Causes of Agricultural Chemical Spills

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Causes of Agricultural Causes of Agricultural Chemical Spills Chemical Spills Department Department of of Agriculture Agriculture

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Department of Agriculture. Causes of Agricultural Chemical Spills. Anhydrous Ammonia. Quick coupler failure. Failure of excess flow valve. Unseated valves. Pressure release valves. Theft & Vandalism. AA Quick Coupler Failure. Nurse tank hitch problems. Maintenance important. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Causes of Agricultural Chemical Spills

  • Causes of Agricultural Chemical SpillsDepartment of Agriculture

  • Anhydrous AmmoniaQuick coupler failure.Failure of excess flow valve.Unseated valves.Pressure release valves.Theft & Vandalism.

  • AA Quick Coupler FailureNurse tank hitch problems.Maintenance important.

  • Other AA Causes of Releases Temperature variations cause valves to unseat.Pressure release valves.Theft and vandalism.

  • Transportation AccidentsBrake failure.Applicator entered ditch.Sump ruptured releasing load.

  • Transportation AccidentsCorner taken to fast.Truck tipped over in ditch releasing dry fertilizer.Note cleanup where fertilizer once was.

  • Transportation AccidentsTruck tip over.3,000 gallons UAN and gallons of Harness.Into ditch and field.

  • Transportation Accidents110 yards excavated.Buried facilities in ditch.

  • Transportation AccidentsFlatbed truck hauling 4-1300 gallon tanks.Entered driveway and dropped wheels into ditch.2,000 gallons UAN lost to ditch.

  • Transportation AccidentsUnderground facilities present.Sandy soils.Excavation required.

  • ContainmentHose on N-Serve pump left outside dike.Product siphoned out of minibulk and outside of dike.

  • UnknownAlleged dumping of rinsate.Soil tested high in acetochlor and other herbicides.

  • Applicator Hose FailureSmall release of Liberty tankmix.Damage to trees and lawn.

  • DumpingDumping of water without knowing that it contained some fertilizer.

  • Mobile Tender Tank FailureOlder Raven yellow bodied tanks with white caps.Sloshing action of liquid fertilizer blows out white cap.

  • Storage Tank Failure

  • Storage Tank FailureSmall hole in base of tank.Small release over long period of time.Source of groundwater contamination.

  • Storage Tank FailureVandalism. Tube gauge cut and valve jammed open.5,000 gallons 7-21-7 released to containment.

  • Other Bulk Storage Causes.Manhole cover gasket not installed correctly.Site gauge damaged and valve not shut completely.Extreme cold cracks piping.Undiscovered mild steel appurtanance corroding through.Old rusting bulk tank.

  • Unsecured loads.Minibulk hose siphoning herbicide along highway.Pumps left on or accidentally engaged releasing product.

    Fertilizer applicator drive-wheel engaging.

  • Delivery Responsibility.Semi truck delivery of UAN to bulk tank.Pump turned on without opening bulk valving.800 gallon release.

  • Improper Storage.Valve on minibulk left slightly open.Parked overnight near bulk containment.40 gallons Prowl leached down outside concrete containment.

  • Improper Storage

  • Acts of NatureComfrey Tornado.Debris broke off pressure relief valving.

  • We used to see..These types of spills rarely occur.Now..Mild steel plumbing on fertilizer bulk tanks causing spills.

  • We used to see..Spills occurring during transport.We still see....Spills occurring during transport.

  • We will see..Vandalism. Especially with anhydrous ammonia facilities.

  • Improperly secured loadThe chance of spills can be reduced.

  • The Anhydrous Ammonia Meth ProcessDrug Enforcement Administration-Video.Ammonia added to processed ephedrine and lithium (battery).

    Imagine garden hoses duct tape and an igloo cooler