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A short presentation outlining the steps to change a flat tire on your bicycle.

Transcript of Change bike tire presentation

  • The "how to" change bike tire presentation. There will come a time when you need to change a flat tire. It's good & useful to know how to change a bike tire by yourself, when you're on the road alone or found a puncture just before leaving your home for a ride.
  • First you need the proper tools that can be kept in you bicycle kit/box. i. tire levers - at least 2 pieces ii. spare tube - at least one when riding iii. air pump - one small portable unit Or you can get it all in one pack on Amazon - Bike Tyre Repair and Maintenance Tool Kits + Mini Portable Pump
  • Here are the steps (1 to 12) 1. To remove wheel from the frame, first you need to shift the chain down to the smallest gear
  • 2.Open quick release from the break & wheel 3.Now you can take out the wheel from the frame Steps 2 & 3
  • 4.Now to remove the tube from the rim, insert the tire lever in between tube & rim to expose part of the tube 5.Circle round the rim to expose the tube & remove it from the rim 6.Examine the tube by pumping some air for any puncture or holes Steps 4 to 6
  • 7.From the location of the puncture or hole, match it to the location of tire 8.Check the location foe sharp object for the cause of puncture, then remove or clean it 9.Take the new tube & insert the valve first than the whole tube into the rim Steps 7 to 9
  • 10.Pump air the inflate the tire 11.Check the tire for any bulges or any problem 12. Insert back the wheel, lock back the quick release & check the tire Steps 10 to 12
  • What next? After checking everything is Good, you're ready to continue your ride & or start your ride for the day. Remember practice make perfect, so you can practice changing tube at least once to repair yourself when facing a flat tire. Well, that's it, hope this helps, have a safety & fun ride
  • For more visual guide, follow below video tutorial