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1. HORIZONTAL & DIRECTIONAL DRILLING 2. REGIONSWE ARE WHERE YOU OPERATE 3. ENGINEERS A BALANCING ACTPERFOR MANCERELIAB ILITY 4. SAFETYTOTAL RECORDABLE DAYS AWAY FROMINCIDENT RATEWORK CASE RATE 5. LESS RISK MORE REWARDRISK$ REWARDUPTO 20% UP TO50% OF COSTS SAVINGS (TOTAL AFE)(TOTAL DRILLING COSTS) 6. PROVEN RESULTSCATHEDRAL CONTRIBUTED TO INCREASING THE AVERAGEFEET PER DAY DRILLED BY 845 IN N. PICEANCE BASIN, CO 7. YOUR DRILLING ENGINEERSNEED A PARTNERYou lose the personal relationship with the major companies.They are globally minded and dont value the personalrelationship as much. They can also charge more. - Chase, Chesapeake Energy 8. MOTORS 3 1/2" to 9 5/8" mud motors Bit-to-bend options for any application Manufacture and service our own motors Hard rubber & even wall rubber Adjustable & fixed bend housings High mean-time-between failure 9. MEASUREMENT WHILE DRILLING Fusion Dual Telemetry (Pulse & EM) High temperature retrievable pulse tool Electromagnetic (EM) tool Gamma & Focal Gamma Resistivity 10. CATHEDRAL PERFORMANCEWHEN IT ABSOLUTELYNEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT Daily footage Curve drilling hours One run curve vertical One run curve/lateral MWD performance 11. PIONEERING PERFORMANCECATHEDRAL DRILLED THE LARGEST PAD IN N. AMERICA 52 WELLS WITH 8 SPACING 12. PAY FOR PERFORMANCE, NOT PROMISES 13. TIER 1 PERFORMANCE.TIER 2 PRICE. 14. IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY, CATHEDRAL WILL PROVIDE YOU WITHExperienced PersonnelFootage PricingHorizontal & DirectionalMeasurement While DrillingDrilling Motors (119 Systems in North America)(700 in North America)UnprecedentedWell Planning Customer Service 15. DRILLING WELLS ACCURATELY, SAFELY, AND EFFICIENTLY.THATS WHAT WE DO, AND NO ONE DOES IT BETTER.THANK YOU.