Change Has Changed.

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  • 1. People rarely succeed atanything unless they arehaving fun doing it.~Southwest Airlinesmission statement
  • 2. Homework during the day,lectures at night
  • 3. Cooperation instead ofisolation
  • 4. Transformationof the role ofthe teacher
  • 5. Death of the nearly famouscollege
  • 6. A dozen ways school can be rethought:1) Homework during the day, lectures at night2) Open book, open note, all the time3) Access to any course, anywhere in the world4) Precise, focused instruction instead of mass, generalized instruction5) The end of multiple-choice exams6) Experience instead of test scores as a measure of achievement7) The end of compliance as an outcome8) Cooperation instead of isolation9) Amplification of outlying students, teachers, ideas10)Transformation of the role of the teacher11)Lifelong learning, earlier work12)Death of the nearly famous college