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  • 1. My Informercial!
    • Made by: Karen Stroyev
  • 2. True Colors
  • 3. My Learning Style
  • 4. Signature Strengths
  • 5. Multiple Intelligences
  • 6. Interests
    • Singing
    • Learning new things
    • Having a good time
    • Music
    • Exploring the world
    • Reading
    • Writing
  • 7. Skills
    • Listening
    • Musical
    • Humourous
    • Moving
    • Writing
  • 8. Values
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Exploring the world
    • Meeting new people
  • 9. Temperament
    • Impatient
    • Patient once I do something I love
    • Very easy-going
    • Caring
    • Warm/welcoming
  • 10. Hypothesis
    • I think, with that settled, I'd make a very good Nurse Practitioner/Registered Nurse. With that job, there is a variety of jobs you must do to help people out. I'm great at listening and keeping an open mind if people ever need to talk, and usually patients in the hospital are scared and yet looking for what is coming for them and always want words of wisdom to be out there. I think successfully I would be enthusiastic enough to bring peoples moods higher and make them get better quicker (because, being happy brings other people up). I'm very caring towards people, to add.
  • 11. Career Overviews
    • Career # 1: Nurse Practitioner
    • N.O.C. Number: 3152.
    • N.O.C. Category: Medicine & Health.
    • Recommended Pathway :College/ University.
    • Career #2: Music teacher/instructor.
    • N.O.C. Number: 5133.
    • N.O.C. Category: Arts & Culture.
    • Recommended Pathwa y: Training/College/University.
  • 12. Nurse Practitioner
    • N.O.C. Number: 3152
    • N.O.C. Category: Medicine & Health.
    • Salary: $52,000-$100,000/year for most. More experienced nurses get more than $100,000/year. Part-time nurses paid by hours worked.
    • Education Requirements: Training and experience as Registered Nurse. A post-graduate nurse practitioners program.
    • Tasks and Responsibilities: Perform physical exams and collect patient information. Diagnose, treat, and manage common illnesses.Educate the community about health.
    • Skills required: Have concern for peoples' well-beings, able to calm people down, communicate well, be responsible and good at supervising, and decisive.
  • 13. Music Teacher/Instructor
    • N.O.C. Number: 5133
    • N.O.C. Category: Arts & Culture.
    • Salary: $40,000-$140,000/year for professors, $35,000-$80,000/year for teachers. For private instructors, $ depends on their rates and # of students.
    • Educational Requirements: Completion of music program at university or conservatory of music for private instructors. A Bachelor of Education degree and teaching certificate to teach at school. A PhD needed to teach at university.
    • Tasks and Responsibilities: Teach students how to read music, instruct them how to play notes with chosen instruments, show proper techniques, design exercises and drills, and teach music intrepretation and theory.
    • Skills Required: Patient and persistant, have musical talent, be creative, have hand-eye coordination, and work well with hands.