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Transcript of Change and innovation quotes

  • It doesnt matter where you are, you

    are nowhere compared to where you

    can go

    Bob Proctor

  • In a world of ever-

    accelerating change,

    innovation is the only

    insurance against


    Peter Skarzynski,

    Rowan Gibson

  • Wayne Gretzky

    You miss

    100 percent

    of the shots

    you never


  • A year from now you will wish

    you had started today

    Karen Lamb

  • Remembering you are

    going to die is the best

    way I know to avoid

    the trap of thinking

    you have something to

    lose. You are already

    naked. There is no

    reason not to follow

    your heart

    Steve Jobs

  • In a chronically

    leaking boat,

    energy devoted to

    changing vessels

    is more

    productive than

    energy devoted to

    patching leaks Warren Buffett

  • Some men see things as they are

    and say, "Why?" I dream of things

    that never were and say, "Why not?"

    George Bernard Shaw

  • Man cannot

    discover new

    oceans unless he

    has the courage

    to lose sight of

    the shore

    Andr Gide

  • As soon as anyone starts

    telling you to be

    realistic, cross that

    person off your

    invitation list

    John Eliot

  • Those who expect moments of change

    to be comfortable and free of conflict

    have not learned their history

    Joan Wallach Scott

  • Nobody can go back and

    start a new beginning, but

    anyone can start today and

    make a new ending

    Maria Robinson

  • Time is a dressmaker specializing in


    Faith Baldwin

  • If you dont



    change it;

    if you cant

    change it,

    change the

    way you

    think about


    Mary Engelbreit

  • Continuity gives us roots; change gives us

    branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach

    new heights

    Pauline R. Kezer

  • To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to

    mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly

    Henri Bergson

  • If we don't change, we

    don't grow. If we don't

    grow, we aren't really


    Gail Sheehy

  • The only way to

    make sense

    out of change

    is to plunge

    into it, move

    with it, and join

    the dance

    Alan Watts

  • One must change

    one's tactics every

    ten years if one

    wishes to maintain

    one's superiority

    Napolon Bonaparte

  • All meaningful

    and lasting

    change starts

    first in your


    and then works

    its way out

    Albert Einstein

  • You're only as young as the last

    time you changed your mind

    Timothy Leary

  • The most


    people are

    those who

    are good at

    plan B James Yorke

  • The only way to discover the limits of

    the possible is to go beyond them

    into the impossible

    A. Clarke

  • Minds are



    they work

    best when


    T. Dewar

  • Progress is a nice

    word. But change is its

    motivator. And change

    has its enemies

    Robert Kennedy

  • Elbert Hubbard

    The greatest

    mistake you

    can make in

    life is to be


    fearing you

    will make one

  • Alesandra Blakeston