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Transcript of Cats, cats and more cats!! By Anna

Cats, cats and more cats!!Cats, breeds, facts, quizzes and more!!

Breeds MEOW!!!!There are lots of different cat breeds, long haired breeds, short haired, and lots, lots more!!! I will show long haired breeds, short haired breeds & mixed breeds!!

Norwegian forest catThe norwegian forest has very long hair and is very fluffy. Their daily sleep hours are 12-16 per day. The normal height for them are 23-25cm. They are very, very strong cats like the maine coon.


BalineseThe balinese is a long haired breed of a domestic cat. The balinese is also known as a purebred siamese. Its origin is the united states of America.

A cat means happiness

RagdollThe ragdoll has blue and a very, very long coat. Their origin is the united states of America. Ragdoll cats are also known as dog-like-cats or puppy-like-cats. It is a long and muscular cat with a long silky, soft coat. Their scientific name is felis catus (Such a cute name!!).

BirmanThe Sacred cat of Burma, as the Birman is popularly known. Their origin countries are France, Myanmar (Birma). Their blue eyes contrast with white gloves or socks on each paw.

Russian blueThey develop close bonds with their human companions. You can draw pictures on their coat and they will stay there until you smooth them out. Their origin is in Russia.

SiameseThe siamese cat is one the first recognized cat of a Asian cat. Their origin is Thailand. Siamese cats also tend to seek human interaction and with other cats. It is a native cat of Thailand.

Siberian The siberian is the second largest cat next to the maine coon. Their origin is Russia, like the Russian blue. A stronger name for them is Siberian Forest Cat. They have a similarity to the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Quiz 1Which cat is the Scared cat of ..

RagdollBurmaNorwegian forest cat

Quiz 2Which is the first recognized Asian cat?

SiameseRagdollRussian blue

Quiz 3Which cat is very fluffy?

BirmanNorwegian ForestSiberian


2. Siamese

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

FactsCats use their whiskers to balance on fences, beams, window sills etc. Cats can hear 25-50 times louder than we can, thats why cats ears are sharper than ours. Their eyesight is not as good as ours though, its because theyre colour blind and they cant see very well.

True & False?????Cats use their whiskers to balance?True or False?Cats have better eyesight?True or False?Cats have better hearing?True or False?






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