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Business proposal to the club owners, dj s and event planners

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  • 1. Celestial Marketing plan Illusio

2. Welcome Owners, Event Planners and DJs Were happy youve joined us here at Celestial Illusions Feel free to take a look around, ask questions, or even make suggestions. 3. What Celestial Illusions has to Offer First, Celestial Illusions is a planetarium, our huge screen wraps around the body, giving you a warm feeling as you glide through galaxies and stellar bodies. All our shows contain pictures from the Hubble Deep Space Telescope, are in full color and truly amazing. We have many videos to choose from and have no problem showing your choice of videos, (all videos must be posted on youtube.com to work). 4. What Celestial Illusions has to Offer Second, we are available to all Club Owners, Event planners, DJs and anyone wanting to put on a star party or educational events. We happily supply the DJ or, your favorite celebrity is welcome to take over, well show you how, (price negotiable for use of planetarium and for training courses.) 5. What Celestial Illusions has to Offer Third, we are a special place for friends to showcase their work and sell specially made items to the public. When you look around, everything you see custom made is for sale by one of our friends. Please ask for help if you find something without a link. All items are available without our logo for an extended price, just ask. 6. What Celestial Illusions has to Offer Lastly, we are a place to Chat with old, and new friends, Dance to your favorite tunes, Eat virtual chocolate covered strawberries, and enjoy the night sky. Its time to cuddle up with your sweetie on a purple couch and see what the sky has to offer you! 7. Whats in Celestial Illusions to see We have the big wrap around screen of course with a stellar show to blow your mind! 5 viewing floors, including 3 incredible sky boxes. The Mezzanine level, Level 2, holds an original art display by Phoenix_Vash the owner of Phoenix Rising Grand Gallery. Beautiful work each and every one. There are multiple dance floors on all levels including a stage for any dance team who wants to perform. Semi private Sky boxes for best viewing. One free to the club and the DJ of the day if wanted. 8. UVs first traveling Planetarium As the first traveling Planetarium our goals include having star shows in every club and event possible throughout the massive Utherverse. 9. UVs first traveling Planetarium Our plan includes moving from one venue to another much like a Carnival moves from town to town in the non-virtual world. Our star shows vary in length depending on your needs. If you want to try it out we offer 10 to 20 minute shows or, if you see using the facility for a party we have longer shows. Celestial Illusions sees itself as an addition, or focal point, for your customers at parties, weddings, clubs and other venues. We are not interested in taking your customers. Our plan includes advertizing campaigns to bring more customers in on the nights we are there, customers who normally dont attend your club or events. 10. Benefits to Club owners Club owners have the choice of 3 exquisite, and private, sky boxes for the show, free of charge, The best view in the complex. We provide a prominent place in our store for the club of the day to place their personal T-shirt or other clothing for sale. Its not our intension to keep your customers we also include a doorway back to the club of the day, free of charge. We want to entertain your customers, not take them away. We see many more customers coming to your venues, a planetarium is something new to the Utherverse and the marketing plan is revolutionary. 11. Benefits to DJs DJs have their own control room made specially by RandyKnight. Use it or dont, its amazingly realistic. A poster or banner for the DJ of the day sits in a prominent place across from the elevator. A reserved place for a T-shirt for sale by the DJs of the day within our clothing store. DJs are welcome to view the show from a no charge elegant Skybox or many other areas in Celestial Illusions. 12. A Collection of Artwork Most everything at Celestial Illusions is custom made and everything is for sale. Please inquire. We have Artwork, Clothing, Knick knacks, Musical instruments, many Plates of food, and many other miscellaneous items. Club owners and DJs alike are welcome to add whatever they like while we are at their club. Talk to owner for other times. 13. Who runs the Show? Owners, Event planners and DJs can choose to run the show or let us run the show for you. We will train you and help you to see the galaxies. (Training plan negotiable.) We also assist our clients in making shows. (Special video software necessary.) 14. Wrapping things up Landmark us and think on a date you want to set for your Star party! Talk to MzLyndee or LeAnne778 about available dates and times We want to be the place you go to see all your favorite stellar and planetary bodies. 15. We want to make it easy for you We have promotional materials to give away. Dates and times to fit your busy schedule Our own greeters and DJs if needed (cost negotiable) AndThere is no cover charge, only donations. 16. Be Seeing You! Please take your time looking around and ask any questions you still have. We hope you enjoyed your time at Celestial Illusions. We look forward to working with all of you.