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    Case study

    Big Fish Little Fish

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    Tell us about your event. How did it get started? Who is it aimed at? Big Fish Little Fish are the first in a new breed of family friendly rave events. They take

    place up and down the UK and are currently expanding internationally.

    Hannah, the founder, held the first event 4 years ago in July 2013. She had recently given

    up her successful career, wanted to be her own boss and found inspiration in her family life.

    Festivals had always played a big role in her family life: they went to All Tomorrows

    Parties with their daughter when she was 8 weeks old; Glastonbury when she was 4

    months old - as well as Latitude with both children when very small.

    But out of festival season, there was nothing festival-like where both she and her children

    could both enjoy themselves. Sure - there were events like childrens discos but as a

    lifelong clubber and raver she found the musical choices wanting and everything was

    100% child focussed.

    And so her decades of clubbing experience inspired her idea for a family rave.

    The first Big Fish Little Fish took place in a large pub at the end of the road, and was for

    families with 0-8 year old children. Over 300 people showed up - from the start it was

    always going to be a big event.

    Each weekend afternoon event is individually crafted: they host genre specials - recent

    events include drumnbass and techno; as well as ever-changing guest DJs including the

    Orb, Slipmatt, Aphrodite, Tom Middleton and coming soon fabric resident Terry Francis.

    The multi-sensory rave is at the heart of the rave but there is also a high quality multi-

    activity craft area and baby chill out and play areas - and a licensed bar!

    Hannah loves feedback from customers, Youre all old clubbers and it shows, because

    the events come across as authentic.Surreal madness - BFLF first timers.

    Best day of my life.- Child celebrating 6th birthday.

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    How much has it grown since inception? After the first event in south London, Hannah held events in a range of venues across

    London - then began playing outside such as Coventry, Margate, Whitstable and Surrey

    as well as festivals such as Camp Bestival; then built up a base of fans further afield.

    The event has now expanded to cover the UK - from the highlands of Scotland to Exeter

    and Wales to Newcastle and all the Midlands there are now over 25 towns and cities

    across the UK that host regular BFLFs.

    Hannah works with 7 regional managers - each with multiple cities to look after on their

    patch. Most of the managers started as fans and attendees at the events - the only

    qualities required as that they love dance music and club culture and understand family

    dynamics - all managers have children.

    The BFLF crew see themselves as a family or tribe - all pulling together with their own

    strengths and weaknesses but sharing the same ethos and vision for BFLF is about.

    Supportive and micket-taking at the same time - like all the most close knit families.

    In just under 4 years BFLf has played to over 100,000 people and now run about 10

    events per month to 6,000 attendees. Sometimes it can be as many as 20 a month and

    occasionally just a couple - such as when we move into festival season.

    In 2015 and 2016 Big Fish Little Fish won the Best Family Event at the National Family

    Arts Festival. In 2017 they aced the awards - winning the award selected By public vote;

    Best Welcome, Best Family Event, Best Venue; and the Judges panel award for Best

    Family Event. Out of 4,000 events.

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    Why did you choose to move your ticketing over to Eventbrite? As weve scaled up, we really needed a more robust platform - something completely

    reliable that we can trust and that our customers feel comfortable with too. No fear that

    it will drop out and leave people wondering if they have managed to buy tickets or not.

    Some of our most popular events have been known to sell out within 20mins of going on

    sale and we needed somewhere that could cope with very acute demands.

    As were now starting international expansion, we also needed a partner with

    international reach.

    Were very customer focused - families are often very time-poor and we like to

    have a close connection to them - and so we needed to work with a company with

    a great reputation for customer service, with the tools that allow for fast and easy

    communication with our fans.

    For example we love how easy the in-built email functionality is, which makes it simple to

    stay connect with our attendees for each event; and also to promote future events to our

    database, which helps drive a growth in sales.

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    It also helps that the user interface is very clear, simple and clean which makes it

    intuitive for anyone to use (on desktop or when theyre out and about on their mobile),

    which actually reduces the amount of customer support we need to provide, because its

    just so easy to use from a ticket buyers perspective.

    While still on the topic of customer services, we also needed to have plenty of support

    and strong customer service for each of our regional managers, as they all work

    independently, which has been provided by the Eventbrite team.

    Of course were a business, so we had to be sure the solution was good value, and

    Eventbrites fees were competitive compared to other agents, particularly when

    considering the breadth of additional features and support available.

    What challenges has moving to Eventbrite helped you solve? Weve seen 4 major areas of improvement since moving over to Eventbrite.

    Email delivery. We like to send out info via email about an upcoming event to help

    ticket holders enjoy a better experience. However previously, wed use a different email

    provider, and it was getting caught as spam so people wouldnt receive our messages.

    With Eventbrites email system, all customers receive emails and so theyre better

    prepared to make the most of our raves.

    Promotion. The different promotional tools provided by Eventbrite are working well -

    such as providing mailing list recipients with access codes in advance.

    Ease of use. Put simply, Eventbrite easy to use for managing ticket sales, updating event

    pages, and keeping an eye on how all our different events are performing.

    International support. Running events internationally, its been amazing to have a local

    partner and account manager in each international territory to support the event.

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    What sort of results have you seen since switching to Eventbrite?

    Weve seen a 5-10% uplift in new attendees through EB discovery, which is a fantastic

    benefit of being on such a popular platform for experiences.

    The ease of managing events across the country has also enabled us to support an ever

    growing number of events, to a current rate of ~120 a year, which just wouldnt be possible

    for such a small team without a platform as intuitive and simple to use as Eventbrite.

    What are your future plans, and how will Eventbrite help you achieve them? Theres a lot more connectivity and tracking with social media we are yet to explore and

    that will give us a better understanding of how best to promote and communicate with

    our customers.

    BFLF will continue to expand across the UK into new areas and having a clear universal

    ticketing platform partner will be very helpful to help ensure quality across all events. It

    is also expanding internationally. The first LA event was in February, with Melbourne +

    Sydney events going live shortly.

    With Eventbrites continued support as we scale, were very optimistic about how far we

    can go with Big Fish Little Fish, bringing family raves to people all over the world. See you

    on the dancefloor!

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    Eventbrite enables people all over the world to plan, promote, and sell

    out any event. Since its inception in 2006, Eventbrite has processed

    over 200 million tickets and helped organisers sell over 1.8 billion

    worth of tickets to events in 187 countries.

    The online ticketing platform makes it easy for anyone to discover

    events, and to share the events they are attending with the people

    they know. Eventbrite provides a professional, simple way to manage

    and promote events to help you reach your business goals.

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