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NOTE: Due to the small fonts, this presentation is best viewed in full screen. This is in tributes to the YouTube series Ceiling Fan Conversations and Arguments. I had seen some of them and thought I should make one, too. Enjoy scrolling through the slides one by one. If anyone wants to request something for me to make, please do so in the comments. That is easily where I can see the requests.

Transcript of Ceiling fan conversations and arguments (my version)

  • Hello there.
  • Why hello there. What do you need?
  • How is your bearings?
  • Hes here!
  • I cannot believe you just asked my brother how his bearings were. Thats it. Ill be calling my friends!!
  • Were here!!
  • Get ready to be punished!!!!
  • This next scene contains action that is considered violence and therefore, has been censored. Anyway, here is a stroll through the cast of ceiling fans I am using.
  • This ceiling fan is unknown, as of now. It appears to be an old vintage ceiling fan.
  • This ceiling fan appears to have been out for a year. Its also unknown.
  • This ceiling fan is a Hunter Colonial. My grandparents have 8 of these in their house. But, the fans do not have the light kit seen on the fan below. 2 of them do not have a light kit. One of those ceiling fans is in antique brass. The other one is the style of the fan below. The 6 other fans have what appears to be a four spotlight kit. The antique brass one appears to spin faster than the others, which are the white style below.
  • This hugger ceiling fan is definitely an unknown ceiling fan. It does have what appears to be GE vents, as you can see.
  • This ceiling fan is definitely unknown. As you can see, it is flush mounted But, my living room ceiling fan has the white pull chain on this ceiling fan, except not as long.
  • We have two of these fans up in our vacation site, Nut Ridge. My grandparents stay there for the entire summer EVERY summer. Sadly, I have seen the two fans hardly running now, as one has a violent wobble to it. The other one could be the same, too.
  • This hugger ceiling fan is another unknown ceiling fan, based on the vent design.
  • This ceiling fan is a Fanimation Islander ceiling fan, and is the last of the ceiling fans in the ceiling fan cast. It will be taking the role of the police officer in this video after the next 7 scenes in this video (notice in next scene and scene after 7 scenes after first notice are excluded). The reason being is it will have a police hat on it. Stay tuned.
  • Now, back to the episode you were watching.
  • Did you learn your lesson??
  • YEEEEES?? Were calling the police on you RIGHT NOW!!
  • Hello police!!
  • Yes. Who is this?
  • Im a hugger ceiling fan. The reason I am calling you is because we have a vintage ceiling fan in the house we are in, which is my friends. The vintage ceiling fan asked my friends brother about his bearings.
  • Oh my goodness gracious. Thank you for telling me. Ill be there in a few minutes.
  • When the police officer arrived
  • You, sir, are under arrest for asking another ceiling fan how his/her bearings are.
  • Get in the police car NOW!!!
  • After all of the events that happen when you are arrested
  • Well thats just great. Im now in a jail box with no way to get out. As you can see, I also was abused before being placed in here.
  • Thanks for watching.