Chapter 3 Xiaomi mobile phone profile and its SWOT · PDF fileXiaomi mobile phone profile and...

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Transcript of Chapter 3 Xiaomi mobile phone profile and its SWOT · PDF fileXiaomi mobile phone profile and...

  • Chapter 3

    Xiaomi mobile phone profile and its SWOT analysis

    3.1 Xiaomi mobile phone profile

    Xiaomi mobile phone is Beijing Xiaomi Technology Limited Liability Company

    developed a high-performance smart phone. Xiaomi mobile phone adhere to the

    "enthusiastic fan" design concept, the world's top mobile terminal technology and

    components applied to each new mobile phone. August 16, 2011 Xiaomi mobile

    phone M1 officially released. Mi 1 appears immediately caused a sensation in the has

    been choppy mobile phone market. And this is not only because of its powerful

    configuration, but also because of its attractive price, so that the popularity of Xiaomi

    rapidly rising. Almost overnight, "Xiaomi" has become a hot topic on concern mobile

    phone enthusiasts. Followed by a series of listed M2, M3 and Redmi pushed Xiaomi

    phone on the front of the domestic mobile phone.

    As of the end of April 2014, Xiaomi mobile phone has jumped to the Chinese

    market mobile phone brand ranked No. 7, beyond Lenovo, ZTE, HUAWEI, ranking

    first in the domestic mobile phone brand.

    In China, Apple iphone is the champion, other foreign company share the mobile

    phone market, Xiaomi mobile phone is like a lion into the wolves, disrupting the

    traditional sense of the mobile phone marketing model; Like a shining star, the release

    of their bright brilliance, writing and guiding the future of domestic mobile phones, at

    the same time, Xiaomi mobile phone super high cost performance also makes each

    product become the most worthy of the year looking forward to smart phones. On

    March 13, 2014, in the sale of 8 minutes and 4 seconds 5000 mobile phone were sold

    out, enough to see its popularity.

    Lei Jun introduced the origin of Xiaomi name, Xiaomi logo is a "MI" shape, is the

    abbreviation of Mobile Internet, on behalf of Xiaomi is a Mobile Internet Company;

  • The second is mission impossible, Xiaomi to complete the can't completed task; of

    course, he want to use Xiaomi and rifles to conquer the world. Finally, hope

    "Xiaomi" this lovely name to become everyone's friend. In addition, Xiaomi logo

    inverted is a Chinese heart word, less a point, which means that Xiaomi to allow users

    to save a little heart. Figure 3.1 shows the Xiaomi logo .

    Fig.3.1 Logo of Xiaomi


    Mitalk is Xiaomi production of a mobile phone terminal free instant messaging

    tool, it can not only cross iPhone, Android, Symbian mobile phone platform, can also

    cross China Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom so on different operators. As long as

    through the mobile phone network (WiFi, 3G, GPRS),can communicate with the

    relevant contacts for real-time information communication, send and receive pictures

    and audio, it is important to consume only network traffic.

    (1) Free message: receiving the message to save money and effort, convenient


    (2) Information on the status and feedback in a timely manner: know when is typing ,

    can know whether the message is received by the other party, whether to see;

  • (3) The file free of charge to send: don't need hard typing, directly use Mitalk upload

    the figure to watch for free;

    (4) Three network interworking: convenient and safe , bold communication with

    around the world ;

    (5) friends to share: to share the interesting gossip, walking in the front line of the

    fashion trend.

    3.1.2 MIUI

    MIUI officially released on June 1, 2010, it is Xiaomi company depth

    customization of an Android mobile phone operating system, MIUI aim at native

    Android system for a number of improvements to optimize, its user covers in 23

    countries, by the majority of mobile enthusiasts highly sought after. MIUI original

    features MIUI interface system, is committed to providing smart phones in the most

    extreme calls and text messages comfortable experience ,for Chinese users use habits

    are perfect match, Xiaomi technology is China's first use of Internet development

    model for mobile phone operating system development team , reference MIUI

    Community enthusiasts feedback to improve, weekly updates iterations, always give

    users the latest experience. And MIUI has the world's largest mobile phone wallpaper

    theme library, personalized themes and lock screen mode, as well as a wealth of

    custom methods.

    3.2 Introduction to SWOT analysis method

    SWOT analysis method is a kind of enterprise strategy analysis method, which is

    based on the enterprise's own inherent conditions to analyze, find out the advantages,

    disadvantages and core competitiveness of enterprises. The internal factors: S

    represents strength , W represents weakness; The external factors: O represents

    opportunity, T represent threat.

  • 3.3Xiaomi mobile phone SWOT analysis

    3.3.1 Strength

    Xiaomi mobile phone can win the hearts of the people, its advantages are mainly

    summarized as five aspects: the enterprise internal advantages, mobile phone itself

    advantage, price advantage, sales channel advantage, unique promotional strategy.

    Enterprise internal advantages

    1. Leader 's personal charm

    Xiaomi technology leader is Kingsoft chairman and famous angel investors-Lei

    Jun, he by virtue of the industry for many years of achievement influence, gather

    industry top elite, formed the Xiaomi seven ultra-luxury joint founding team; At the

    same time rely on personal good personal connections, success and Vancl logistics

    cooperation, to achieve full-line sales; and through their powerful celebrity effect,

    Xiaomi successfully fired the first shot.

    2. The strength of the creative team

    Behind so proud achievements in Xiaomi, is the co-founder of Xiaomi company

    strength team, which is responsible for Xiaomi industrial design and supply

    chain management team Liu De graduated from the world's top design school

    ArtCenter, responsible for the MIUI operating system is Li Wanqiang ,before was

    PowerWord general manager, responsible for hardware and BSP, Zhou Guangping is

    the original Motorola R & D center chief engineer in Beijing , responsible for Mitalk

    Hon Feng is the original Google senior engineer, including former Google vice

    president of Engineering Research Academy in China -Lin Bin, former chief

    engineer of Microsoft Engineering Institute- Huang Jiangji. The co-founders have the

    international and domestic first-class enterprise with an average of over 15 years of

    experience. Except the seven founders, Xiaomi company have hundreds of engineers,

  • in their passion collision, Xiaomi phone appeared on the dual core 1.5G CPU,

    running speed is referred to as "fighter" in the mobile phone."

    Mobile phone own advantage

    1 China's first dual-core 1.5G smart phone

    Xiaomi mobile phone is considered to be the world's fastest processor

    manufacturer of Qualcomm MSM8260, provides reliable technical support for the

    performance of the Xiaomi mobile phone. In the overall system fluency, screen

    resolution and video camera function, Xiaomi phone has reached the top level.

    2 Miflash ----- Over-The-Air technology upgrade

    Compared with other mobile phone manufacturers, Xiaomi technology to

    encourage people to flash. Through the flash, and then can achieve the purpose of

    improving Xiaomi phone performance. Every Friday, Xiaomi official website will

    update a new software upgrade package, and then repair before system vulnerabilities

    and add some new features.

    3 Reshape Xiaomi mobile phone's "CSP"

    C is the Contacts; S is the SMS (refer to SMS and MMS); P is the Phone (phone

    calls, voice calls).

    In recent years, with the Apple mobile phone system ios, Android development,

    the rapid development of smart phones, but also makes the smart phone slowly began

    to spread. At the same time the birth of the application software is also more and

    more, application software has become also increasingly rich, but weakened the cell

    phone signals, batteries and other fundamental performance, deviated from the

    original intention of communication tools. And Xiao phone is equipped with a large

  • battery of 1930 milliampere(mA), beyond the smart phone battery capacity nearly

    30%, can support network standby time up to 450 hours, continuous talking 15 hours.

    And, no matter how to grip, do not affect the Xiaomi phone reception signal, formed

    a Xiaomi phone's unique advantages.

    4 High-end work and comfortable feel

    Xiaomi phone production process has been at a very high level, compared with

    Samsung and other international brands . In addition, the Xiaomi phone's overall

    manufacturing process, including the operating system MIUI are also converted to

    production and design for Chinese people .

    5 MIUI interface suitable for Chinese people to use

    Xiaomi technology own research and development MIUI operating system, the

    purpose is to create a more suitable for Chinese people's operating habits of the

    system. So it is particularly impress