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  • IntroductionClassification of StructureMountStagingImpeller TypeSingle/Double SuctionShrouding DesignDirection of Flow Through ImpellerRadial Flow ImpellerMixed Flow ImpellerAxial Flow ImpellerCasing SplitAxialRadialDouble Casing or BarrelEnergy ConversionVoluteDouble VoluteDiffuser VanesAxial Thrust in Centrifugal PumpsDouble Suction ImpellerBalancing HolesBlack Waring RingsPump out VanesOpposed ImpellersHydraulic Balancing DevicesBalancing DrumBalancing DiscApplications of Centrifugal PumpsCANDUPrimary Heat Transport Circulating PumpPrimary Heat Transport Pressurizing PumpBoiler Feed PumpCondenser Circulating Water PumpBHWPVertical, In Line, Close Coupled Centrifugal PumpsHorizontal Canned Motor Centrifugal PumpsCommon Services Cooling Water PumpAssignment