Chapter Eight-The Aftermath

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  • 1. In my dreams I've always seen you soar above the sky, In my heart there'll always be a place for you, For all my life, I'll keep a part of you with me, And everywhere I am there you'll be There youll be Faith Hill

2. Part One: Present Day (The day of the explosion)10:40 am Good! So its all done? What about David? Are you absolutely sure he wont talk? Okay then; the money will be wired to your account in the next hour or so! Ill contact you in a few days. In the mean time keep a low profile! She rattled off on her cell phone. Yes! She was ecstatic. The first stage of her plan was over and its gone way better than shed hoped. What she wouldnt give to see Victoria drowning in grief now! Yes, technically she and Victoria were even now but SHE was only getting started! How fun! 3. Little Creek- Victorias hideoutFor a long time after the police officers from Little Creeks only police station left, Victoria sat immobile on the sofa. The warmth radiating from the fireplace couldnt thaw her frozen heart. She felt cold and numb inside. Her first thought was to just kill herself and die along with everything that was important to her. 4. How did she stay sane in the wake of such a tragedy? First she lost her baby and almost died at the hands of Julian and then things between her and...She couldnt even bring herself to say his name. ..It hurt too much...Then things between her and Storm went horribly wrong and this! Was she being tested? How much more heartache could she take? How many times must her heart shatter into a million little pieces before she could find peace? 5. 11:00 amShe didnt know how she got to her studio upstairs, or how she came to hold the photograph in her hand. She looked at the snapshot, a symbol of a happy time in her past, when things were so simple, so uncomplicated. She wished with all her heart things could be back to how they were just a few months ago. How could she lose so much in such a short space of time? 6. 11:10 amFeeling as though her spirit was dislocated from her body, she wandered the empty rooms of her home, trying to focus on something and make sense of her life. For a long time, she stood staring at her reflection but not really seeing herself. She didnt recognize the face staring back at her on the bathroom mirror. 7. Without thinking, she grabbed the Elizabeth Arden face wash on the bathroom counter and slowly washed her face. She wished she could scrub away the memories of the past few months just as easily as she was washing the tears from her face. The sound of her ringing cell phone startled her out of the trance she was in. It took her a while before her mouth could form the words and answer the phone. 8. 11:14 amHello? She whispered, expecting to hear her tormenters voice but immediately her whole body relaxed as she heard the voice on the other end of the phone. Toria? Its Kendra. Were on our way. Im so sorry! Im truly, truly sorry. The was on the news... Kendra cried helplessly on the phone, unable to finish her sentence and hearing her cry iced Victorias heart even more, a seemingly impossible feat.Please hurry. I need you! Victoria said, her voice breaking slightly as a fresh wave of tears clouded her eyes; she blinked them away, willing herself not to cry. She had to be strong. She had work to do! 9. 12:00 pmFeeling a little calmer now, she sat on her kitchen stool and thought about her last conversation with Storm. It was on this very same spot shed sat and listened to his voice through her answering machine. She realized now how petty theyd both been and how pointless their fight was now. After all is said and done, theyd both acted irrationally and drove each other away, when they should have trusted each other and their love. If she could do everything over with Storm she would, but this day had sealed their fate. She waited patiently for Kendra, sipping on her now cold Chamomile tea...Kendra would know what to do and where to start with the funeral plans. 10. 12:45 pmIs this her? Special Agent Ron Richardson asked, staring at the drawing from Jason, BAUs sketch artist.Thats what Jason could come up with from the description the kid gave. This is the woman who hired him to create the bomb used in the explosion in Belladonna Cove. Shes a red haired with dark widely spaced, grey eyes, very pretty and exotic looking. She was with a guy they day they approached him and he doesnt remember the guy very well. 11. They approached him at the SI University Way shops and somehow they knew hes majoring in Chemistry. Apparently they asked him a lot of questions about starting and containing fires; which he answered candidly because he didnt really think it was a crime, but then when she approached him a week later to make bomb he was worried but couldnt really refuse because he needed the money for his fees... Melissa Swanson answered, feeling sick to her stomach. Her heart broke for Victoria Mendez; she didnt know her well, but she knew she meant a lot to Storm and well Storm was like family to everyone at BAU. 12. Thats a load of horse crap! A lot of people are dead because of the information he gave and the bomb he created. Try telling the families of the victims that the person who helped kill their loved ones was just trying to pay his school fees! Try telling that to Victoria Mendez! Ron barked angrily. He knew the press was having a field day with this story, especially now that the link between the fires in the past few weeks and the explosion that morning was confirmed. 13. Melissa knew they had to issue a statement to the media before this turned into a circus like the Victoria and Julian mess. She felt absolutely devastated for Victoria but she was glad Little Creeks police department broke the news to her; rather them than the BAU! 14. Part Two:Statham Island-Jade McNamaras home (14:45 pm)Jade knew something was wrong as soon as she heard the sound of the helicopter circling her neighbourhood. She took a short nap which somehow turned to a full afternoons sleep. Not that she was complaining, after all she had an amazing dream about Storm. Pity she was leaving Statham Island that evening and they never got to do the dirty; so many wasted opportunities and only because he was still hung up on Victoria. 15. 14:47 pmShe softly padded to the kitchen to get a glass of water. A look of horror crossed her face as she glanced outside her kitchen window and saw three or so dark SUVs parked outside her house. She knew right there and then why the helicopter was circling the neighbourhood. Warning bells sounded in her head as she tried to force herself to stay calm. 16. Little Creek-Victorias hideout14:51 pmAs soon as they reached the Mendez vacation home in Little Creek, Kendra jumped out of the car and bounded up the front steps. Normally the trip from Statham Island to little Creek took six hours but today the journey took them a little over three hours and Dean didnt want to think about the speeding tickets hed be getting in the post soon. He stayed behind, composing himself. Where did he start to comfort her? What did he say? All the words he wanted to say seemed so insignificant. He knew though that their presence meant a lot to her. 17. Toria, Im so sorry for your loss! Kendra whispered softly as she rushed inside the house and gave Victoria a warm hug. Her heart went out to her best friend as she felt Victorias whole body shake with unshed tears.Im so glad you are here! Victoria cried helplessly. I didnt know what to do, or where to start with the funeral ... I knew youd know what to do! You always know what to do! She rambled on incoherently.Hey...its okay. Im here now. Well get through this...Me, you and Dean. We are here for you! Scream and cry if you need to; break down if you have to, well be right here! Kendra consoled her. 18. Im so afraid...Im so scared...he said...he said hell take away everything I love... Victoria wailed, now talking about the malicious caller.Kendra didnt understand what her best friend was talking about, she just assumed she was distraught with grief and to calm her down she gave her some valium to sleep, Dont worry about anything Toria. Im here now. Take these, theyll help you sleep and when you wake up Dean and I will still be here. 19. Statham Island-Jade McNamaras home14:55 pmBe careful. Shes dangerous but we want her alive! Melissa said on her end of the line.I know. Lynn, Pete and Marcelle are in position and ready to move in. The SWAT team is on standby and well be out of here in no time. Ron assured her, trying to believe his own words but also thinking about the last time he said something similar; Victoria ended up fighting for her life in ICU and lost her baby and Julian killed himself! 20. What a great track record he had! Ron wondered again why he did what he did. Maybe it was time for him to pack it all in and leave the BAU. So many people were dead and for what? Revenge? The four arson victims were just trial runs; innocent people used as a diversion from the real thing: the explosion that morning. 21. Special Agent Pete and Special Agent Lynn Lane couldnt believe the sight that greeted them when they broke down Jades front door. She stood immobile, staring outside her kitchen window, unmoved by the commotion in and outside her house. For a little while the two BAU agents didnt know what to do. They came in armed, expecting gunfire and explosions and thats what theyd prepared themselves for. But this, this picture of perfect detachment destabilized them completely. 22. Slowly, as if she had all the time in the world, Jade turned away from the window and settled her gaze on Special Agent Pete Charlton, completely ignoring Special Agent Lynn Lane.Jade McNamara you are under arrest for the murders of.... Special Agent Pete Charlton recited her rights for her, but he was just wasting his breath beca