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  • 1. Too much paper cluttering up your business?

2. Too much work,, not enough people? 3.

  • Transferinformationfromhardcopy forms
  • to database /migrate informationfrom an
  • olddatabase
  • 2. Find a more efficient way to transfer data
  • that willsave me time, effort and money
  • 3.Find a company or staff toprovide
  • these servicesfor me
  • 4.Contact .

To Do List 8041298 4. Who we are We supplyexpert data servicesand have a highly experiencedteam of data personnel . Our team can workonsite, on your own premises or you canoutsourceyour data to us.Over the past39 yearswe have carried out awide variety of projects&ad hoc assignmentsand have worked withvarious types of dataanddatabases.Our team have aproven track recordmanaging projects from conception right through to completion. We guarantee to deliverprofessional resultsto thehighest standards. State of the artfacility in D11 Dataconversion Unit 8Century Business Park Finglas Dublin 11 01 8041298 [email_address] 5. What we do Ourin-housedata entry bureauisa state of the art technology centre, were yourraw datais accurately converted into useful information in acost effectivemanner. Wesupplyexperienced personnelin the areas of;data entry, database administration, data capture, data analysis, archiving ,etc.Our team can workin-house or onsiteon your own premises. We offerpilot schemes ,test new systems , data handling techniques and/ordatabase functionalitytoimprove bothefficiencyand over all performance, saving you time and money.Using our tried and testedsampling methodsnot only can we quantify theexpected durationof your project but we can alsoestimate the over all cost,giving you total control . system change over Deadline next week! 6. Data Bureau

  • Ourpersonnel have an acuteattention to detailand are
  • trained to combinespeedwithaccuracy.
  • Werecognisetheindividual data processing needsof each customer and acknowledge thatrequirements fluctuatewidely between peak and normal levels of activity. Our services areavailable whenever you need themand for as long as is necessary.
  • Coupled with thelatest computer equipmentandspecially developed software programs , your assignment will be completed in a professional and efficient manner.
  • Wespecialisein;
  • Converting manual systems into a computer based system.
  • Transferring hard copy data tocomputeriseddatabases.
  • Recording statistics for analysis.
  • Mailing lists, stock sheets, payroll, payment records,
  • time sheets and much more .

7. Data People We provide experienced personnel in the following areas; High speed alpha & numeric Data Entry Data Administration Data Capture Data Cleaning System Testing Filing & Archiving Scanning Indexing Creating & Updating Databases Data Analysis Our team of expertdata personnelare available atshort notice o nafull, part-timeorad hoc basis. Wespecialisein; Data project work,Back log& over flow situations,system, changeoversand maintaining & updating databases. 8. Contact Helen Brady Recruitment Manager Ph. 8041271 Mobile 086 835 3181 [email_address] Patricia Gilligan Recruitment Administrator Ph. 8041272 Mobile 086 835 3145 [email_address] Call8041298 Email [email_address]