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  • 1. GE HealthcareCentricity* PACS-IWDated Material Subject to Change February 2012*Trademark of General Electric Company

2. With PACS towards eHealthCentricity PACS-IW is a web-based solution forall modalities and healthcare environmentsLight boxes were yesterday. Todays clinicians are online,managing patient images and clinical data via modernweb-technology, effortlessly embracing digital radiology.With its advanced and easy-to-use technology, CentricityPACS-IW is the PACS of the future, but delivered today, andis based on the latest international guidelines such as thosedeveloped by IHE and DICOM.A seamless and smooth transition to filmlesshospitals and care networksSince PACS was first introduced, this solution has beendedicated to making healthcare organizations 100%film-less not only within the department or facility,but across the enterprise and continuum of care.Today, Centricity PACS-IW has been installed globallythroughout Asia, Europe, and North and South America- helping customers from physician offices to imagingcenters, to community and multisite university hospitals -succeed in their radiology businesses.Standards-based technologyWith strict compliance to industry standards and thecomprehensive IHE framework, Centricity PACS-IWseamlessly interfaces a full range of hospital, radiologyand clinical information systems.Common user interface for all rolesCentricity PACS users inside and outside the radiologydepartment can access the same database, archives andtools from exactly the same user-interface. This includesthe complete set of workflow tools, system functionalityand results - all online and on-demand regardless of theirage or location. Centricity PACS-IW utilizes secure,Centricity PACS-IW with SNAP! Toolencrypted web-protocals. 2 3. Simplify your IT administrationThe 100% web-based PACS-IW architecture enables easyadministration from anywhere, via web access. It is scalableto your needs and allows you to start small and grow big.Virtually an unlimited number of user and modality licenses canbe added. Client application installation is effortless, freeing upadministrator time for other activities. Bring your images andresults to life through seamless connectivity to HIS, RIS, CISand/or EMR systems.Multi-site streamingWeb-based PACS-IW can be configured in different waysto fulfill your requirements regarding data safety andsystem uptime. It can also be adopted to fit into the currentIT environment managing multi-site installations, bandwidthlimitations and security requirements. Multi-site powered, for scalable growth Maximum speed with cross site streaming of images Highly scalable for expanding businesses Protect patient data transfer using encrypted protocolsInterfacing flexibility Delivers imaging results to other applications e.g. EMR Supports enterprise-wide Single Sign On Provides a Viewer API for HIS/RIS/EMR interfaceBenefit from local supplier relationshipsEnjoy the flexibility to choose your favorite hardwaresuppliers thanks to Software-Only offerings. We provide youthe key specifications, and you stay within your IT strategyfor a perfect fit. Virtual radiology begins at the backend: reduce electrical costs and save space by leveraging the benefits of VMWare.3 4. Driving maximum productivityCentricity PACS-IW enables your entire clinical staff to accesspatient images and data from anywhere, via web access, at anytime. Authorized users get immediate access to prior and currentexams for ideal comparison. Regardless of where a procedurewas performed, access is simple and fast.Speed, presentation and extensive toolsetSmartLoading PerformanceCentricity PACS-IW optimizes radiologist workflowwith a Purposeefficiency through the use of advanced study layouts,Powered by exclusive SmartLoading, Centricity PACS-IWmultiple presentation states, variable sized asymmetricaldelivers fast, study loading (lossy or lossless) to the desktop,windows and copies of windows, 2D stack-based readingfor todays large studies. Current, prior and baseline studiestools and integrated 3D. are automatically hung for the radiologist, with the ability toAll of these features, including the overall user interface, are manually hang additional priors for further comparison.highly customizable to meet each users specific needs andpreferences. The ease of use and Microsoft Windowsstyle makes it easy to handover PACS-IW to all clinical usersAdvanced 3D postprocessingwithout the need for extensive hands-on-training.Once the study is loaded, the radiologist (or clinical user with proper privileges) can perform embedded 3D reconstruction, including MIP, MPR (standard, spine, oblique, curved andDrop the DragnDrop cross curved). All of these reconstructions can include slabThe exclusive SNAP! Tool innovation provides users anenhancement, and can be saved back in a single-click to theergonomic, ultra-fast means to reorganize image series,original study.retiring the need for the traditional dragndrop. Processing of 3D studies is simplified on PACS-IW due to the embedded 3D analysis that is standard with PACS-IW. MIP and MPR results become part of the permanent patient record adding value to the clinical data. Additional advanced 3D processing is available by leveraging the optional Voxar 3D, which simplifies access to sophisticated tools such as blood vessel and virtual colonoscopy analysis. In all cases, advanced 3D clinical information can be incorporated into the clinical routine for improved productivity.Centricity PACS-IW SNAP! functionality4 5. Satisfy your customersCentricity PACS-IW allows you to improve communication and cooperationwith your referring physicians. Automatic Email notification informs themwhen their studies and reports are available. Your referring physicians canhave immediate and secure, digital access to studies and reports, regardlesswhere they were performed.Enhance relationships with your referrersWith a few mouse clicks, a referrer can access the samesoftware and clinical tools as radiologists. A dedicatedreferrer role in PACS-IW provides all important results ata glance: report and diagnosis, key images, scanneddocuments as well as access to the complete studyand set of viewing tools.All referrers can access the advanced postprocessingcapabilities and consult large datasets from theirpractice desk.Teleradiology and consultationCentricity PACS-IW facilitates consultation betweenradiologists and referring physicians from any location.The system even enables authorized external users to havetemporary access to specific patient studies. Of course,Centricity PACS-IW also allows you to utilize standardoff-the shelf PCs to access images and results. Study access for referring physicians 5 6. Time for a PACS Rehab? Your PACS may have met your needs when it was originally purchased, but for todays competitive environment you should consider whether its meeting the needs of your customers. You are not as tied to your current PACS as you might think. GE Healthcare can replace or augment your existing PACS and quickly migrate your old studies, in order to help enhance your clinical operations and overall competitiveness. Now is the time to take action and ensure your business is well positioned to satisfy the needs of your customers and your clinical workflow.SymptomsEffectDiagnosisDifferent viewersYour PACS may have Web-access, but it is likely a Web enabledfor different usersapproach with an appended Web server to a client/server PACS. Results are delivered both slowly and unreliably to your referring physicians, increasing their frustration.Loss of referralsReferring physician frustration has caused you to lose market share to competitors who offer a higher level of service with more modern PACS and innovative marketing programs.Too much Your PACS requires numerous servers and sub-systems that need to behardware managed by the local IT staff or even worse, by dedicated staff from your PACS vendor. This is very costly to maintain over time. You needLimited access The promise of PACS is to do more with less, and to operate more efficiently. But with workstations that have limited or no portability, your radiologists are still virtually tied to their workstations for theInefficient clinical majority of the power of the PACS. Legacy PACS that has been updated year over year is riddled witha PACSworkflow outdated code. Imagine a PACS that is completely portable, with all of the power of the diagnostic workstation available at your fingertips Rehab! wherever you are in the world?Cant keep upYour PACS cannot support the latest imaging modalities including thewith examincreasing exam size and study volume your institution is experiencing.volume growthCant manage Your CDs may be proprietary or run a different viewer than the PACS.bottleneck Your physicians cannot burn CDs locally and they do not support the IHE PDI standard increasing referring physician frustration.Inflexible Your PACS cannot easily integrate to clinical applications forintegrationorthopedics, digital mammography, PET/CT, nuclear medicine, advanced visualization, and more.6 7. 2012 General Electric Company All rights reserved.General Electric Company reserves the right to make changes in specifications and features shown herein, or discontinue the productdescribed at any time without notice or obligation. This does not constitute a representation or warranty or documentation regardingthe product or service featured. All illustrations or examples are provided for informational or reference purposes and/or as fictionalexamples only. Your product features and configuration may be different than those shown. Contact your GE Representative for themost current information.*GE, the GE Monogram, Centricity, and imagination at work are trademarks of the General Electric Company.General Electric Company, by and through its GE Healthcare division.Microsoft is a registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the Unit