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Transcript of Caring School - Caring Community

Caring School ~ Caring Community

Caring School~ Caring CommunityCarolanne MainlandAime HendersonSiobhan Osbourn

Communities as an Intergenerational Revolving Hub

Division within Communities

Continuum of Compassion

Daniel Goleman

Compassion FatigueCare GiversSociety

Noticing makes the Difference

Noticing.Engenders Respect and Caring

.Improves Mental, Physical and Social Health for all parties

.Builds Tolerance and Understanding

Caring in Ullapool~ what weve noticed Home Care difficult to access Recruitment to Caring roles very difficult Need to attract the Right People of the Right Age with the Right Values

Demographics of Caring Workforce IRISS A view from here 2015

Employment Stats

The Right People

We have a problem with younger applicants who come into the sector and after a few months realise its hard graft and leave.

In the Front Line Workforce Survey Scottish Care 2015

The Right People IRISS A view from here 2015

Knowledge and Attitudes Survey of Care as a CareerAssumption Care as a Career is not seen as a viable option for young people in Ullapool and the surrounding area if they do not want to move from their own localities.

Knowledge and Attitudes Survey of Care as a CareerObjectives:To test this assumption amongst two groups 18yrs 18yrsGenerate and analyse data on identifying skills and values testingProvide a narrative on the relevance of Care as a Career within the localityConsider issues related to the challenges and opportunities

Knowledge and Attitudes Survey of Care as a Career Key Qualities:

Upholding the Rights of IndividualsProfessionalismUnderstanding and Caring About OthersWorking with OthersCommunicating EffectivelyEmpowering Others SSSC

Knowledge and Attitudes Survey of Care as a CareerFindings:Scores on Values Testing were high for both groupsThere was a strong sense of Community within both groups18yrs didnt know that Local Care Jobs/Opportunities to Study Care Locally were available18yrs thought that other people were delivering Care within their Community and were shocked to discover that many older adults could not access Care

OutcomesIncreased Awareness of Care as a CareerIncreased Interest in developing Highland Care AcademyCommunity interest in developing Pop Up Care at Home Service

Who am II'm a tourist of my own world; a tourist re-visiting the joys, pains, celebrations, frustrations.....that I had lived in my previous worlds. The ruins and remains exist as memories and feelings. I silently create and destroy my worlds without any one ever noticing - yes, silent big-bangs....

Teddy Kimathi

Two Further Projects in Ullapool that are helping others to Notice, Embed Empathy and Develop Compassion

Aime HendersonGet to know your Techno

What is Get to know your Techno

Intergenerational projectTechnological Help - ridicule

Expanded its reach of people

How it works

An opportunity for more diverse conversation - i.e. talking to someone you typically wouldn't

Chilled out environment

Tea and a chat

How it is making a difference New Friends No to isolation Less judgement A chance to give back

Siobhan OsbournSPEAK UP

What is SPEAK UP

Branch of SPEAK which was set up by HUG

Stigma Prevention through Education, Advocacy and Knowledge

Young persons mental health advocacy group

How it works

Collective advocacy

Gives young people a voice on issues concerning mental health

Ongoing projects to break down stigma

How it is making a difference

Raising awareness of mental health

Promoting a caring environment within the school

Caring School --> Caring Community

In Noticing, these Projects offer Authentic Opportunities to Develop Personal and Social Responsibility through Caring

They also give opportunities for young people to pursue Careers in Caring by working with one or multiple generations.

Paradigm ShiftIn this way Compassion shifts from the Global to the Personal

We develop a Culture of giving and receiving

This strong ethical foundation can only mean that Caring within the School and amongst its Young People can continue to spread into the Community

Once upon a time there was an Ocean, but now its a mountain range

Something unstoppable set into motion, nothing is different, but everything has changed

Paul Simon