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Presentation at the National eXtension Conference, 24-27 March 2014, Sacramento, CA on the subject of recognizing learning through issuing certificates and badges in Moodle.

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  • 1. Certificates and Badges to Recognize Online Learning Larry Lippke National eXtension Conference 26 March 2014

2. Campus History Certificates offered by 163 active courses >35,300 certificates issued since 2008 17,900 on 1 course4Hers showing animals in Nebraska 3. Types of Requirements None Minutes Grades Activity completion Time window 4. Options Notification to teachers or others Can include date, code, grade, credit hours, teachers name, logo, signature image Custom border/background image 5. Badges Represented by digital image Associated metadata: name, description, issuer, expiration date, criteria, evidence, tags Store locally or transfer to backpack Publish to other sites from backpack 6. Uses of Badges Set goals Motivate behavior Represent achievement Communicate success