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  • 1.Imwearing ablack and white T-shirt and bluetrousers. Aarn3ra

2. Im wearing a green and blue T-shirt,blue trousers and white trainers. ADRIAN.V 3A 3. Imwearing abluedressand bluetrousers. 4. Im wearing a blue and grey shirt,a blue anorak and blacktrainers. Gisela 3A 5. lm wearing a green and blue T-shirt, blue trousers and white trainers. JORDI 3A 6. Imwearing a brown jacket ,grey trousers and brown shoes. Marc 3A 7. Im wearing a whiteT-shirt, a grey vest and blue trousers. MARCEL 3A 8. Im wearing a grey hat and a black t-shirt, a grey jacket , blue trousersand black sunglasses . mohamed 3a 9. Im wearing ablack and white shirt and white trousers . Natalia 10. Im wearing a blue and green dress,blue leggings and a blue hairband. PAULA 3A 11. Im wearing a blue T-shirt andblue shorts. Vctor 12. adri .a. 3a Im wearing a blue and white jumper,abrown jacket, a red and black cap,blue trousers and black shoes. 13. Im wearinga red shirt andblack shorts. ADRIANGIL 3A 14. Im wearinga white hat, a grey jacket, a black T-shirt and blue trousers. Alex 3A 15. Im wearing a brown anorak, a brownjumper, grey trousers and black shoes. alex 3ra 16. lm wearing anorange jacket,blue trousers, maroon boots and a purple bag. ANAIS 3rA 17. Im wearing a crown,a bluedressand white sandals.SHAKIRA 3A 18. ANTONIO 3A Im wearing a whiteand blue T-shirt,blackshorts,white socks,black and blue trainers and a blue bracelet. 19. ERIC 3A Im wearing a red and yellow jumper andblack shorts. 20. joel 3a Im wearing blue trousers, brown shoes,a grey jumper and a purple jacket. 21. In wearinga black skirt, a black cap, a pink jacket and pink tights. KRYSTEL3A 22. Im wearing a blue and white T-shirt. Ive got a white and black football. mateo 3a 23. Im wearing awhite and grey dress and grey sandals . LORENA 3A