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  • What is TEFL, TESOL Certification?

  • What is TEFL?

    Teaching English as a Foreign Language


    Bottom line is youre

    teaching English as

    a Foreign language

  • Fastest growing Education field in the world.

  • Which creates thousands of teaching jobs

    for you worldwide.

  • Use t h i s s l i d e t o p r ov i d e a Compe l l i n g a l l - t o - a c t i o n ( CTA )

    Why is it important to get TEFL trained?

  • Is it your dream to live in Japan?

  • Do you want to experience life in... Germany?

  • How about migrating

    south to Costa Rica?

  • Top employers want professionally TEFL trained, native English teachers

  • Not all TEFL certifications are created equally

  • What does that mean? Well, there are

    professional standards for this industry.

  • International standards for accredited TEFL training are

    *drum roll*

  • 100 hours of course work

  • at least 6 hours of in-person practice teaching experience

  • accredited curriculum by independent, recognized organization

  • Education provided by a qualified instructor

    (who has an equivalent to a Masters Degree in TESOL

    or related field)

  • It is also recommended that you take your TEFL certification course from an

    organization that provides comprehensive job search guidancE!

  • All International TEFL Academy TEFL

    certification courses meet and often

    exceed these standards.

  • To learn more about what to consider when looking at TEFL

    certification courses, check out What Is TEFL/TESOL Certification

    on our TEFL Articles page.