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put the ‘u’ in businessCurtin business school: Careers Guide

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at CBS U Can find a degree to SUit

Welcome to CBSWhat’s your next career move? are you a people person who likes to get out and about or are you a natural with numbers and problem solving? is your mind abuzz with creative ideas or is research and analysis your area of expertise?

no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your interests, Curtin Business School (CBS) has the degree for you! With over 60 undergraduate courses available, the best part about becoming a CBS student is having so many options to choose from!

forget all the assumptions you’ve made about what a career in business entails. CBS has taken the guesswork out and included everything you need to know in one handy careers guide.

So go on, satisfy your curiosity and take a look.

What intereStS U? figures, maths or accounting

people, helping or organising them

new ideas, being creative or innovative

computers or the Internet

selling products or ideas, persuading people

preparing or providing information

sports and sports people, being outdoors

hospitality, organising special events

other countries and international business 1

Industry Links, Industry ReadyCurtin’s strong industry links take your business degree beyond the four walls of the classroom and into the real world. a Curtin business degree doesn’t only open doors once you graduate, but will give you access to many areas while you are a student. access to real life businesses, employer networks, guest lecturers from industry and relevant case studies.

the wide range of professional skills and challenges offered by a Curtin business degree will broaden your perspective and prepare you for whatever career path you wish to take, anywhere in the world.

Want a Career that moveS

thiS CoUld Be U!“i enjoy the creative license given to advertising students and i believe that’s the major drawcard in this industry. advertising gets you into the headspace of consumers and helps you understand the actions people take on a day to day basis. You can then use this information to predict their future actions so that you can market your product towards them.”

- Matt Londt (BCom - Marketing & Advertising)

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Where CUrtin BUSineSS SChool Can take



Can find a CoUrSe that exCiteS

accounting 4

advertising 6

agribusiness 8

Banking & finance 10

Business information Systems/technology 12

economics 14

human resources 16

international Business 18

legal Studies 20

logistics & Procurement 22

Management 24

Marketing 26

Property 28

Public relations 30

taxation 32

tourism Management 34

CBS online Career Planner 36

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communication & presentation skills able to build rapport with clients analytical & problem solving skills great with numbers & formulas organisational skills professional & ethical

are U right for the joB?

inveStment AnAlyStan investment analyst evaluates the worth of companies for potential buyers and investors, and investigates businesses being sold, bought or merged.

Bookkeepera bookkeeper works to handle ledgers for companies including accounts receivable and payable, managing payroll, submitting forms and reports to required agencies, making deposits for the company, paying bills and managing inventory funds.

accountingWhiCh one are U?AUditoran auditor makes sure that financial statements are accurate by checking that assets and liabilities mentioned in reports really exist, analysing samples of work done and interviewing staff about the way they go about their work.

BUdget ACCoUntAnta budget accountant is primarily concerned with the development and maintenance of budgeting systems. this involves monitoring budgets and comparing them with actual costs and revenues related to production, marketing and capital. they analyse records to determine trends, which assists in managerial control.

finAnCe mAnAgera finance manager prepares reports for management, summarising the business’ financial position, and assists with the preparation of strategic plans, budgets and financial forecasts. finance managers also work out funds requirements and strategies to invest surpluses. they also develop accounting and management policies and procedures.

CoSt ACCoUntAnta cost accountant develops and directs systems so that costs can be recorded and analysed to work out each unit cost. this involves analysing changes that affect production costs (e.g. raw materials, manufacturing methods, factory overheads and wages).

Want to Make it CoUntAccountants analyse, report and give advice on the financial dealings of organisations and individuals, and advise on associated record-keeping and compliance requirements.

Where ACCoUnting Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS aCCoUnting gradUateS

> kPMg > ernst & Young > deloitte touche tohmatsu > rSM Bird Cameron > PricewaterhouseCoopers > Pkf

JuMp the queue foR An InteRvIew At eRnst & Youngdon’t wait until you graduate to get your foot in the door with one of the world’s largest accounting firms. You could seize job opportunities as early as your first semester of uni through a range of industry partnerships held with CBS. our partnership with ernst & Young allows first year accounting students to work on a real life project. the best performing students receive industry recognised awards and five students get to ‘jump the queue’ for an interview with ernst & Young’s popular vacation work program.

What are U Worth? average australian salariesCompany Secretary - $103,000internal auditor - $85,000financial accountant - $90,000Management accountant - $90,000Payroll Clerk - $48,000Systems accountant - $95,000Senior Bookkeeper - $67,000financial Controller - $150,000Project accountant - $115,000tax accountant - $95,000

thiS CoUld Be U!Before i had even finished my degree, i had successfully secured a graduate position with global accounting firm kPMg. i did some vacation work for them in my second year at uni and was then offered a contract for when i graduated. three years later i’m now working as a Senior accountant in the audit division of kPMg, with the aim of moving to an assistant manager position next year. a lot of people think accounting is about sitting behind a desk and number crunching. in actual fact, we barely spend four months of the year doing that, with most of my time spent out and about meeting clients! the continuous opportunity to meet and network with clients is definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of my job!

sara perdichizzi: senior Accountant (Audit), KpMg Bachelor of Commerce (accounting & Corporate and resources administration)

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Where AdvertiSing Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS advertiSing gradUateS

> avery dennison > national australia Bank > the Brand agency > 303 > gatecrasher


What are U Worth? average australian salariesadvertising Manager - $103,000advertising account Manager - $85,000advertising art director - $67,000Media Buyer - $64,000advertising account executive - $56,000advertising Copywriter - $45,000

AdvertiSing ACCoUnt mAnAgeran advertising account manager has ultimate responsibility for a number of accounts, manages the work of advertising account executives and is the key person in charge of budgets and administration. the position of advertising account manager is usually attained after a few years’ experience in the role of advertising account executive.

AdvertiSing Art direCtoran advertising art director is responsible for producing innovative concepts and ideas for advertising campaigns across all kinds of media. art directors work in partnership with a copywriter as a ‘creative team’ and focus on the visual look and feel of a campaign.

AdvertiSing CopyWriteradvertising copywriters usually work in a creative partnership with an art director to conceive, develop and produce effective advertisements. the copywriter provides the verbal or written aspect, coming up with original catchphrases, slogans and messages.

WhiCh one are U? AdvertiSing mAnAgeran advertising manager develops a company’s advertising strategy, liaises with advertising agencies to create the company product or image, prepares budgets and develops promotional and sales support materials. in larger organisations an advertising manager is responsible for a team of specialist staff.

mediA BUyera media buyer is responsible for purchasing media space (in newspapers, magazines and posters and on radio, television and cinema). Working within advertising agencies, they advise clients on which media should be used to best advertise their product or service.

AdvertiSing ACCoUnt exeCUtivean advertising account executive acts as a link between clients and the advertising agency. they usually report to an account manager and are responsible for the day-to-day running of their clients’ campaigns. they liaise between the client and a range of agency staff in order to coordinate the details of advertising campaigns.


Advertising professionals devise and coordinate advertising campaigns, which are created to encourage consumers to purchase particular products or services.

artistic flair creative written & oral communication skills able to work under pressure organisational skills problem solving skills team player

are U right for the joB?

Want to CreAte

Page 6: Careers in Business handbook

Where AgriBUSineSS Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS agriBUSineSS gradUateS

> naB > rSM Bird Cameron > Wesfarmers > rabobank > australian grain

accumulation Services > aventis > elanco > Planfarm


WhiCh one are U? AgriCUltUre And reSoUrCe eConomiStagricultural and resource economists study and apply economic principles to the use and management of resources in the agricultural, pastoral, fishing and forestry industries.

operAtionS mAnAgeran operations manager is primarily concerned with the production of goods and services in a timely and efficient manner. the main objective of this position is to ensure that the production process converts inputs such as materials, labour and energy into outputs such as goods and services.

pUBliC ServAnt - AUStrAliAn pUBliC ServiCePublic servants in the australian Public Service (aPS) work in a wide range of areas such as agriculture, community and social services, community development, economic management, education, employment, foreign affairs, trade, industrial relations and transport. they are employed in a variety of clerical, technical and professional positions.

mAnAgement ConSUltAntManagement consultants study the procedures and systems used in an organisation to assess how individuals and the organisation as a whole can best operate.


Want to groWA career in agribusiness involves the systems and activities for food and fibre production, processing, marketing and distribution.

SAleS repreSentAtiveSales representatives in the agricultural industry sell goods and services such as wool, fertiliser, farming and grazing land, equipment and merchandise to industry, business and professional establishments, and to wholesale or retail outlets.

grAin mArketera successful grain marketer calculates production costs, develops marketing strategies and manages the risks involved in promoting grain to potential buyers.

What are U Worth? the average maximum salary in the agribusiness industry is $200,000, with the average industry salary being $66,074.

have a strong interest in the environment, agriculture or food interested in people, process & resource management an analytical mind & ability to think logically good oral & written communication skills good at mathematics organisational skills

are U right for the joB?

thiS CoUld Be U!as a field Merchant, i have the opportunity to develop relationships with a number of people and groups. We work closely with farmers/growers and also have the ability to learn from international traders. Being out on the road is definitely a plus with this job, whether it be visiting growers on their farm or attending field days. the best part about this industry is that the career opportunities are endless. My current role will lead me in a number of directions whether it be a State Commodity Manager or entering into commodity trading. the experience i have gained will ensure i have the options of a career anywhere within agriculture or similar roles. the agribusiness technology degree gave me an insight into marketing which i enjoyed and resulted in the job i have now!Lisa o’neill: field Merchant, Australian grain Accumulation services Bachelor of agribusiness (agricultural technology)

at CBS: real World PraCtiCeYou will have the opportunity to put your skills to practice by undertaking a 10 week professional placement program in your final year of uni. You will develop your management skills whilst working in an agribusiness organisation anywhere in australia or around the world! this hands-on, practical placement provides students with the knowledge and experience needed to ensure they are ‘industry-ready’ when they enter the work force.

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Where BAnking & finAnCe Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS Banking & finanCe gradUateS

> national australia Bank > Coles Myer > hSBC > department of treasury & finance > Woodside


WhiCh one are U?BAnk mAnAgera bank manager is responsible for the daily operation of the financial institute. this includes staffing, increasing or maintaining the deposits on hand at the bank through to handling customer queries.

inSUrAnCe Agent an insurance agent represents an insurance firm and sells insurance to clients, including individuals and organisations.

Credit offiCera credit officer examines, evaluates and processes applications for credit or loans and, in a commercial enterprise, control and process accounts.

finAnCiAl plAnnera financial planner provides financial advice to clients covering all areas of finance, including taxation, retirement, redundancy, superannuation, insurance and estate planning.

Banking & finance inveStment BAnkeran investment banker offers financial products and services, handles large financial transactions and operates as an intermediary in the professional and commercial sectors of the finance industry. they are also involved in the money market, corporate lending and investment banking.

StoCkBrokera stockbroker buys and sells stocks and bonds on behalf of clients.

pArA plAnnera para planner assists financial planners and other finance professionals by providing technical assistance, such as conducting research on listed securities, managed funds, market conditions and government regulations. they may also assist financial planners in preparing financial plans and client reviews.

Want to Make it Bigfinance professionals have a broad understanding of the structure and operations of financial markets in Australia, together with the theory and techniques underlying financial management. this includes investment evaluation, decisions on how to fund activities and the roles played by financial markets and instruments.

What are U Worth? average australian salariesassociate financial Planner - $65,000Credit analyst - $55,000financial analyst - $100,000investment Banker - $113,000Para Planner - $65,000Stockbroker - $84,000Superannuation Manager - $98,000

good communication skills able to make accurate calculations quickly aptitude for using computers able to work independently able to work under pressure aptitude for research good with numbers & formulas

are U right for the joB?

Page 8: Careers in Business handbook

eMPloYerS of CBS BUSineSS inforMation SYSteMS/teChnologY gradUateS

> google > deloitte touche tohmatsu > department of treasury

& finance > fujitsu australia limited > Myer > grd Minproc > Chevron australia ltd

WhiCh one are U?informAtion teChnology SeCUrity mAnAgeran information technology security manager looks at the security of it

systems, including such aspects as password protection, data access trails, encryption and theft. Security managers may also be involved in contingency planning and

risk management analysis.

dAtABASe deSign SpeCiAliSta database design specialist plays an important role in devising databases to suit large data acquisition, storage and retrieval requirements. designers must develop database solutions that satisfy client need for high-speed access, multiple views of the same information, accuracy and security, and the sharing of information between systems.

netWork AdminiStrAtora network administrator provides operational support and management of a diverse area, covering networks involving the internet and private networks, through to large communication networks within industries such as financial services.

Business information Systems/technology

Business It and Is professionals design computing solutions to provide organisations with the information they need to achieve their goals. they can provide hands-on expertise to support both an organisation’s technology infrastructure and the people who use it.


Where infoSyStemS Can take

thiS CoUld Be U!“My course most definitely prepared me for the workforce – the sheer amount of opportunities available beyond regular study was incredible. in addition, the industry-relevant nature of many of the iS units prepared me for what was to come. the fact that there are so many student societies holding useful events, as well as staff consistently promoting industry events made it possible to prepare for the workforce while still at university. in my current role as an analyst/Consultant for deloitte touche tohmatsu, my main responsibilities include developing, procuring and implementing technological solutions for large organisations. i work on a variety of contracts and projects which ensures that the work remains fresh and interesting depending on the client or problem in question.”trent Matthews: Analyst/Consultant, Deloitte touche tohmatsu Bachelor of Commerce (Business information Systems and technology)

What are U Worth?average australian salarieshelpdesk/Service Manager - $80,000it Manager - $100,000Systems administrator - $85,000Junior Business analyst - $60,000Security Consultant - $94,000network designer - $85,000network administrator - $70,000

able to grasp complex concepts logical & analytical approach to solving problems good communication skills team player willing to actively maintain personal skills & knowledge of it able to understand & address clients’ needs able to explain complex concepts clearly

are U right for the joB?

Want to Be a leAder

QUAlity mAnAger (it)a quality manager (it) is responsible for preparing guidelines and evaluating it systems against australian or international standards and performance criteria. Some quality managers may supervise the work of quality assurance audit teams.SyStemS AdminiStrAtora systems administrator is generally involved in the maintenance and tuning of large operating systems that may be acquired from external system developers in the form of mainframe, desktop solutions or mid-range systems.

SoftWAre deSignera software designer works in the area of design and modification of the operating environment software that links computer software and hardware. the role is sometimes also described as Software engineer, implying some knowledge of the associated hardware on which the software runs.

PUt YoUr SkillS to the teSttop students in the Business iS and it majors have the chance to practice their skills in a real company before graduating. By applying for an industry practice placement in your final semester, you could experience working with a big name company such as Western Power or CSg. this hands-on and exclusive experience has been collaboratively developed with the australian Computer Society (aCS) in response to industry demand for “job-ready graduates”. You can apply your skills to real projects in software development, security analysis, business intelligence or a wide range of other areas. With the growing demand for information Systems graduates, this placement provides an invaluable opportunity to network with your future employers!

Page 9: Careers in Business handbook

What are U Worth? average australian salariesCustoms officer - $50,000economist - $82,000Policy advisor - $81,000

CUStomS offiCer a customs officer administers customs and related laws. they work mainly at major airports or seaports checking passengers and crew before clearing them for entry into a country. they check luggage and other cargo of ships and aircraft to prevent the illegal entry of prohibited, quarantined or dutiable goods.

operAtionS reSeArCher an operations researcher develops methodologies for analysing and solving problems in government, business and industry, often using mathematical tools, statistical analysis and online tools.

foreign AffAirS And trAde offiCer a foreign affairs and trade officer works on the policy and operational aspects of foreign policy and trade interests.

StAtiStiCiAn a statistician designs and applies statistical techniques for collecting and analysing data to produce useful information from areas such as science, technology, medicine, business, finance and government.

environmentAl eConomiStan environmental economist studies the environmental impact of projects and developments, and advises industry and governments on environmental and natural resource management.

WhiCh one are U? eConomiSt an economist performs economic research and analysis, and develops and applies theories relating to the production and distribution of goods and services and people’s spending behaviour. they advise and provide forecasts to governments and businesses on matters such as taxation levels, wages and prices, employment and unemployment, imports and exports, and interest and exchange rates. they investigate international or national economic situations, or particular features such as industries or regions.


A career in economics includes the study of labour, land, and investments, of money, income, and production, and of taxes and government expenditures. economists seek to measure well-being, to learn how well-being may increase over time, and to evaluate the well-being of the rich and the poor. they also address the collective behavior of businesses, industries, governments and countries.

Where eConomiCS Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS eConoMiCS gradUateS

> Coles Myer > raC finance ltd > department of industry

& resources > allianz australia > Mirvac (Wa) Pty ltd

able to think logically able to write concisely good at mathematics & statistical analysis reasoning and problem-solving skills communication skills team player able to work independently

are U right for the joB?

Want to See the Big piCtUre


Page 10: Careers in Business handbook

What are U Worth? average australian salarieshuman resources Manager - $120,000human resources Consultant - $80,000office Manager - $55,000recruitment Consultant - $55,000recruitment Manager - $120,000training Coordinator - $55,000industrial relations Manager - $130,000

WhiCh one are U? hUmAn reSoUrCeS offiCer a human resources officer provides administration services for the recruitment and employment of staff. tasks include analysing staffing numbers, analysing the skills and qualities required for each particular job and developing job descriptions and duty statements.

reCrUitment ConSUltAnt a recruitment consultant interviews applicants to determine their job requirements and suitability for particular jobs, assess their training needs and help employers to find suitable staff.

trAining offiCer a training officer plans, develops, implements, and evaluates training and development programs in organisations. they also instruct staff and management in many areas including occupational health and safety, operating plant and equipment, preparing for retirement and supervisory skills.

indUStriAl relAtionS offiCer an industrial relations officer manages employment conditions and related issues. their aim is to encourage employees and employers to work towards effective organisational practices. they may represent industrial, commercial, union, employer or other organisations in industrial negotiations.

human resources

Want to Work With peopleA career in human resources involves organising and working with people to improve the management of employment practices and organisational relationships. It deals with issues including staff selection, promotion, training and development.

offiCe AdminiStrAtor an office administrator undertakes a range of functions to make sure the administration activities within an organisation run smoothly. they may be responsible for the management of human resources, budgets, accommodation and property facilities.

retAil mAnAger a retail manager plans and coordinates the operations of retail outlets, including small, independently-owned specialty shops, fast food restaurants, chain store outlets, supermarkets and department stores. Major parts of the job on a day-to-day basis include managing staff, finding new ways to improve sales, and meeting customer demand.

Where hUmAn reSoUrCeS Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS hUMan reSoUrCeS gradUateS

> Burswood entertainment Complex > tourism Wa > Pilbara iron > Westnet > Qantas > Chandler Macleod


intuition & understanding of people’s qualities analytical & decision making skills oral & written communication skills confidentiality, tact & discretion when dealing with people able to supervise computer skills organisational skills conflict resolution skills

are U right for the joB?

thiS CoUld Be U!i work in the human resources department for tourism Wa assisting in the management of approximately 100 employees. My role as hr officer exposes me to all aspects of hrM including recruitment, training and development and workforce planning. i’m constantly learning new and interesting aspects of hr and using the theory that i learnt at university to assist in my everyday work activities and responsibilities. My workplace strongly promotes a fun office culture, as well as work life balance and flexibility, providing a great working environment for everyone!

Catherine watson: hR officer, tourism wABachelor of Commerce (human resources & Management)

teSt drive the hr dePartMent at Main roadS WaMain roads Wa isn’t just about traffic and roads; it’s also about the people who work there. People are the most valuable asset of any organisation and play a key part in its success. the field of human resources involves the management of employment practices and organisational relationships. Curtin’s human resource Management course provides a practical unit, which allows students to work in a real-life company to review the human resource processes specific to their organisation. Main roads Wa have worked with some of our students in the past, as well as other companies including CBh, Worley Parsons and even the Perth Zoo! human resources exist across all businesses in every industry, and anywhere in the world – the opportunities are endless!

Page 11: Careers in Business handbook

Where internAtionAl BUSineSS Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS international BUSineSS gradUateS

> Citigroup > iBM > anZ Bank > Myer > Carlsberg

foreign AffAirS And trAde offiCer a foreign affairs and trade officer works on the policy and operational aspects of foreign policy and trade interests.

CUStomS offiCer a customs officer administers customs and related laws. they work mainly at major airports or seaports checking passengers and crew before clearing them for entry into a country. they check luggage and other cargo of ships and aircraft to prevent the illegal entry of prohibited, quarantined or dutiable goods.

internAtionAl BUSineSS ConSUltAntan international business consultant provides information and advice regarding foreign business investments, opportunities and stakeholder issues. the international business consultant may assist organisations that are already operating in international markets or organisations that are forecasting international expansion.

communication & negotiation skills enjoy being out & about research & administrative skills good with numbers enjoy learning other languages sensitive to cultural differences interested in australian & international political & economic environments

are U right for the joB?

What are U Worth? average australian salariesCustoms officer - $50,000export/import Clerk - $55,000export/import Manager - $84,250distribution Manager - $90,000Policy advisor - $81,000

Want to go gloBAl


A career in international business involves analysing international markets in areas such as the export industry, foreign affairs and international financing.

WhiCh one are U?export/import (AdminiStrAtion) mAnAgeran export/import (administration) manager is usually based in the company’s head office. the main role is the supervision of the receipt, recording and progress of export/import orders through the company in an efficient manner. this involves liaison with company departments, customers and outside organisations.

export/import (diStriBUtion) mAnAgeran export/import (distribution) manager coordinates the movement of goods in and out of the country, ensures compliance with customs barrier control matters, and negotiates freight rates and delivery schedules.

export/import (SAleS & mArketing) mAnAger an export/import (sales & marketing) manager travels overseas to obtain orders or source supplies from overseas customers, attends trade shows and exhibitions, and demonstrates products or acquires product knowledge.

international Business

Page 12: Careers in Business handbook

Where legAl StUdieS Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS legal StUdieS gradUateS

> department for Planning & infrastructure

> Chamber of Commerce & industry Western australia

> department of defence > Wa Police > Pluff engineering > Swan tafe


What are U Worth?average australian salarieslaw Clerk - $61,000legal Secretary - $57,000Contract Manager - $95,000Settlement officer - $49,000

WhiCh one are U?Settlement Clerka settlement clerk performs specialised clerical work associated with real estate settlements, for example, checking that the details and title of the property are correct at the land titles office.

lAW Clerka law clerk performs a variety of legal tasks under the supervision of solicitors, barristers or clerks of court. law clerks may assist their employers in all areas of law, including probate (proving the validity of wills), conveyancing (dealings in land and property), criminal law, family law, company law and civil litigation.

Want to Solve proBlemSA career in legal studies includes commercial law practice. It focuses on the process by which law is created, changed and applied to business and government. It also deals with ethical issues in business practice.

legal StudiesCompAny SeCretAry a company secretary makes sure that the company complies with acts of Parliament and government regulations, and that decisions of the board of directors are implemented.

QUAlity ASSUrAnCe inSpeCtor a quality assurance inspector examines manufactured products, primary produce and services to make sure they meet all standards of presentation and quality.

accurate & precise able to think in a logical manner able to analyse & solve problems organisational skills communication & interpersonal skills able to work independently & as part of a team safety conscious

are U right for the joB?

Page 13: Careers in Business handbook

What are U Worth? average australian salarieslogistics Coordinator - $60,000export/import Clerk - $55,000logistics Manager - $150,000operations Manager - $100,000Contract/account Manager - $95,000Purchasing officer - $55,000demand Planner - $90,000Supply Chain analyst - $85,000Supply Chain Manager - $120,000

Where logiStiCS/ proCUrement Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS logiSitCS/ProCUreMent gradUateS

> hBoS australia > BP developments > department of treasury

& finance

logistics & Procurement

Want to orgAniSeA career in logistics and procurement involves managing and controlling the flow of goods, information and other resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements.


logiStiCS mAnAgera logistics manager is responsible for managing processes involved in a supply chain and liaises with a variety of parties, including suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, retailers and, increasingly, consumers. they coordinate processes to ensure customer satisfaction. prodUCtion mAnAgera production manager ensures that goods and services are produced efficiently; that they are of the right quality, quantity, and cost; and that they are produced on time, to the satisfaction of the customer, at the right price.

clerical & administrative skills organisational skills numeracy skills a methodical approach to work communication skills attention to detail able to think laterally a team player aptitude for working with computer systems

are U right for the joB?

WhiCh one are U? inventory And SUpply offiCer an inventory and supply officer receives and sends off goods, manages stock levels and records stock movement. inventory officers normally manage the level of stock held by a company while supply officers (a more senior position in large companies) are usually responsible for the coordination of purchasing, warehousing and inventory functions.

operAtionS reSeArCher an operations researcher develops methodologies for analysing and solving problems in government, business and industry, often using mathematical tools, statistical analysis and online tools.pUrChASing offiCer a purchasing officer plans for and schedules the delivery of goods and services required by their employers, such as industrial, commercial or government establishments. they have a high level of contact with suppliers and other work areas within their employing organisation.

Page 14: Careers in Business handbook

What are U Worth? average australian salariesoffice Manager - $70,000office assistant - $41,000training Coordinator - $55,000records officer - $50,000administration assistant - $40,000retail Manager - $45,000Change Manager - $95,000

WhiCh one are U? mAnAgement ConSUltAnt a management consultant studies the procedures and systems used in an organisation to assess how individuals and the organisation as a whole can best operate.

offiCe AdminiStrAtor an office administrator undertakes a range of functions to make sure the administration activities within an organisation run smoothly. they may be responsible for the management of human resources, budgets, accommodation and property facilities and records. these functions can be performed at various levels ranging from junior through to upper management.


A manager plans, leads, organises, delegates, controls, evaluates and budgets in order to achieve an outcome. Managers are found in all industries and at all levels of an organisation.

trAining offiCer a training officer plans, develops, implements, and evaluates training and development programs in organisations. they instruct staff and management in many areas including occupational health and safety, operating plant and equipment, driving, preparing for retirement, general clerical duties and supervisory skills.

retAil mAnAger a retail manager plans and coordinates the operations of retail outlets, including small, independently-owned specialty shops, fast food restaurants, chain store outlets, supermarkets and department stores.

reCordS offiCera records officer organises and tracks documents and records for businesses and other organisations. this includes creating, retrieving and filing records such as correspondence and reports.

Where mAnAgementCan take

eMPloYerS of CBS ManageMent gradUateS

> anZ > BhP Billiton > Western Power > ericsson > department of industry

& resources


able to analyse & solve problems organisational skills oral & written communication skills tact & discretion interested in people, process & resource management supervisory skills computer literate

are U right for the joB?

Want to Make a differenCe

Page 15: Careers in Business handbook

What are U Worth? average australian salariesaccount Manager - $75,000Brand Manager - $90,000events Coordinator - $46,000Marketing analyst - $65,000Marketing Coordinator - $50,000fundraising Manager - $80,000Product Manager - $85,000

Where mArketing Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS Marketing gradUateS

> Celestial Bay Wines > raC > hugo Boss > l7 Solutions > Merrill lynch > tourism Wa


WhiCh one are U?mArketing offiCer/CoordinAtor a marketing officer/coordinator promotes a company’s or client’s sales of products or services. this can involve marketing existing products, developing new products to cater for consumer demand, or developing markets for new products or services.

BrAnd/prodUCt mAnAgera brand/product manager markets a company’s major brand and products. they determine the pricing of products and maintain and direct the product’s image in the market. they decide which new products meet market trends and which need to be phased out.eventS CoordinAtor an events coordinator plans and organises special events such as functions, product launches, expos, meetings, conferences and conventions.

mArket reSeArCher a market researcher collects and analyses information to assist in marketing and determine whether a demand exists for a particular product or service.


Marketing professionals anticipate demand for products, services and ideas by analysing behaviour of competitors and customers and designing products, promotion, pricing and other distribution strategies.

thiS CoUld Be U!i’m the Marketing Manager of l7 Solutions, an it services and solution provider. My core focus is strategy and branding and my main responsibilities include the preparation and maintenance of all marketing collateral, websites, events, campaigns and future strategic planning. i love the creativity of my job, sitting down each quarter and planning the strategy and campaigns that we will use to hit the market. Business to business marketing is a waiting game and it takes time to see results but there is nothing more satisfying than a successful campaign that you designed and implemented bringing in business for your organisation. i have applied so much from my degree to my job, especially from the strategic units, where you assess business from a high level and strategise accordingly

Melissa strutt: Marketing Manager, L7 solutionsBachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Commercial law)

creative good interpersonal & communication skills organisational skills attention to detail a team player able to work irregular hours well presented able to analyse & interpret information

are U right for the joB?

Want to inSpire

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Where property Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS ProPertY gradUateS

> Brookfield Multiplex > department of land information > CB richard ellis > Saville australia > Stockland > Westralia airports Corporation


reAl eStAte property mAnAgera real estate property manager manages rental properties while employed by an agent and may perform the following tasks: inspect rental properties before, during and after a tenant’s residency; arrange maintenance and repair of rental premises if required by the owner; collect security deposit and rent monies; draw up leases between property owners and tenants; record income and expenditure on properties; advertise vacant premises and choose suitable tenants in consultation with the property owner.

Property reAl eStAte vAlUer a real estate valuer works in the valuation of city, suburban or country real estate and in particular areas such as commercial, industrial, residential, rural, financial reporting, hotel and business properties, or plant and machinery. they may perform the following specific tasks: consult with solicitors, surveyors, town planners, architects, accountants, property developers, owners and financiers; analyse property investment returns; work out appropriate rentals and provide market valuation reports.

toWn And regionAl plAnner a town and regional planner makes long and short-term decisions about the management and development of towns. the main aim of town and regional planners is to find the balance between the conflicting demands of housing, industrial development, agriculture, recreation, the transport network and the environment, to allow appropriate development to take place.

thiS CoUld Be U!i completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Property and finance, and have since been propelled into the dynamic and exciting world of commercial developments, working for multi-national developer Brookfield Multiplex as an assistant development Manager. the solid understanding i now have of fundamental commercial and financial principles can be attributed directly to my time at Curtin. this knowledge base has been critical to my career development and current role in which i am involved in the management of our largest commercial development in australasia.Rebecca nowrojee: Assistant Development Manager, Brookfield Multiplex Bachelor of Commerce (Property & finance)

What are U Worth?average australian salariestown/Urban Planner - $50,000Property valuer - $80,000Property Manager - $65,000asset Manager - $100,000

WhiCh one are U?reAl eStAte SAleSperSon a real estate salesperson arranges the sale of houses, businesses, apartments, and farms on behalf of the owners.

Want to Make a moveA career in property looks at the structure and operations of the real estate industry

are U right for the joB? enjoy being out & about good communication & negotiation skills well presented good networking skills organisation skills & attention to detail good with numbers sound judgement & analytical skills

learn froM the leaderS of the ProPertY ProfeSSionCurtin property students learn from the people who set the industry standards – the australian Property institute (aPi). the Curtin property course has been designed in consultation with the aPi to ensure that its students learn the most current standards of practice in the property profession. as part of the course, each student is assigned an industry mentor – a Certified Practising valuer member of the aPi, who will provide guidance and shares knowledge about property valuation, over a three week practical placement. during this placement, students apply theory to practice with hands-on experience. furthermore, working alongside an industry mentor will enhance your communication and business etiquette, making you job-ready and highly sought-after by employers in the property profession.

lAnd eConomiSt a land economist provides advice on the administration and use of land and property such as office buildings, shopping centres, blocks of flats, factories, hotels, resorts and farms.

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What are U Worth? average australian salariesPublic relations Manager - $65,000Marketing Communications Manager - $90,000Public relations Coordinator - $55,000Corporate relations Manager - $100,000Corporate affairs advisor - $96,000Media relations Manager - $83,000

interested in people analytical skills enjoy being out & about able to write concisely communication skills organisational skills enjoy current affairs able to work under pressure

are U right for the joB?

Where pUBliC relAtionS Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS PUBliC relationS gradUateS

> greater Union Cinemas > iinet > fremantle football Club > department of health > australia Post > football West

WhiCh one are U? pUBliC relAtionS ConSUltAnta public relations consultant makes his or her clients as well known and positively viewed in the community as possible. this means meeting with clients, finding out how they want to be perceived by the target audience and then designing campaigns and media events to ensure that it happens.

pUBliC AffAirS ConSUltAnta public affairs consultant is often referred to as a ‘lobbyist’, but their work is more wide-ranging. they use their understanding of the political system to offer political and public policy advice to their clients.

pUBliC edUCAtion offiCera public education officer designs and delivers specialised education programs to educate school or community groups on different issues or run education programs for institutions such as museums, zoos or art galleries.

CopyWritera copywriter interprets how a potential market will react to an advertising proposal, and writes material to advertise products or services. they work with the client to find out exactly what the target market is and what the client wants to feature in the advertisement or campaign.

Public relations

Want to CommUniCAteA career in public relations deals with relationship management in all sectors of organisational activity. public relations professionals plan, develop, implement and evaluate communication strategies that present an organisation in the best light to the public and clients, and promote effective information flow within an organisation.


mArketing CommUniCAtionS offiCera marketing communications officer creates and implements a marketing/communications strategy that effectively describes and promotes the organisation and its products and services through marketing materials or distribution mechanisms.

thiS CoUld Be U!i graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Public relations and Marketing in mid 2009. i found that CBS offered many opportunities for professional development, and taking advantage of these helped make me more confident in my skills in the workplace. there were always a number of events happening during semester, both academic and social, as well as development courses to help students make themselves more employable, which i found to be quite useful. i am now employed by football West as the Public relations & events Coordinator. the most exciting aspect of my job is the diversity of it. i get to organise events ranging from gala days for under 10’s up to awards nights and charity balls for 200-300 people. it is a very exciting industry to be in, and there is a lot of room for creativity in how i approach my work!Kiera treloar: public Relations & events Coordinator, football westBachelor of Commerce (Public relations & Marketing)

kiCk Start YoUr Career in PUBliC relationSWorking behind the scenes at a major event. designing a catchy advertising slogan. dealing with the media. as a Public relations student, these experiences could be part of your final year practical placement. in the past, students have worked for companies such as the fremantle dockers, St John ambulance, tourism Wa and rio tinto. While working for these organisations, you will create a comprehensive communications campaign which you will pitch against competing groups of students. Some of our real-life clients have been so impressed, they’ve offered graduate positions to our top students.

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What are U Worth? average australian salariestreasury accountant - $90,000Collection officer - $49,000tax Compliance officer - $88,000tax Manager - $150,000tax accountant - $95,000

attention to detail good with numbers confidence to work with financial information able to resolve conflicts able to deal politely & firmly with members of the public able to interpret complex legislation fair & honest able to work independently

are U right for the joB?

Where tAxAtion Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS taxation gradUateS

> heller industries > Stirling Partners > Pascoe hudson Broom & Blythe > tang lawyers & Migration agents > kPMg


WhiCh one are U?tAxAtion CompliAnCe offiCera taxation compliance officer checks and assesses taxation returns to make sure they comply with government legislation.

tAxAtion Agenta taxation agent prepares taxation returns and reports, provides advice on tax issues and handles disputes with taxation authorities.

treASUrera treasurer plans short and long-term finance for organisations and advises on the financial consequences of internal and external decisions. they design and manage investment portfolios to minimise financial risk for organisations by acquiring, looking after and investing funds.

liQUidAtor And reCeivera liquidator and receiver assists and advises businesses in financial difficulties and organises company closures in line with legal requirements and, in the case of bankruptcies, sells assets.


Want it to Add UpA career in taxation not only involves completing tax returns and associated schedules, but also includes advising clients on the tax implications of their business transactions as well as related advice on business structures which may be used.

BUrSAra bursar is responsible for the accounting and general business operation of schools or tertiary institutions. this may include fundraising.ColleCtion Agenta collection agent helps businesses and individuals collect payments for overdue accounts and other debts.

thiS CoUld Be U!a career in tax in not what i expected it to be. Back in high school, i thought a career in tax meant nothing more than completing annual tax returns, however in the three years i have spent with kPMg since graduating from Curtin Business School i have learnt this is definitely not the case. My role involves much more than just tax returns and includes a diverse and dynamic range of activities from building relationships with clients to solving complex problems and providing solutions. the everchanging corporate landscape means my position is constantly evolving such that no two days are ever the same, which whilst challenging at times makes work a more exciting place to be. the skills i developed whilst studying at CBS have enabled me to not only obtain a position with a firm the size of kPMg but to also become a valued member of the Perth tax team. Damien williams: senior Consultant (tax), KpMg Bachelor of Commerce (accounting & Business law)

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Where toUriSm mAnAgement Can take

eMPloYerS of CBS toUriSM ManageMent gradUateS

> hospitality group training > hotel grand Chancellor Perth > Wa tourism Commission > Crowne Plaza Melbourne > discover West holidays


toUriSt informAtion offiCer a tourist information officer provides travel and accommodation information to tourists, promotes tourism and assesses tourist opportunities for local communities. they have to be familiar with all the tour operators and the various attractions and services in their region. as part of ongoing training, they take part in industry familiarisations, going to hotels or motels to personally rate the accommodation.

eventS CoordinAtor an events coordinator plans and organises special events including functions, product launches, expos, meetings, conferences and conventions.

hotel mAnAgera hotel manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of a hotel and its staff and has commercial accountability for planning, organising and directing all hotel services, including front-of-house (reception, concierge, reservation), banqueting and housekeeping. the manager of a large hotel may have less contact with guests but will spend time working on business strategies. in a smaller hotel, the manager is much more involved in the hands-on day-to-day running of the hotel.

WhiCh one are U?toUriSm mAnAger a tourism manager promotes tourism in their region through advertising campaigns and strategies, and provides assistance to tourists. Managing a tourism information centre would include business management, staff supervision and development, office systems and the provision of services.

toUr mAnAgera tour manager organises and accompanies groups of holiday makers on package tours. they play a central role in ensuring that their clients enjoy their holiday, as well as providing them with practical support throughout the trip.

tourism Management

A career in tourism management deals with the management of the tourism industry and tourism

organisations including the transportation and travel sectors, hospitality and hotel sectors, events and

conventions sectors, facilities and operations, tourism sustainability, strategic planning and development.

are U right for the joB? good oral & written communication skills management skills including staff management, financial planning & administration talent for marketing enjoy working with people customer service skills organisational skills geographical knowledge well presented able to work irregular hours

What are U Worth? average australian salariestravel Consultant - $48,000tour operator - $54,000hotel Manager - $55,000retail Manager - $45,000events Coordinator - $46,000

Want to See the World

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