just be a plain building shot into something completely different. Also is an example of how He uses professional techniques such as Shutter speed in a subtle way.
  • 7. Strengths & Weaknesses When I examine Charlie Waites work I notice and like the style that he has gone for in his photography that is a very rural setting and a tendency to take pictures of quaint things and either emphasize that feature or turn them into a dramatic style of picture. I also admire his ability to take a picture of a proper landscape scene without having a main focus point in the foreground. His work has inspired me to understand that there are lots of things I can take pictures of without having to travel far whether it is in the city or in the countryside.