[Challenge:Future] W.P.A.O. Workout programs against obesity

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Transcript of [Challenge:Future] W.P.A.O. Workout programs against obesity

Diapozitiv 1

Workout programs against obesityW.P.A.O._BrainDrain_ Denis PovhSlovenia


My dream jobprofessional physical workout trainer for obese youth


Workout division

My dream job

Nutrition divisionWritting workout programs

Executing workout programsEncouragement Measuring progress

Executing nutrition programsEncouragement Measuring progress

Writing nutrition programsW.P.A.O.

Day at dream work Wake up every morning with the smile on your face, knowing that you helped an individual the day before, to achieve their personal goals in fighting the huge problem nowadays, which is obesity.

W.P.A.O.Have the ability to do that over and over again.Using smart phone to check when, where and which activity is next on the schedule.Supporting and encouraging youth through their workout programs.

Required skills, knowledge, competencesPersonal happinessW.P.A.O.Interaction with other peopleGaining trustWays of approaching youthKnowladge of proper nutritionPhysical training programs

The perfect education day for my dream job starts with morning physical training course, followed by education about gaining trust from children, followed by education about proper nutrition consumption, with practical preparation of our lunches. After lunch practical work on writing proper training program and finishing day with afternoon physical training course.W.P.A.O.

Dream education