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  • In this issue . . . Award winning cast components

    Aluminium - the answer for many products

    Castings BuyerMetal casting your engineering needs

    Published by Institute of Cast Metals Engineers Spring 2013

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  • Castings Buyer - Spring 2013 1

    EditorialEditorLynn Postle FICMETel: +44 (0)121 601 [email protected]

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    The Institute of Cast Metals Engineers 2013

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    Castings Buyer is one of a group of titles published by The Institute of Cast Metals Engineers. Sister publication Foundry Trade Journal (published 10 times/year).

    ICME is the leading UK professional organisation for those employed in the global cast metals industry.

    Castings BuyerMetal casting your engineering needs


    Casting Solutions News2 Destination China for Europe-made castings; Nadcap merit accreditation aids

    Europe-wide shortage of expertise; Helicopter parts developed rapidly as investment castings.

    3 New website brings greater understanding of modern UK foundries; GM China casts magnesium chassis parts.

    4 UK foundry completes mammoth mill housing. 6 New events join Subcon; Castings UK showcased at Subcon. 14 Taking the tension out of supply a logistics supply chain solution16 A remarkable one-off casting wins top industry award23 Land Rover goes light metal for rear subframe for new Range Rover

    Features8-10 Focus on Iron We look at the latest material solutions for highly stressed cylinder heads and

    blocks in the form of compacted graphite iron.

    12-13 Lost Foam High standards of integrity, surface finish and precision are just some of the

    attributes of innovative processes at work today, read all about one such process here.

    18-19 Aluminium A look at some new innovative products featuring aluminium alloys.

    20-22 Country Profile We put the spotlight on Brazil to see how foundries are responding to increased

    global demand for cast components.

    25-28 Industry in Focus News from the people you want to hear from the foundries offering the

    solutions you need.

    Front cover picture lower part of a crankcase K48 BMW motorcycle K1600GT/GTL. The component is a new design concept aluminium diecasting which won third prize for Trimet Aluminium AG, Harzgerode (Germany) in the International Diecasting Competition 20112. The component was exhibited at Euroguss 2012.

    The cast metals industry is a vitally important supply option for many industrial sectors offering you, the buyer, numerous alternatives for highly complex engineered components to satisfy the need for efficient, high performance, and in many cases safety critical, parts.

    Castings Buyer is the only global publication dedicated to providing designers and those responsible for purchasing components with the information needed when considering castings as a supply option.

    Published by the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers, Castings Buyer reports on many projects involving cast components to give you a comprehensive overview of the global cast metals industry and what it can offer the wider engineering community.

    In many cases castings afford solutions in terms of complexity, weight reduction and high performance and they often out shine any other mode of manufacturing, so please read on

  • 2 Castings Buyer - Spring 2013


    To be sure not to miss a copy of Castings Buyer and all the latest news

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    contact: Yvonne Marriott at the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers.

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    Destination China for European-made castingsA British foundry has won a significant rail parts order from SKF France for over 3,500 rail parts that are destined for trains in China. Majorfax Ltd previously had a long relationship with SKF in the UK in Luton and the contract for its sister company, SKF France, represents a first for the Walsall-based company.The tendering process of sensor parts for the braking systems of Chinese trains started early in 2012. The new contract will run for approximately 12 months. We supply parts monthly to SKF, said Leigh Dale, production manager, Majorfax. Weve been doing the work for ten years so we know what were doing.

    Majorfax is extremely proud to have won the prestigious contract. In turn, it has further strengthened its highly respected position within the industry. Dale added: Our expertise and experience led us to winning the prestigious contract. The knowledge we have in regards to these complex parts placed us in a much stronger position than any other competitors. Majorfax will now strive to provide the very best in what we are so proud and skilled in.

    The foundry is supplying three parts for the sensor pack of the rail braking system for trains in China, Theres a rear cover, an intermediate housing part, the lid fits onto the housing and then the sensor pack goes inside of this sub assembly which is then shipped China to be fully assembled out there, Dale explained. Similar contracts for braking parts in China could be a possibility in the future which Dale said could lead to an expansion of the foundrys workforce by around 10%.

    Helicopter parts developed rapidly as investment castingsAn investment casting specialist from Bestwig (Germany) has completed an order for the renowned helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland within a very short development cycle of just three months.TITAL initially produced prototype aluminium gearbox parts for the AW 149, AW 169 and AW 189 of the Anglo-Italian helicopter company and has since commenced series production. Together with AgustaWestland we developed a total of three different parts for the tail gearboxes of these models. Approval and qualification were reached at an early stage, said Michael Kersting, TITALs account manager. The parts have a size of approximately 350 x 350 x 400mm. Aluminium is especially well suited for this application.

    According to Kersting, the main success factor for the speed of development of the parts was the good teamwork between the competent engineers at TITAL and their English colleagues from AgustaWestland. We worked together with very good and highly skilled engineers who understood the advantages of investment casting and consequently applied them. He said the good co-operation between TITAL and the helicopter manufacturer was created by a merger of the Italian companies Finmeccanica, Agusta and the British Westland Helicopter Company.

    For AgustaWestland this is not the first co-operation with the German technology leader. TITAL was already involved in the production of the AW159, known as Future Lynx, now an export success in South Korea. AgustaWestland is one of their long-standing customers and thus TITAL hopes to receive long-term orders for the AW149, AW169 and AW189 as the company sees the production of investment castings for helicopters as a dynamic area of activities. TITAL is specialised in the field of aerospace and also involved in the development of the investment casting gearbox parts for the SKYe SH09 helicopter of Swiss helicopter manufacturer Marenco.

    Nadcap merit accreditation aids Europe-wide shortage of expertiseThe technical