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Talk for my daughter's school careers day.

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  • 1. CAREERS IN Software @rachelcdavies

2. ABOUT YOU 3. I WORK HERE 4. social video marketing & analytics. 5. My Education A levels: Chemistry, Maths, Physics.Philosophy BA (Hons), 1986Computer Technology & Electronics diploma Software Engineering & Computer Graphics, 1987 6. My Career 1987 200320001992 1996 7. Career Summary Used different programming languages:Ada, C, C++, Java, PythonDone different jobs:Programmer, Analyst, Manager, ConsultantWorked in various industry areas:Radio, Robotics, Telecomms, Advertising, Banking, etc. 8. Software Development Teams More than writing code, large software systems involve team work and collaboration 9. What does my job involve? 10. DESIGN DISCUSSIONS 11. DISTRIBUTED TEAMS 12. Energized WORK 13. Solving problems Type of person who enjoys software development Learning new languages Team work Creative Clean design 14. WHAT DEVELOPERS SAY.. You don't have to be a mathematician; you don't have to be male; you just need a logical mind and (ideally) some common sense. Picture a career where you can make virtually anything you can imagine. Out of nothing. And pay the bills. the beauty of creating something that wasn't there before? Software development is making things. Making things is fun. Lots of fun (and useful) things rely on softwareit continues to be loads of fun even after 20+ years. It is fun :) typing stuff into a computer is just a small part of the job. you deal with people. A lot. Collaboration? Continual learning? Making a positive impact on the world? Understanding people is more important & harder than computers. Collaboration is really, really important. It's not a solitary job. Even if you are not pairprogrammingthat it's a team sport and 90% of it is about collaboration. Software is a team sport. Don't pick it as a career to avoid human contact. Like all team games. When you hit that zone there's no feeling like it. It's like music in a lot of ways it's also lots of fun when it gels properly. Really rewarding. that pairing with all sorts of peers is the best way to both learn and share ;) Oh and salaries for techies are very good ;) one advice would be Not to take up the career path because its lucrative, but only if they are passionate about it. Yes we have geeks, they are nice. It is more than coding. It can be hard - and great :) Mention testing as a career because that will definitely be new to them. if I were to mention one thing it would be "lifelong learning" other: limitless opportunities, creative endeavor, team sport 15. Where are the jobs? Many different sectors: Finance (banks, insurance) Media (TV, newspapers) Engineering Science Also many non-programming roles: analyst, user-experience designer, manager, tester. London has large cluster of companies, most large cities have some software development jobs in different sectors 16. Advice Develop your talent! Learn at least one programming language Build a web site or a phone app Use open source tools Networking and meet-ups 17. What qualifications? Often require engineering or numerate degree Not necessarily Computer Science Experience developing software is essential Many people are self-taught 18. Questions?