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  • Carrollton Public SchoolsP.O. Box 517, 3211 Carla DriveCarrollton, MI

    NonprofitU.S. Postage Paid

    Carrollton, MIPermit No. 6

    ECRWSSPostal Customer

    May 2014Volume 27, Issue 7

    Insidethis issue...


    Contact NumbersSuperintendent

    989-754-1475Administration Office


    989-753-3477High School989-753-3433

    Middle School989-753-9704

    Elementary/JB Griffin989-754-2425Check us outon the Web:

    CommCommCommCommCommunity Connectionunity Connectionunity Connectionunity Connectionunity Connection

    Giving backWalk/Run for the BlindCalendar changes

    CHS News

    Water crisis projectGuiding studentsStudents to Students

    CES News

    Saginaw Spirit gameResearch projectPrimary Unit

    CMS News

    Summer ProgramCMS Celebrates

    CarrolltonPublic Schoolsis acceptingapplications

    for 2014-2015preschool

    enrollment.Please call

    989-754-2425for more

    information orstop by the

    Elementary Schoolor JB Griffin



    Congratulationsto the CHS

    Class of 2014Please join us in celebration:

    May 20 - 9 a.m.Candlelight

    CHS Gymnasium

    May 20 - 7 p.m.BaccalaureateSt. Mathews

    May 22 - 7 p.m.CommencementCHS Gymnasium

    CMS Students Perform Peter Pan Jr.By Celeste RiosGrade 8

    friendship with others all while doingsomething I absolutely love.

    Above, the cast andcrew of Peter Pan Jr.cannot hide the excite-ment after the finalperformance of theirshow. Left, Peter Pan,played by DanielleTafel, and Tinker Bell,played by AllisonKrenz, pose for apicture.

    This years Carrollton Middle Schoolplay was Peter Pan Jr. We may have hada small cast, but we sure did have oneheck of a good show. It took a lot of time and preparation tomake this show all work. Many of ourpractices were cancelled due to the over-whelming amount of snow that fell thiswinter. Luckily, our director, Sam Langhorne,scheduled extra practices to make up forthe time we lost. The day of the first performance wasnerve wracking. This day would be thefirst time we would actually perform infront of our parents, families, and friends.As we worked through the play it wentbetter than we expected. By the end of the performance it wasvery emotional because we did such agreat job and we remembered that weonly had two more performances to show-case all our hard work. At the end of each show, Mr. Langhornelet us go out into the crowd while we werestill in our costumes. This was a greatopportunity for us to take pictures andsee our families. After some of the performances therewere even cute little kids that wanted ourautographs. Although the play may be over I stillfeel like I have a second family, the castand crew of the show. This play was the best ever; not only

    Coates Selected as CarrolltonElementary School Principal It is pretty safe to say that 2014 had arough start for all of the students and staff

    of CarrolltonElementarySchool. The newyear startedout with theunexpectedloss of our be-loved princi-pal, Mr. MarcJaremba. At a mo-ment when itseemed that

    it would be impossible to make it throughthis devastating loss, Mrs. Sarah Coatescame forward to help. Mrs. Coates, an Elementary School In-structional Coach at the time, was ap-pointed as the interim principal. She is acertified teacher, with a Masters Degree,and 18 years of experience at CPS. Over the past four months, Mrs. Coateshas worked hard to help everyone adjustto the new life at CES. Although new tothe position, she is definitely not new tothe district.

    Mrs. Coates first entered the doors ofCarrollton Schools in 1995 as a studentteacher. Over the past 18 years atCarrollton she has taught at the Transi-tions Center, Middle School, and Elemen-tary School. Over the last few years while workingas an Instructional Coach, she workedclosely with Mr. Jaremba learning the insand outs of our school through the view ofan administrator. When the time came that the ElementarySchool Principal position was posted, sheput in her application. Mrs. Coates wentthrough two rounds of interviews andlanded the top spot. She was offered theposition and happily accepted. Carrollton Elementary School is very ex-cited to welcome Mrs. Coates into this newposition. Her love of our students, school,and community has shown through timeand again. We strongly believe that shewill do a wonderful job and we are thrilledto have her. We know that she will continue the workthat Mr. Jaremba began and make surethat all of the staff and students atCarrollton Elementary School strive forexcellence. Cavalier Pride all the way.

    because it went so well, but also because Imade new friends and even improved my

    Sarah Coates


    Tim Wilson

    Dear Carrollton Community,

    In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of theRehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disability Act of 1990, and the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act of 1977, it is thepolicy of the Carrollton Public School District that no person shall, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin orancestry, sex, disability, height, weight, or marital status be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or besubjected to, discrimination during any program, activity, service or in employment. For information, inquiries, or to file acomplaint, contact the Superintendent of Carrollton Public Schools at PO Box 517, Carrollton, MI 48724, 989-754-1475.

    2013 - 2014 Board of EducationPhillip Abney, President

    Loren Fischer, TreasurerAnthony McDonald, Trustee

    Gregory Morley, Vice-PresidentTroy Lapine, Secretary

    William Feriend, TrusteeStephen Schwerin, Trustee

    The Community Connection

    Community ConnectionP.O. Box 517

    Carrollton, MI. 48724or, contact Kelly Baker at:

    This newsletter is published and distributed to residents ofCarrollton and to Schools of Choice families. We welcome yourcomments, questions, and ideas. If you live outside the distribution area and would like tosubscribe to The Community Connection, send your name andaddress, along with $3 to:

    Another great way to be updated on upcoming events and news...Like us on FaceBook:

    Search for Carrollton Public Schools and look for the Cavalier logo.

    The Carrollton Lions Clubis sponsoring its annual...

    Walk/Runfor the Blind 5k

    Saturday, May 109 a.m.

    Carrollton High SchoolRegister online by

    The registration fee is $15.

    Proceeds go to the Leader Dogsfor the Blind, a nonprofit

    organization in Rochester, MI.This event is made possible by the

    cooperation and support of Carrollton PublicSchools and the Carrollton Township

    Police Department.

    For more information,please contact Craig Douglas:

    douglascraig97@gmail.comor 989-753-7261.

    Calendar changes:

    May 9, May 16, May 23 will befull school days.

    June 6 will be a full school day.

    June 9, 10 and 11 will be a halfday schedule.

    Last day of school is June 11.

    Snow daymake-up dates

    Top readerstreated to lunchThe March is ReadingMonth top readersfrom each classroomat Carrollton Elemen-tary School weretreated to lunch atMcDonald's withSuperintendent TimWilson. Congratula-tions everyone, soproud to call youCavaliers. Keep upthe great work!

    CAVS: Carrollton Artists Value Skill The inspirational creativity and artistic talent fromCarrollton Public Schools was shown in the 27th An-nual Saginaw County Art Exhibit. The artwork was on display from April 28 throughMay 4, at the Fashion Square Mall. Several Carrollton

    By Lauren Collison, High School Teacher Elementary students and High School students hadtheir artwork displayed at this honorable event. The breadth of skill amongst our students withinthe exhibition truly ignites Cavalier Pride. The Saginaw County Art Exhibit is sponsored bythe Saginaw Intermediate School District and theSchool District of the City of Saginaw.

    Stable, Strong, and Moving Forward

    With many districts around us having seriousfinancial problems and either being forced to dis-solve their districts or severely cut programming,I wanted you to know that our district is very fi-nancially stable. We have a strong fund balance, and we will soonhave a balanced budget. Based on our current en-rollment, we have no plans to cut any teachingstaff, we will not be charging students to playsports, and we plan to continue all of our electiveclasses and extracurricular activities at no chargeto our students.

    I have now had about a year to get to know andevaluate our district and identify our strengths andthe areas we need to improve. I am very excited aboutthe leadership team we have in place and the plansand actions we are putting in place to keep us mov-ing ahead. I am looking forward to Carrollton PublicSchools becoming stronger in all areas of your childseducation. Educating the whole child is extremely importantto us. We desire to help your child succeed in theiracademics, in social responsibility, in athletics, andin the arts. We are one of the few districts in SaginawCounty that has an early childhood education pro-gram that starts at age zero with our infant day careprogram. We also provide early childhood educa-tion through preschool age. Our K-12 program fo-cuses on helping our students grow socially and aca-demically. We also offer many electives, such as art, music,criminal justice, and theater, as well as other classesto help our students grow in the arts and i