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  • 1. 1919 Republic Truck

2. Old car Old pick up truck 3. Early SteamPowered CarsIn 1769, the very firstself-propelled roadvehicle was amilitary tractorinvented by Frenchengineer andmechanic, NicolasJoseph Cugnot (1725- 1804). Cugnot useda steam engine topower hisvehicle, built underhis instructions atthe Paris Arsenal bymechanic Brezin. 4. Toyota (Japan) General Motors (USA) Volkswagen group (Germany) Ford (USA) Honda (Japan) PSA Peugeot Citroen (France) Hyundai-Kia (South Korea) Nissan (Japan) Renault-Dacia-Samsung (France) DaimlerChrysler (Germany) 5. 4-Door Sedans - Sedans are a good choice for mostautomobile shoppers 2-Door Coupes - Coupes are usually driven by single adultsor childless couples Station Wagons - An active family will want to look atminivans, sport utility vehicles, or station wagons Convertibles - Most convertibles are sports cars, meaningtwo seats, high-performance engines and superiorhandling Sports Cars - Sports cars were originally European two-seatroadsters designed for both daily travel and week-endracing hobbyists. 6. Mini-Vans - If youre constantly carting kids or cargo, aminivan may be your best choice Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) - I mentioned in theStation Wagon category how I regard SUVs Pickup Trucks - More new pickup trucks are sold inthis country than any other type of vehicle Vans - If you transport large amounts of cargo or needroom for more than seven adults, a full-size van is youronly option. 7. 1Buy a cheap model muscle car such as a Chevelle or Nova, and a stockcar like Tony stewarts or Jeffgordons. Ads by Google Verano Official Site Introducing the New Buick Verano. View Photos, Features and More! 2Take the muscle cars body and increase the size of the fender openings with a dremel tool with asanding drum. Dremels are available at places like Home Depot, Lowes and other hardware stores. 3Remove the tires of the stockcar model and make sure the rims and tires fit the chassis of the musclecar. If the hole in the rim is not big enough for the stock car tire, drill it out. Make sure that the tiresare not rubbing the fenders. 4Assemble the interior with a rollbar made of styrene added. Only put 1 seat, the dashboard andsteering wheel, and the shifter, nothing else (you can buy styrene tubing at hobby stores, but youdont need a rollbar). 5Paint the muscle car. 6Get racing numbers and apply them to the muscle car. 7Use aluminum duct tape or sheet metal and cover the headlights, tail lights and all other lights of themuscle car. The only glass that should be in the car is the front windshield - no other glass. 8Install everything else on the car (the engine, wheels from the stockcar etc. etc). 8.